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Published: Thursday, Nov. 3 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Vancouver, BC

ESPN is not legally allowed to be broadcast in Canada, so I'm still stuck watching it on JustinTV. I'd gladly pay to watch if it was possible.

Bountiful, UT

I'd rather go back to no ESPN games and a great team.

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK


I'll take both the great team and the improved access. I appreciate your personal preference. If I lived close enough to Provo to hold season tickets, I may concur. For those of us unable to attend games, indepence has significantly improved our access to games and our ability to follow the team. BYU's ability to play is in no way hindered by their independent status. Enjoy the access. Enjoy the sport.

Independence Is Bliss
San Jose, CA

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure.

That's all that matters. If you have exposure, everything else falls into place. With exposure comes: recruits, fans, branding, credibility, good schedules, and hopefully wins.

It's nice to know the admin at BYU has some business sense, because heaven knows most of you complainers (read: trolls) don't. When my business launches a product, our goal is to get it in front of as many people as possible. Makes sense, right? Especially if we had an exclusive agreement with the #1 marketing firm (ESPN) and the best in-house marketing team among all our competitors (Broadcasting facility).

Oh yeah, and all those complaining about our schedule, show me any team in the country that can put a great schedule together in 1 year.

Beverly Hills, CA

We have Utah lawmakers passing laws to limit alcohol ads and even the pouring of Drinks behind a glass wall and no one here has a problem with alcohol ads during BYU games? As someone who is LDS I don't care if people drink because it is their choice but BYU accepting money from espn who plays these ads during the game does not feel right to me. Is BYU so desperate for exposure that they are ok with these ads during the games? It is a legitimate question.

Springville, UT

To all those pining for an HD quality signal for BYU games Fresnogirl has mentioned her Roku box delivers great quality.

That's a little box you hook up to the internet and a direct HDMI cable to your HD tv for streaming content. Cost about $95 at Costco I noticed the other day.

I'm assuming this would be for the delayed broadcasts on BYUtv. Not sure about it working in Canada.

Sandy, UT

There are many pros and cons to consider with BYU and the Big East, and honestly, the only thing driving this train is 1 guaranteed bid, per AQ BCS Conference.

6 Conferences each have one guaranteed bid. 4 more bids are at-large invitations.

That's 10 bids per year for roughly 70+ schools belong to "BCS Conferences".

That is a whole lotta schools which will never sniff at a BCS bowl. And a whole lotta schools riding and coat-tailing the achievements of others, simply because of a phony, illegal caste system.

Which bring us back to BYU.

BYU is a National Brand which is one of just a few which could survive on their own name. Schools like Utah, Northwestern, Baylor etc. need to piggyback on a Conference and take whatever is offered. (delayed revenue sharing)

BYU has Exposure (10 ESPN games)and their own Network TV package. It's bringing them 15+ million per year, minimum, up from 1.5 million with the MWC. Estimates I've read indicate the Big East would only bring BYU 8-9 million.

Does BYU give up their "Assets", every game on National TV, ESPN contract etc., just for a BCS Conference affilaition?

Beverly Hills, CA

"That is a whole lotta schools which will never sniff at a BCS bowl. And a whole lotta schools riding and coat-tailing the achievements of others, simply because of a phony, illegal caste system."

Utah, TCU, Boise State have all done it twice, Hawaii did it once. Freaking Hawaii did it once!!! How come BYU can't do it once if BYU is supposed to be so good? The caste system was created because of BYU's phony national championship so deal with it and get to a BCS game and until then stop complaining about it.

Gilbert, AZ


The only thing phony about BYU's 1984 National Championship are the phony "experts" who think they know more than the majority of voters on the AP and Coaches polls who, after careful scrutiny for over a month, selected BYU as the most deserving team to be name 1984 National Champion.

It's a part of history that whiny Utah fans will never be able to change.

Call us when Utah wins their first anything on a national scale - National Championship, Heisman, Outland, Davey O'Brien, Sammy Baugh, Doak Walker, National College Football Hall of Fame player.

If Utah is so good, how come the Utes have never won a national award of any kind in their entire history?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"If Utah is so good, how come the Utes have never won a national award of any kind in their entire history?"

PHX, I didn't see any mention about bowl winning percentage in your chest thumping recital from ancient history. If you want to go back in time, you should know that the Utes have as many coaches in the College Football Hall of Fame as BYU. Search for Ike Armstrong, Utah's coach while the cougies were still in diapers.

The Utes have a recent distinction BYU will never achieve. Utah is the only school in the country to ever have No. 1 NFL and NBA draft picks in the same year.

Sandy, UT

Well based on that criteria, Texas, Ohio St., USC, Michigan, Alabama and 115 other D-1 programs, having nothing on U.

Find it where you can Utes, pretty tortured logic, but whatever floats your boat.

Sandy, UT


Ike Armstrong?
That's it? That and 6 good years?
If 8 game seasons in the leather helmet era (playing teams like West High and Fort Douglass C squad) is your claim to fame, then have at it.

When it is all said and done...

U still have No Heismans, Outlands, Hall of Famers, Davey O'Briens, Sammy Baugh's, Doak Walkers, National Championship, let alone 23 Conference Championships, NFL MVP's, Super Bowl MVP's, nor any interest from the Major Networks.

But you rest on Andrew Bogut, Alex Smith and Ike Armstrong.

Yee Ha!

Go Utes, CA

You need to look a little harder for the Utah games (or sign up for DirecTV). I also live in OC and I have seen every Utah game in real time (though I had to watch Montana State streamed over the internet).


Yes, BYU players have earned a lot of awards and recognition. And they won lots of conference titles and a national title.
Face it, had you actually belonged to a real conference in all that time of WAC dominance. You never would have earned 90% of what you were awarded. Power conferences did not want you then, and they don't want you now. Well unless you are a failing conference like the BE or BIG12.


As a BYU/ WVU/ Big East Fan, I'd love to see BYU in the new proposed two division Big East. I regret my state university abandoned ship for the cow colleges of the Big 12. As universities they don't compare with Rutgers, U Cinn, U Conn, Louisville, and now Houston and Air Force. I trust BYU's leadership to be next generation statesmen and not next election politicians. None of us has the info to weigh the ESPN/independent status with the identity= natural rivalry status of the new Big East Also, the year 2011 is neither the beginning nor the end of Byu history.We tire of the 'what have you done for me lately" crowd, who think the football Cougars, like good wives, are there to polish their egos each week.BYu has beaten at least three or more teams from every BCS conference.from the west coast to Boston College. Notre Dame lost to USF, the last place team in the Big East, but no one knocks ND OR its deceptive schedule which always sounds better than it is. Six of !2 have losing records.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Still thumping your chest about things that happened in the Reagan Administration, eh?

In the last 8 years, Utah has two more things BY-High will never see again:
Undefeated seasons!

Yee-ha indeed!

Orem, Utah

Someone on here made the statement that the ratings were going great for BYU.

According to what? AdWeek's numbers for the ESPN games have hardly made the advertisers turn their heads. And after all, these are the people who pay for those games to be broadcast. Unless there are advertising dollars flowing, you will see your "national" venue go away.

The Y has to put an exciting brand of football on the field. I think they can, hope they can.... but the last couple of years hasn't made people to excited to tune in a watch - unless you like watching BYU loose.

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