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Published: Friday, Nov. 4 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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What about a position change for Jake?
Did he play anything else in high school?
I know that OLine or DLine wouldn't work, but maybe TE, or inside LB?



He's been groomed to be a QB since little league and he does have major passing skills, you don't win the Elite 11 without them. It just hasn't translated into success at the Y for the most part.
I'm sorry greenshovel but the Cougar faithful are going to pile on you like they did Vai. No fan base in the country is tougher to please and put more emotion into their support.

Spanish Fork, UT

You've got to be kidding! From what I have seen, good ole' Jake doesn't like any kind of contact! TE or LB - I don't think so. In my opinion, holding a clipboard is about all the contact he can handle.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

I have often said; "If we are the salt of the earth, what good does it do to stay in the salt shaker?" BYU is a salt shaker if there ever was one. Spreading good LDS kids out to other universities should certainly impact missionary work.

I personally think that Jake can still start for BYU. He should probably red shirt next year, but with Riley only being a sophomore this year Jake would probably only start one year if that.

A jump to the U would or to the University of Washington would greatly increase his odd of starting for two full years and that would greatly increase his chances to play in the NFL.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Don't come to Utah Jake. The Pac-12 isn't for everybody. You'll fare better at some irrelevant mid-major program that applauds their coaches and players spouting off about winning national championships in the preseason, then following up said boasts with annual September face plants. You're a better fit for where you already are.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT


That's a good one! Maybe they can play him at LB on the scout team next year to toughen him up, if he redshirts. He'd probably run away from the line of scrimmage instead of towards it.

Vai, this was a lame rehash. Props for acknowledging Monson's article, but I was hoping for something else this week.

Layton, UT

@The Rock

Riley is actually a Junior this year so if Heaps Redshirted he could potentially start both his Junior and Senior year. In theory, it would work out fine.


Honestly if Jake transferred to Utah I would still pick Jon Hays over him. If I was Jake I would use that redshirt next year and then come out for my junior year with an absolute vengeance. Too bad BYU will still be Independent cause not even the Big East is interested in them!


Is it just me or is nearly everyone Vai's first cousin? Forget about seven degrees of Kevin Bacon - I'm thinking it is two degrees of Vai's. Seriously - this guy knows everyone and in two names you can know Vai.

Now here is why my good friend Vai is wrong - (I call him that because my first cousin Steve once had a French class with Vai's other first cousin)

One Word: LOYALTY.

Sure many people can be in things for themselves and I am sure that works out all the time and maybe that is great for the short term but if there is one thing you get from these blogs it's that the man writing them has a lot of loyal friends. Lots. And I am thinking that means something - if nothing else a free meal from time to time.

So I say leave of Jake alone and let the kid grow and become the loyal quarterback he is suppose to become - after all I can't wait for the centerfold of him holding a football in one hand and a pizza box in the other with the title "The Deliver Man"

You know as in Heaps of Pizza.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I think that Jake's position is somewhat similar to TCU's Andy Dalton. He played four years. His first year was not all that great. TCU relied on the run. Fans were patient though and ironcially he started connecting on longer passes starting with the BYU game his sophomore year. He was unstoppable his last two years and is now in the NFL.

I suspect Jake could have followed the same path, but I don't think BYU fans, who have a long history of great quarterbacks, could wait that long. They may get a short term payoff with Riley, but I'm not so sure he is the long term answer for tougher schedules in future years.

So should Jake transfer? If the fans and his teammates and apparently his position coach have given up on him I say go ahead. I think Utah would be a good fit in terms of football, but I suspect it would be better to get a fresh start in another market. I don't think you'll see Jake in a Utah uniform, but I doubt he'll be in a BYU uniform either.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT


I know, its really hard to acknowledge that other people have different opinions. If that bothers you, perhaps you ought to transfer countries.....China maybe? or perhaps the old soviet union?

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

The UTES do have a tough situation at QB, but Jake does not help that. If he cannot cut it at the Y, playing teams like Idaho St, Idaho, New Mexica St, etc, and be the starter, he sure would not make it against teams from the Pac 12. While I would love for Heaps to get back in there and fumble the ball, try to pick it up and throw it away, only to have it slip out of his hands again, Riley is the better option at BYU, and the UTES do not want him as their QB, nor do they need him as Vai and Monson suggest. He would provide nothing to the team. Yes, he has a strong arm, but has absolutely no touch on the ball. The Utes have Wilson and Hansen coming in next year. While Hansen will go on a mission, hopefully Wynn will be healthy, and Wilson will step up and learn Chow's system, and become a great QB for them in the future. Heaps is not a viable option for the Utes, and I would bet 99.9% of UTE fans would not want him.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Naval Vet, talking about faceplants? Really?

You got scoreboard, humiliatingly so, but that seems to be about all you got.


Ann Arbor, MI

Heaps needs to play under an offensive coordinator with experience. With the right coach, Heaps will someday be able to reach his potential. I just don't think Doman is the right coach for him.

Las Vegas, NV

Vai you missed it again! That is like muffing two punts in a row on your own 5 yard line. This entire issue is really about hype and unreasonable expectations. Jake is a pretty good sophomore now and has a chance to be a real good red shirt junior and senior at BYU. The real problem here is that Jake and everyone around him built unreasonable expectations by pronouncing to the world that Jake was going to move mountains, and shatter all BYU passing records, before the kid had even dawned a BYU uniform. This was all unfounded rhetoric, much like talking about a national championship before you have played a game. This is why the players have so readily adopted Riley who speaks volumes with his play but was unheralded, even disregarded going into the season. Quitting under these circumstances, i.e. because you think you are better than all those great BYU QB's who didn't start until they were a junior, would be, in a word, ARROGANT. The very thing Jake has been accused of already. If Jake wants to be a real winner then he should persevere, fight through and come back better; ask Brandon Davies.


@The Rock

I love the idea of Heaps transferring to Washington. Then maybe Keith Price would transfer down to Utah. That ones not going to happen, Heaps at Washington he would be #3.

Layton, UT

He should transfer to TCU where another player with great upside went because he had the microscope on him the whole time he was at BYU (Fabuluje - 6'7" 320 DE/OL).

Yeah we should continue letting some of our best young players transfer with minimul effort trying to convince them to stay.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

My guess it that Jake will go from a mediocre non-aq to another mediocre non-aq where at least he will start.

Layton, UT

This would be a huge loss to BYU in terms of how high ranking recruits will begin to view the BYU football program.

The message is don't come to BYU because the coaching staff will make sure everyone knows they do not think you are as good as everyone else thought you were out of high school.

Also, because you are a highly sought after recruit that means everything was given to you in your life and you never had to earn anything.

Heaps could have chosen to go to just about any school in the country out of high school. His reasons for coming to BYU seems to go beyond just playing football. The only way he transfers is if he is certain he will never be a starter at BYU.

Although, this discussion would beneficial as a wake up call to the coaching staff to contemplate not having Heaps.

And if the stars align they might even reevaluate their lack of ability to develop talent.

Chandler, AZ

Vai...sorry dude, but you have missed the point. Your argument is that Jake should transfer because he was replaced this year and a transfer would give him more opportunity to learn. Although what you failed to point out, which is surprising coming from an ex-player, is what impact the coaching change had at BYU and on Jake. Remember BYU brought in a new OC, new RB, and new WR coach. Jake was at the mercy of their adjustment and their learning curve. Which, as Doman himself pointed out, has been steep and not without errors. If Jake were to transfer, he would once again have to learn a new offense, new playbook, etc. Plus, he would have to sit anyway. So, why not go into next year with a redshirt mentality, watch, learn, practice, mature, and then he is ready to start his JR and SR years? Which seems to be what most successful BYU QBs have done. And...if he has to burn his redshirt because of an injury, then he plays anyway but you can't overlook the impact of the coaching change and how difficult that has been this year.

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