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Published: Thursday, Nov. 3 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Eagle Mountain, UT

Talk about leaning on a broken crutch. Utah is desperate for $$. They get it with the PAC but it will likely be around 20-24 million for the first few years they get a full share. Utah's budget will still be far below the average PAC budget; right there with the other bottom teams. BYU wants exposure. They get a minimum of 8 million(actual number for this year is close to 11 million) as a bonus. Exposure to them is huge. They win. ESPN money is great plus they get sponsorship money for BYUTV broadcasts. Their broadcast capabilities are the best in the nation. No one even comes close.
Me thinks there is a jealous troll lurking in your comments.

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

The exposure may be there for the Y and their fans across the nation and throughout the world, but I have heard more Y fans complain about the teams they play, and the fact that ESPN is burrying them on ESPN 2 or ESPN U at 8:15 on Saturday nights when everyone is asleep, or it is freezing cold out in November so not as many fans will go to the games. No one wants to take their kids out in 30 degree weather late on a Saturday night, when they will most likely fall asleep at the game, or be miserable because of the cold. The exposure is nice, but at what cost?


WON84 | 9:57 a.m. Nov. 4, 2011

Agreed. byu fans blast Utah for joining the a conference that may schedule games on Sunday (though I have yet to see a schedule with a Sunday game on it) and assert that Chris Hill took no action to prevent that from occurring.

At the same time, byu's own "business partner" uses byu games to sell alcohol for advertising revenue and pays byu's contract with the proceeds. byu has done nothing to stand tall with ESPN and ensure that people aren't subjected to alcohol sales during byu games. Values? Standards? What values and standards? But money is money. Who cares where it comes from or the values and standards that are sold to get it. Sound familiar?

How incredibly hypocritical of byu fans to point fingers at conferences for something like Sunday play.

Go daddy commercials are also a popular component of revenue for ESPN.


BYU fans who think your schedule will improve through independence need a serious reality check.

Chew on this tidbit: The BCS leagues COMBINED for a total of 7 OOC games between week 6 and rivalry week this year (not counting games against Notre Dame or in-state rivalries). In the future, 2 of those games will be eliminated as the PAC tightens rules on OOC scheduling.

Further, the closest BCS leagues to BYU were also the most stringent on OOC scheduling. The PAC had 2 games (0 in the future), the B12 had 0 games, and the B10 had 1 game.

Only the BE and ACC seem enthusiastic about playing OOC in midseason, and primarily against each other. In fact, those leagues had only ONE OOC opponent from west of the Mississippi (Utah/Pitt).

The only way BYU improves their schedule is if they monopolize those openings, which isn't likely to happen. As long as you're independent, you should get used to playing Idaho and NMSU, because it's who you're going to get in October and November.

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers
Anaheim, CA

@10:34 a.m. Nov. 4, 2011

Jealous little brother obsession with all things BYU....laughable.

It's hillarious that Utah has a game this week at PAC 12 foe Arizona that could decide whether the Utes go bowling this year, yet here you are obsessing about a game that was played over a month ago and against an "irrelevant", non-AQ, "former rival" at that.

Once a little brother, always a little brother.


The SEC is the only BCS league to have a significant # of OOC games in the middle of the season. They have 12. Unfortunately, BYU doesn't qualify to fill those slots.. You see, Louisiana Tech is just about the best of those teams, and half of them are against FCS teams. There's no way they're going to schedule BYU when it's so abundantly clear they only want powder puffs.


IS this breaking news? I have never, ever heard of this ESPN/byu partnership before...

Oklahoma Cougar
Mustang, OK

re: NoblePromise

BYU has never had an issue with scheduling BCS opponents. On a very short notice they have 4 BCS opponents this season and another 5 for next season.

Future seasons after 2013 will include 5-6+ BCS opponents. Always be a few cupcakes, but that is not atypical of almost every major program.

Holmoe did a magnificent job with such a short notice for this season.


Jeff: Even if it is really true that 1.1 million households tuned into each of 11 games, it's sort of silly to say 1.2 billion households were reached over the course of the season, don't you think? That would mean each household only tuned in once and roughly 1/3 of the world's population caught a game. On paid cable no less.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

Will all you folks crying about this years schedule take real look at it and with a lot of other teams and you will see it isn't that bad. Especially since we had to start from scratch.Many of you have no conception of what it takes to make a schedule especially going independent. For their first year they have done well.If they were in The Mtn west conference our schedule would not have been any harder. Colo.ST ,New Mexico, UNLV,San Diego St. not much different than some of the lower teams they have played. New Mexico and UNLV being no more competive than Idaho or New Mexico State.Boise St. would have been a good game to have but not possible this year.

Bluffdale, UT


The live Utah games are on Root, part of their Fox Sports/PAC-12 packages. Utah doesn't promote it since they get paid by KJZZ. Yes, last week Utah was live on two stations. All Utah games have been live TV.


Will it get easier to schedule big games in Provo if they have to play November nights?

Layton, UT

As a Cougar fan I say that it is very nice that we are enjoying our TV contract and exposure, now if we could only win games against quality opponents.

fan in orem
Orem, Utah

It will be interesting to find out if the Cougars, playing late on a Saturday night in November, against a team that isn't any good, will still pull in more fans at the stadium than the utes have EVER had in theirs.

Tooele, UT

@Pac12Proud 10:53

I'm one BYU fan who couldn't care less if other teams play on Sunday or not. If the Utes play a game here on there on a Sunday, fine with me. I don't watch very many Utah games anyway.

As for the alcohol ads during BYU games, I don't see the problem. I don't know all the ins and outs of BYU's contract with ESPN, but look at it this way. Marriott hotels don't close on Sundays, and many Marriott properties serve alcohol. In fact, some Marriott properties in different parts of the world have casinos inside their hotels.

Is this hypocrisy on the part of the Marriott chain? In my opinion, it would only be hypocrisy if they attacked other hotel chains for doing the same thing they are doing.

It's impossible for every LDS-affiliated business to demand all of its partners follow the same rules and standards they do. Give and take is sometimes required in business, and for the most part, it sounds like the people most uncomfortable with the beer ads during BYU games are those who hate BYU.

Tooele, UT

@Papa Smurf UTE 10:51

@utahguyiam 10:55

Why are you Ute fans still so obsessed about BYU's schedule? Why do you care about BYU in the first place?

Over the past six months I've heard Ute fans say over and over and over again that BYU is beneath them. They've said now that Utah is in the PAC-12, it's time to forget BYU and find a "real" rival, and if BYU fans say anything negative about Utah, it only proves how "jealous" they are of Utah. Yet at the same time, Ute fans continue to troll and troll and troll again about all things BYU.

Why do Ute fans continue to obsess so much about a team they have relegated to the same level as Snow College or Bingham High School?

@LeftCoastUte 11:50

If the Utes had the same ESPN contract, you and your fellow Ute fans would be bragging about the same thing.

We wear Blue
ogden, ut

Attention Ute trolls!!!!
Did you read the article? Sounds like ESPN is extremely happy with the MILLIONS of viewers it has picked up do to its deal with BYU. Plus the exposure for the Cougars.
Please answer just one question......
How many people watch Ute games? If you could find the channel thier games are on, I dont think there are a whole lot of football fans dying to watch a terrible 4_ 4 team stumble through the PAC 12 bottom dwellers.


ClarkHippo | 1:10 p.m. Nov. 4, 2011

I don't know what Marriott Hotels has to do with byu but I do know this...byu byu receives revenue from an entity that obtains revenue streams from the advertisement of alcohol during its games. Further, Holmoe has done nothing to curtail or ban those advertisements.

"Give and take is sometimes required in business..." How convenient for the byu collective. Remember your own words the next time you see a post from a byu fan criticizing Utah for moving to a conference that does not ban Sunday play or see a post that criticizes Dr Hill for not demanding the same. That is utter non-sense.

And no, I don't hate byu...I am strong LDS. What I hate are byu fans who use standards when it is convenient for them to do so.

Alcohol ads just a part of business? I am willing to bet that you, too, have used the excuse of "Sunday play" as the reason conferences don't want to get involved with byu. Standards are standards and byu is clearly willing to look past certain standards when it comes to "business" requirements.

How convenient.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Re: 54-10 "ESPN coverage nationally of the 54-10 beat down was.......priceless." Yes. You are correct that this game was broadcast by ESPN because, I'll go slow here, the Coug's contract with ESPN requires such. But, guess what? That same ESPN will broadcast the Coug's bowl game this season. Still curious who will broadcast your beloved Utes bowl game. Excuse me. I forgot you have yet to get to 6 wins. Also, still curious about the Pac 12 Championship Game that all you Utes thought was automatic at the beginning of the season. But keep hanging onto the 54-10 beat-down if that's what makes your non-bowl season a success.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ We wear Blue | 1:39 p.m. Nov. 4, 2011
Ogden, Ut

I did enjoy the 54-10 on ESPN.

Did you?

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