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Published: Saturday, Nov. 5 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

A 54-10 beat down at LES and 7 Utah wins in the last 10 games.

Enough said.

Heber, Utah

anyone who reads the comment boards on here knows it still means something. I agree that it's different though.

i luv UTES
Sandy, UT

Remember that one year when Utah put a smack down on BYU 54-10 at LES?

Good times.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

The game is obviously more important to Utes than Cougars.

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

@ AK Cougar

"The game is obviously more important to Utes than Cougars"

Of course you would say that considering your school is on the losing end of the overall rivalry record.

Go Utes
Salt Lake City, UT

To Brad Rock,

Couldn't disagree more. The rivalry indeed feels different, but it is not over or irrelevant. Of course it is not being talked about as much this November. Duh. The game was moved to September. How often was the game talked about in August or September of each year when it was played in November. Your argument is like saying that Christmas is less relevant or fading because people talk about it less in July. Yes, we have all moved on from the game and it feels funny to be in November and not have things heating up for it, but it will still be intense next year. Are you saying that BYU fans are not going to want some big time revenge next year for the smack down they received this year? Are you saying Ute fans will not want another beating over their rivals to the south? Contrary to your recent conversatinos, the game has come up in my conversations as of late. So far it is one of the big highlights of the Utes' season, which has had many low lights. The rivalry is a lot of fun and I disagree that it is fading.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

BYU is desperate to fill out November scheduling. They hardly have any future opponents scheduled in November that are not in the WAC.

Stanford plays Notre Dame in November. Other Pac teams play other non-conference teams in November.

What if Utah went to the Pac-12, and got permission to play BYU in November, under the condition that for there are 2 games at RES for every 1 game at LES.

BYU would then have something to look forward to in November instead of byes and Wac games.

Roseburg, OR

I admit the Utah game has never had any special significance for me as a fan, not being from Utah. When I was at BYU the big games were against Washington or Miami or Oregon, etc. Granted in recent years as Utah has become more competitive, the game has gained a certain degree of infamy due to classless fans, media, and too often players. Under current TV arrangements, the BYU-Utah game will probably be a game I can only watch every other year. Let's face it, if it is not on national TV most people outside of Utah simply don't care. On the flip side, I am amazed at the number of people who now talk BYU football with me on Monday morning--even during a less than brilliant year. Anyway, for me, BYU-Utah will continue to just be another game on the schedule against a quality PAC 12 opponent. This is probably the feeling of most non-Utahns. That said, there will always be a rivalry, although hopefully one with a lot less embarrassing nastiness, for those who are from Utah.

See It

BYU's biggest rivalry these days comes in beating up on itself. I can't believe how poorly they have played in the games that really mattered. A BCS Conference is a pipe dream.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@Uncle Rico

You just don't get it. Many Utah fans and others associated with the Utah program just don't want to play BYU every year. Not even on a 2 home games for 1 basis. It has to do with only three non conference games available. Why exclude Utah State for BYU? Why limit our games to teams west of Denver? Our rivalry was great when we were in the same conference(s) - winning often meant a conference championship. But not any more... we have moved on!

Keisels Beard
Overton, NV

"What if Utah went to the Pac-12, and got permission to play BYU in November, under the condition that for there are 2 games at RES for every 1 game at LES. "

Why would BYU accept a 2 for 1 against a team with a smaller stadium?

jake heaps = ben olson
Orem, UT

Re: Keisels Beard

"Why would BYU accept a 2 for 1 against a team with a smaller stadium? "

So they could play a non-Wac team in November.

Independence : being in the WAC but not playing the top 3 teams in the conference.

Iowa City, IA

"Granted in recent years as Utah has become more competitive, the game has gained a certain degree of infamy due to classless fans, media, and too often players."

Must we always bring up Max Hall...

Las Vegas, NV

@ Kiesel

In case you haven't heard, Utah is a BCS school, your team is still a non-BCS school. Most teams that the PAC-12 signs contracts with for out of conference games are 2-1 home/away games. Has nothing to do with your stadium. Utah has hit elite status. In order to keep the rivalry, BYU is going to have to concede and play 2-1 games or the rivalry will end. If the PAC-12 makes it mandatory, which they very well could, then BYU will have some thinking to do. I miss the games being at the end of the year, but from here on out, Utah is going to dominate Provo. The game needs to be in the beginning of a season to gain confidence. I know Provo fans won't understand this, but Utah has now played 7 BCS games in a row, it's a whole different world, and unfortunately nobody is knocking on the door in Provo. Time to examine why that is and how to get it together. Less drama would be a good start!


I have not even bothered to read the rest of the comments on this article but here are my personal feelings as a cougar fan for what its worth.

I respect Utah, but have a mild dislike for them.
I think Utah fans are the most annoying fans on the face of the earth.
Unless Utah is playing BYU I cheer for them.
I think Utah has a classy and outstanding coaching staff, possibly the best in the country.
Utah players are some of the nicest I have met.
The rivalry means nothing to me anymore.

International Cougar Fan
Tacoma, WA

All BYU games are televised on ESPN or BYUtv! That means I get to watch all their games here in Korea.

Nobody is talking about the Utes outside of Utah because you can't watch their games. I think BYU has the much better deal! I am loving Independence and I don't really see the benefits of going to a conference like the PAC12 where very few people get to watch you play.

Seattle, WA

OK, so times are changing. What should be done about it? I can't tell if this is crying about Utah's elevation, an attempt to poke a stick into the BYU fan hive, or unhappiness that a writer will have to develop more than the same tired themes for his paper. What was the point of this, Brad?

Payson, UT

Cougs would never trade a victory over utah for a victory over tcu. The rivalry game is still in the minds and water cooler discussions whenever alumni of the 2 schools start talking college football.

Suggestion to Brad - buy a watercooler for the newsroom.

Gilbert, AZ


I think that you need to check your history books. BYU has played home and home series with pac10 teams for years. Including legit "elite teams" like UW, USC, UCLA, and Cal and Oregon as well as bottom of the pac teams like Oregon St, WSU, ASU and U of A. There is not a requirement from the pac10 for 2:1 scheduling, and as a bottom of the pac team they don't have the credibility to make such demands with their quaint little home field.


I would trade a win over Utah for one over TCU. Maybe its just because if we can beat TCU we can beat Utah.

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