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Published: Friday, Nov. 4 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Where are the Bingham fans? Sorry, but I told you it would happen! Way to go Fremont! Great job representing one tough Region One!


Way to be Fremont! Amazing game!! Defense did awesome! Way to show em how its done! #31 is a stud!

Playa Hata
Bluffdale, UT

Good to see both Bingham and Alta out. Alot of good teams around the state. Bingham only fell 8 years short of tying Skylines consecutive seasons in the semis streak. Keep that in mind when you start calling certain programs "the new Skyline". Is Fremont the new Skyline now?


Terrific, knocking off the all star team of the Salt Lake Valley, very cool in deed.

These country boys up there in Plain City, Farr West and Slatterville belong to there community they did not all transfer over and around other schools to find a program they all are born and raised local talent nice work Wolves.

What happened to all the Salt Lake dominance that was predicted to own the 5A State brackets. What Crickets I hear.

Big Pappy
west jordan, utah

Wow. Sounds like a great Game.


Syracuse next!!:) we got this baby!!! way to be jordan, nick, luke, jake, and everyone else!!


Titans & Wolves from region #1 nice. I do not hear all the noise about the Salt Lake Valley 5A dominance, crickets yep crickets.

We have Lone peak from Utah County, the Titans from Davis county, the Wolves from Weber County and owe yeah only one school from the Salt Lake Valley dominate 5A schools.

Some times you need to wait for your chickens to hatch.

Salt Lake City, UT

How nice it is to have Bingham, Alta, and Juan Diego out of the playoffs and off the comment boards!

South Jordan, UT

Looks like Fremont came out with a good game plan. Very impressive that they came out and were determined to run the ball when that is usually Bingham's strength. Maybe with all the younger kids playing for Bingham, this will be a good lesson for next year's team. Thanks for a fun season Bingham. Congrats to Fremont also!

Hooper, Utah

And the silence is deafening . . .

Roosevelt, UT

Can't wait for Vigil to become an Aggie!! He definitely chose the right place.

South Jordan, UT

I'm surprised..

Every year in the playoffs a new team's fan base starts chirping about how they'll take down Bingham, Alta or Timpview and every year seems like they go down pitifully.. (don't think Syracuse talked this year)

But, Fremont lived up to the talk and pulled it off so congrats..

Now the important thing is to not act like you just won the state title like Springville did last year and concentrate on the semi's. Otherwise, you'll share Springville's similar fate (maybe without the follow up 1-9 year).

Salt Lake City, UT

RE: Gunner

It always amazes me that a school with 100 plus football players can have a team with "sll the younger kids playing for Bingham" as you put it. What happened did last years Juniors all quit the team? Did they not get coached up? Did some favors come due to a bunch of parents? If there are a bunch of juniors starting, which I bet is a much smaller percentage than seniors, it doesn't matter. They are all varsity players from Bingham, one of the biggest schools in Utah. Now if you were from a 4A or smaller school I'd understand, but not Bingham.
Your post was professional and in context. It's just that I'm tired of reading or hearing any parent, fan, or coach using underclassmen as a crutch in any fashion from schools like Bingham, Lone Peak, Alta etc. They are huge schools.

Kaysville, UT

Fantastic Fremont.. congratulations!!! Now it's up to Fremont to humble Syracuse.....


Good job Fremont!!!! way to show how Region one gets things done!! Excited for the rematch next week at RES!

Farside of The Moon, UT

Please que Randy Travis song: "I Told You So! Congrats Fremont! The Vigil opening fumble took all my optimism for the game and flushed it down the drain....forgive me for doubting you. Funny how an individuals misfortune can turn into a catalyst for a "personal-best" performance. Nick was very gracious in giving the O-line the credit, what a class-act!

Oddly enough I was greatly impressed by the Miners fans! What a very nice group of people. It was sad to not see a huge turn out of Miners Students? Maybe some one can reveal what happened there. Daniel P. #24 took an absolute "beating" during the game and continued to go in play after play......what an impressive athlete. Big difference between Miner fans in person and the ones that live in cyber-space.

Fremont D-Line: Luke, Jake, Jordan & Nick.....you guys are stuff of legends! Nothing glamorous but a game of hard work. Luke Hollingsworth's pursuit and ability to swim the line is unmatched in the country....he is definitely the next Clay Matthews!

Fremont..tighten up your secondary, & stop relying on a RH QB to roll-out to his left!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Two pretty well-matched teams fighting it out. Difference was too many mistakes by the Bingham QB.

Farside of The Moon, UT

@watchful eye. Lets not go there. Your QB could not hit a lone receiver on a go-route thrice! Your one-man show at Tail Back....his number was called over and over and each and every time he got a nice hot cup of Fremont D-line & Linebacker-guy!

Bingham nation you have such a storied program and on this day Fremont won. Lets not trivialize this Fremont win as a "Bingham Mistake" errr "Bingham Underclassman" yada yada yada.

My last memory of Bingham High will be the polynesian mother standing high on the bleachers cheering non-stop for her team. As the tearful Miners walked off the field that same mother thanked the team in her loudest voice for a wonderful season. Thats the Bingham I choose to remember.....and not the questionable jawing that has occurred on these forums.......binghamalum congrats as your comments from the last many weeks provided fuel for the Fremont Team to go out and dig even deeper then the once great Bingham Miners.

"Resting on your laurels is as dangerous as resting when you are walking in the snow. You doze off and die in your sleep."

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Layton, Utah

At least we Bingham fans and players have some class. To all you Bingham haters, see ya next year. Bingham will reload, probably not so true about your teams. Fremont has a lot of talent and deserved the win and should be a tough team in the future. Way too many turnovers. Both defenses dominated, Neither Bingham's nor Fremont's offenses were spectacular, Vigil had two big runs late that sealed the win. LP wins it all this year no doubt.


congrats to Fremont and to the Region 1 teams who were definitely ready to play this postseason. O-line play by Fremont was dominant last night and Bingham didn't seem to have an answer for Vigil. Now hopefully someone will knock off Lone Peak!

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