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Published: Friday, Nov. 4 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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the Q?
Tooele, UT

Congrats to Desert Hills! I was hoping the my Stallions would come out on top, but that didn't happen. Oh well maybe next year, our team is pretty young so I think they will be fine. Class act coaches down there, they could have scored more when the game was pretty much over but they didn't. Good luck to Desert Hills! I will definitely be cheering for them when Im not cheering for my Stallions.

St. George, UT

Congrats to DH on showing who you are. I might get tired of hearing your injury updates but you did step up and play like you can. It will be a great game to watch the rematch of Cedar and DHHS. Good luck to both teams next Friday at Rice.


Good job representing Region 9. I think next weeks game will be much closer than the last time you met Cedar.

Highland, UT

I think Cedar is going to win it all. They are firing on all cylinders now. I think they'll handle DH easily and the final game will be great against Hurricane, that is if Hurricane can get pass Spanish Fork. I predicted SF would beat Juan Diego and while I can't say the same against Hurricane, they'll give 'em a good game.

Washington, UT

The quarters left no doubt that Region Nine is loaded and easily the best in 3A. Six of the seven Region Nine teams would have been competitive in these playoffs, and it's a shame they weren't all there.

SoUtHapa is right that injuries make a difference, and DH will be more competitive this go round against Cedar. DH has seen Ursua once now and knows what he can do. He won't beat you with his arm, so you go cover zero and shut him down. If DH can't make it competitive this time, it's a coaching issue. Best of luck fellas.

Thunder Supporter
st george, ut

ps fender, I don't think it's a coaching issue if the boys can't pull together and win as a team. Coaches do all they can, it's up to the boys to finish.

Highland, UT

@fender & other region 9 fans

Try and remember to stay a little humble. I will say that of all the regions in 3A region 9 has the most good teams, but it took luck too for 3 of 4 to be region 9 teams in the Semi-finals.
In my opinion, Cedar is easily the second best team in region 9. I'm not sure how they lost to Dixie, but in these last few games they showed what they can really do. You put either Dixie or DH in the quarters with Delta and I think Delta would have won.
JD got a bad draw having to face SF in the quarters. They've showed they are the real deal and I think either SF or JD would have beat DH handidly and even Cedar had they played them in the quarters.
Had DH played JD, SF, and maybe even Delta, they would have lost. Had Cedar played JD or SF I think Cedar would have lost.
So great job this year region 9, overall you have the best region. My hats off to you, but don't act like all other regions should bow down and worship you. It's classless.


I lived in Cedar City for quite sometime and all though I never was able to watch URSUA play football this kid is legit!! I watched him play basketball and his agility and speed there was second to non. He comes from an amazing football family and is extremely competitive. He might not have the best arm but between his natural ability and Peacock's coaching cedar will be in the finals. Cedar is a bunch of hard working smash mouth stud's with a ton of heart. Good luck MEN I will be pulling for you from ND!!!



Shoulda, coulda, woulda is boring and simply argumentative wishing. Humility is in both winning and loosing, so your prideful jabs at region 9 fans has a hypocritical tone.

Behold the beam in your own eye.

St. George, UT

I agree with fender, you could have taken probably six teams in region 9. Congrats to all of those teams...might as well have kept the finals in S. Utah. it was a fun season down here week in and week out. Each team has been tested, it will be interested to see how this plays out.


Ursua is for real no doubt. This kid is amazing to watch, at will he can take over a game.

The Redman do not hurt themselves they make very few mistakes and run there option offense with skill and precision.

The Thunder will have there hands full.

Go Thunder play tuff and battle through your injuries.

Washington, UT

Come on Hurricane Tigers....I am biased as my wife is an English teacher at Hurricane High. Hurricane has never won a State Championship in Football or Basketball soto those of you up North you won't believe what will be in store for Hurricane High if they win it all. It will be Townamonium to the max.

Just in case you think I'm a Southern Utah homer, I'm not, I grew up in Cache Valley and went to Sky View but the real Homer is the coach of Hurricane, Coach Homer!!!!!!

Saint George, Utah

I don't see anyone asking for anyone to bow down. Sounds like you really travel a lot as you are quite an expert on the ability of all these teams. Truth is, you probably haven't seen many, if any of these teams play nor know many, if any of the players on these teams. Highland, Utah?
As a Region 9 fan since we moved to St. George in 2004, I have never seen anything but respect from the majority of folks down south for what goes on up north. However, in 3A, in that same time R9 has a definited edge on the head to head win/loss record vs. other regions.

Saint George, Utah

Oh, and, good game boys! Michael Needham DID step up, however it still would be nice to see him whole for an entire game. He is a beast. Too bad he wasn't his full, healthy self while Harris was still in. Sure keeps the opposing D from teeing off on QB.

Nate Brinker and O line stepped up also. Huge! D was sick.

Stansbury boys played with a lot of heart.

#30...needs a medal. The kid has big time heart.

Many parents questioned the coaches kneeling early. Though it may have been nice to see Brinker get a few more snaps in a game situation, two things come into play here: Coach Nelson has always taught these boys that it's not about humiliation, just winning. The game was won. And, it only takes one play to get injured. With the game in the W column, why risk yet another man down or gimpy?

Good luck next week, boys!

Mark D


As a fan from Utah Valley, I'm sure you can appreciate the frustration that can arise from being overlooked, under-covered and generally under-appreciated the way the folks down in Region 9 feel they're usually treated...as opposed to the schools north of "point of the mountain."

To be proud of the fact that three of the four teams to hit RES this next week come from Region 9 isn't arrogant - it's just that - pride. UHSAA set up the brackets - ALL teams have simply played the opponents that they've been told to play. Period. To say someone is "lucky" or that another team would beat someone "handily" just isn't reality. Juan Diego may beat Spanish Fork 9 out of 10 times they play - but last night the Dons won the game that counted.

Desert Hills, Cedar and Hurricane won the games the UHSAA laid in front of them - just as Spanish Fork did. Lets not misjudge pride on the part of some down south for a "God complex" and throw out labels such as "classless." All that will do is come back to label you - not those whom you seek to label...

Washington, Utah

Is the cedar - desert hills game going to be played in the south? please tell me yes


I think you're missing the point. The flaw in our playoff system is there are some teams playing in the first and second rounds who should not be in the playoffs. the top six Reg 9 teams could beat over 1/2 the teams in the first round and each would do quite well in the second. I don't think anyone would change the system but it's something fun to talk about on here.

Washington, ut

Bow Down all your inferior regions of 8, 10 and 11!!! 3 out of 4 R9 teams at RES!!! Domination!!!

Washington, UT


I doubt many Region Nine fans who saw these teams play week in and week out would agree with your assessment. Cedar may be the second best team in the region, but it lost at home to Dixie and nearly lost a four touchdown lead in the fourth quarter against PV at home. Hurricane's kids executed consistently all season long and earned their number one, but even the Tigers were in a couple of very competitive games. Nine was flat out tough and none of the coaches felt secure week to week.

I just can't see a basis for your speculation that Delta would have beaten either Dixie or DH and frankly I would be willing to bet a fair chunk of change Delta would have a hard time beating SC or PV, neither of which made the playoffs. We'll see how it goes for SF next week, but i think the smart money is on a Region Nine final, which, if there were any justice, would be played at Dixie State or at least SUU, so that Southern Utah fans didn't have to endure RES again.

North Salt Lake, UT

amanap | 8:17 a.m. Nov. 5, 2011
Washington, Ut
Bow Down all your inferior regions of 8, 10 and 11!!! 3 out of 4 R9 teams at RES!!! Domination!!!

This isn't the first time that you have have more than one team in the semis... Come away with a championship and then it is domination. I see the semis being played as scheduled because RES has already been paid for but if/when there are two R9 teams in the finals, I can see it being moved to either Dixie or SUU as both teams are on the road finals week.

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