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Published: Friday, Nov. 4 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

Glad to see one of the non-Mormon candidates standing up for Mormons. I just wish the non-Mormon GOP candidates would too, instead of dodging the issue.

Colorado Reader
Littleton, CO

For once I agree with something Biden says!

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

It astounds me how the GOP rips us Mormons,
yet the "liberal" Democrats and "liberal" media all call it a non-issue.

Why Utah Mormons keep trying to "fit in" with the rest of the GOP is beyond me.

Casa Grande, AZ

Take note conservatives, that is what the separation of church and state is for. Being Mormon is a non issue.

Now why did the republicans spend so much time and money repassing the country's motto this week of " In God we trust"? The founding fathers didn't make that motto. It was done in 1956.

You know what elese was done in 1956? The SR-71 blackbird - the fastest manned aircraft ever. The pentagon can't answer for 2 trillion dollars. They better have made a interglatic space ship by now with that much money.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Mormons keep looking for admission to the tiny GOP tent and can't even find the door, although the "donations" window is easy enough to locate. It's true Democrats don't always agree, but the door is open to anyone, even the 1 percenters.


Your nuts if you believe anything the Obama administration says. Dog bites once shame on the dog, dod bites twice shame on you. Example, open debate on health care legislation. Last time I checked open wasn't done behind closed doors. These people cannot be trusted.

City, Ut

Its a non-issue with him now. But if Romney actually becomes the nominee against Obama, it will sure become a raging issue then then.

Ad Rem
Falls Church, VA

It's funny that people are suggesting that devout Mormons would easily be accepted in the liberal tent, while being reject from the conservative tent. The one thing everyone knows about the liberal tent is that it isn't liberal. The farther left one goes on the political spectrum, the closer one gets to intolerance under the guise of tolerance.

The reality is is this: devout Mormons will have challenges in fitting in either tent, for different reasons. No tent is perfect.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Mayfair and Isthisforreal

Come on, seriously? Are you so partisan as to think that the Obama campaign would attack Romney for religion? Even when Biden claimed that it being an issue is disgusting?

Even if you think Obama would be willing do something like that Obama's team still wouldn't. You know why? Because Obama gets all sort of religious based nonsense thrown his way. Obama and Romney would likely have an informal truce on the matter. You know... "you don't say anything about mormonism and I won't say anything about Rev. Wright".

Brigham City, UT

Biden has always been a religious role model---believes in marriage and family and prayer as much as anyone (and helping the poor). Romney will get a lot of heat from the left---but it won't come from Messrs. Obama and Biden.

Moses Lake, WA

I still think that Biden isn't the brightest bulb on the tree, but I have to admit that he gained a little respect.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

@ LDS Liberal

Okay so some religions don't think Mormons are Christians. Here are several reasons that most Mormons cannot support Democrats:

1. D&C 42:42 The Idler shall not eat the bread nor wear the garments of the laborer.
2. Abortion.
3. Capitol Punishment (Alma 34:11-12)
4. The church has counseled us for generations to be self reliant. The left builds dependency.
5. Some Republicans ( very small minority) may not like Mormons. I get the impression that Liberals just hate religious people in general. It is very funny to listen to them (try to) quote scripture. They call John 3:16 John 16:3. Too funny. They are fooling nobody.
6. The church has advised us to stay out of dept. I thought that the Republicans spent too much money until I saw Obama. My oh my.
7. There are sins of omission and sins of commission. God punishes those who commit sin and with holds the blessings for sins of commission. No so with libs. They ignore sins of commission (OWS for example) and force us to donate to government charities. That is not Gods plan.

Besides liberal policies simply do not work.


@The Rock,

And then there is number 8. Democrats believe in science: archeology, the study of ancient languages, DNA, etc.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

@ ThinksIThink

"And then there is number 8. Democrats believe in science: archeology, the study of ancient languages, DNA, etc. "

Just because Republicans have doubts about junk science with an obvious political agenda is no reason to ridicule them. It is not uncommon for two well educated people to view the same evidence and come to completely different conclusions.

I think for myself. I don't let Al Gore do my thinking for me when it comes to Global Warming.

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