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Published: Friday, Nov. 4 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Huntsville, UT

So, Romney wants to throw medicare recipients into the shark tank (insurance market) with "vouchers".

Statistics show that the life expectancy in the US is lower in all groups on Private Insurance, compared to other Western countries, UNTIL they reach an age to be eligible for Medicare, at which point, the life expectancy and health stats meet those of other countries.

Summary: You have a lower life expectancy on Private Insurance than Medicare.

Good job, Mitt. You're suggesting a means of reducing the Senior population. I'm completely surprised you haven't added Soylent Green into your plan as a means to reduce the cost of feeding those on Welfare and Food Stamps too.

Salt Lake City, UT

If privatizing medicare was a viable option...

why haven't we done it before...?

*'Wellpoint Drops Coverage For Some Women With Breast Cancer' - By Mary Ellen Egan - Forbes Magazine - 04/23/10

'Yesterday, an investigation by Reuters revealed that Wellpoint routinely drops coverage of women with breast cancer. According to the report, Wellpoint used a computer algorithm that automatically targeted...'

Because we have example, after example that business, typically, do NOT answer to the people.

The answer, to the board.

Which is why, I support my goverment.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

@ RanchHand

Figures don't lie but lyers sure do figure, as the saying goes...

I have a friend who is a world renowned ophthalmologist (former head resident at the Mayo Clinic). He visited an eye clinic in London and discovered that they start work at 9:00 AM (my friend starts at 7:00 AM) the three surgeons performed a total of three procedures before lunch, came back and performed two more after lunch and were on the golf course by 3:00 PM. Three eye surgeons performed a total of five surgeries in one day. My friend performs between 32 and 35 surgeries each Tuesday by himself. There are two other surgeons on staff who also perform a similar number.

The doctors in London are on salary and get paid the same regardless of how many surgeries the do.

Countries with socialized medicine (other western countries) have waiting lists that are months long. In some countries you have to bribe the doctors to get in. You could die (and many do) waiting for chemo.

Most doctors will not treat medicare patients. (Medicare = No Care)

Sorry but the entire argument fails to hold water.

DR Hall
Clearfield, UT

These days are indeed the last days when even the "very elete are deceived". Freedom of Religion in this country was one of the core values of the immigrants when they came to this new land. One of the main core values of politicians for the last ten years has be to pretend to believe in some religion, but in fact do not follow any but put in attendance once in a blue moon. Lose what ever moral values you once were taught as they have NO place in current day life. Mitt Romney is wealthy so he does not need medicare nor does his family. His neighbors are definitely not his concern. So privatize every thing and outsource all jobs to China so all America is on the streets begging for everything and America goes to China and Russia and we all lose all. Congratulations Republicans, you are truely for communism in all aspects. This will not get printed as it is against DN good buddies.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Got to move his way over to the tea party or his candidacy is over. Nice try with the voucher idea of Ryan's. If these politicians don't realize that vouchers are in effect a cut in health benefits, then they are dumber than I think they are which is almost not possible. They use vouchers, because they lack the courage to use the word CUT, which is what they really want and are really doing with vouchers. I was also impressed to see the list of places he is going to cut, again right out of the tea party playbook. I was trying to find the cut in the taxpayer subsidies for the oil companies and I missed that. I am sure it is in the fine print of the plan though. After reading this it still amazes me that republicans can say they are for the middle class with a straight face, and what is even more amazing is that anyone believes it!

Salt Lake City, UT

As a Democrat, I love the idea of Romney getting behind this voucher thing on medicare. The idea is hated so much that a Democrat won a Republican district in New York that is so far to the right it actually voted for Paladino by running on medicare. The only sad thing is knowing that three weeks from now Romney will have a different position on the matter.

Mcallen, TX

Sixteen trillion dollar debt? Government control ain't cutting it!

That's five hundred thousand dollars per second for a whole year. Thank you government, for high medical costs.

Salt Lake City, UT

@The Rock

"Countries with socialized medicine (other western countries) have waiting lists that are months long. "

I had to wait 2 months for an appointment to see a specialist for a condition that needed surgery in this nation.

"If these politicians don't realize that vouchers are in effect a cut in health benefits, then they are dumber than I think they are which is almost not possible. They use vouchers, because they lack the courage to use the word CUT, which is what they really want and are really doing with vouchers. "

The politicians realize it, that's why they use vouchers instead of the word cut. It's up to the people to pay attention, but even the tea party insists that polticians should "get their gov't hands off my medicare".

I remember when Democrats picked up a seat in the house in New York that was so conservative it voted for Paladino despite Paladino losing by about 15-20 points statewide. Kathy Hochul (D) ran primarily on attacking the Paul Ryan medicare vouchers.

lehi, ut

There are a lot of comments bashing Romney's views on making medicare private. I don't know if I am totally hooked yet, but I must ask what would you people do to bring down the cost, and the fraud that goes on with medicare?


Stuff like this will cause romney the election. He is taking a needed social program and just creating a welfare state within the capital system. He is not a very consistent person and that will be his downfall.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

See ya in La Jolla, Mitt,
I do believe you just lost a great deal of your constituency.


Health care, especially for seniors, is on an unsustainable path. At least Romney is proposing SOMETHING. Because the two other options are Greece and/or Europe level taxation. The latter is a political non-starter, the first is scary beyond comprehension.
I have this sneaky suspicion that if the dollars avaiable for health care suddenly became finite, insurance companies would actually find a way to make them go further. And yes, it would mean that maybe Grandma couldn't get her knees replaced on the government dime, but again, what are the alternatives?


There is fraud in any insurance program that exists. People go to prison every day for scamming Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, etc. Privatizing medicare will not get rid of fraud. It will get rid of Medicare. Ask people who are currently on medicare why they don't just get rid of it and buy private insurance. They can't afford to. And if the government is going to pay private companies with vouchers, it will lead to even more fraud and corruption. This isn't a plan to reform medicare. It is a plan to destroy it. And if we can't afford to take care of our elderly, we certainly can't afford another $100 billion to upgrade our current nuclear arsenal.

Sandy, UT

Romney is not to bright. Our money problems is a simply fix but neither Democrats or Republicans want to do anything about it because they will lose their biggest donors. The Banks.

Salt Lake City, UT

'Most doctors will not treat medicare patients. (Medicare = No Care)' - The Rock | 1:07 p.m. Nov. 4, 2011

I work in an Organ Tranpslant center in Utah.

I am required to go over the patient's insurance information.

Over 90% of the records I am required to review are funded by medicare.

I will now ask who the source is, for your information.

I think it's ironic that Romney is now against Medicare....

when he supported healthcare reform in MA.

As for healthcare:
Romney care support was up 10% to 63% in Massachusetts.
-The Boston Globe by Kay Lazar - 06/05/11

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Rock...there is a reason for that may procedures in a day...the more he performs, the more he can bill...just like a lawyer it all about maximizing billable hours or in this case billable procedures. It does not make the medicine better or worse, in fact I would not want to be at the patient at the end of his long day...I would volunteer to be first and on a Monday, thank you very much.

By the way in terms of "proving your case" neither does one example...for all we know it could be isolated, it is undocumented or could be a fabrication...it cannot be refuted because it is part of no real study, not published, ..it is an antidotal and maybe heresay...

if medicare equals no care as you so brazenly assert why then are Ranch Hand's statistics about life expectancy lengthening under Medicare than under private insurance.

Splain that one Lucy!


@Shaun - "Our money problems is a simply fix..."

I'm sorry to break the news to you, but our money problems are even more complicated than the English language, and based on your slaughter of that, I have great doubts that you have some "simply fix" that would correct our national financial crisis. As Buzzards said above, at least Romney is proposing something. I daresay not a single one of the Romney detractors here could graduate from Harvard with both an MBA and a Juris Doctorate, or make Bain Capital profitable, or turn a profit on an Olympics event, or govern the financial turnaround of any state of this union.

But clearly, after having the Midas touch with everything he leads, all of a sudden he now can't think his way out of a coin purse. And, you all are so much better qualified, and have much more intelligent ideas than someone who could accomplish all that Romney has done.

Roosevelt, UT

Mitt is a great candidate but he has math issues.

By treating everyone fairly (excepting his old employees) he will friendlize everyone in the country. The party system will take a backseat as they find out what a great guy he is. Both parties will allow him to gut Obamacare even though it will add to the debt.

He has left big money out of his budget balancing act. He can easily balance the budget on the backs of the seniors.

The military that overspends and has for decades is void of Romneycuts. The cost over runs in the military are like the GM of old only on steroids. If there is a problem throw more money at it, listen to the big money folks who want more contracts and they want to increase the size of the military, sadly so does Mitt.

Big contracts big money, balance the budget on the backs of the elderly.

I would vote for Mitt in a minute if he would embrace the economics of Ron Paul, but another 1-2 terms of financial slavery is not something I look forward to.

Murray, UT

The one thing we can not do is continue with the medicare program the way it is. There simply is not enough money to fund it, and more baby boomers are retiring each year.
We can not buy everyone a "jazzy" who does not want to walk?
Why should we take money from young workers to buy grandpa viagra?
do we really have $1 million dollars to keep someone alive for one more month?
Why should we ask society to pay for medical cost, if the patient has large and significant assets that could be sold?
As more people come into the system, the system has to start spending less per person, or the program will not exist at all.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Obama inherited a tough economic situation. Then he (Obama) proceeded to make it exponentially worse, and it will continue to get worse day by day until he is OUT. He ran in '08 on "hope & change". Now he is running on "I just need more time".

What don't you bleeding heart liberals not understand about, "we have no more money"?? Do you run your own households by staying in denial, and writing checks that bounce?

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