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Published: Thursday, Nov. 3 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

If you think exposure to the Utah game or TCU game was great, there is something wrong with your thinking. Yes, it is nice to see the Cougars on TV and many years, but this team is an embarassment to fans. Frankly, I wish none of the games were on TV because I don't want anyone to see how far BYU football has declined in the last two years. There are no prospects for the future until some changes are made.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD


To U, with a regional fanbase, it's all about the money. To BYU, with a nationwide fanbase, nationwide access to BYU sports is more important than money.

BYU's decision whether or not to accept an invitation to join the Big East will be based on how much of that nationwide access BYU has to give up in order to join the Big East. The Big 12 is also still very much in play for BYU, either as a 10th team for 2012, if West Virginia can't leave the Big East until 2013, or as part of a BYU/Louisville expansion of the Big 12 to 12 teams.

Securing an invitation from the Big East isn't even an issue. The invitation is there for the asking and will be forthcoming as soon as BYU notifies the Big East that they'll accept the invitation.

Syracuse, ut

BYU would have to go undefeated in order to get a shot at a BCS bowl in the current independence setup, we are not Notre Dame. That's a lot to ask of the Cougars, history has shown that undefeated seasons are nearly impossible for BYU. I would prefer to be in a BCS conference instead of standing on this island all by ourselves. I guess it comes down to what does BYU want? To stay independent and play a whole bunch of different teams on ESPN and BYUtv to get the exposure (and play in a crappy bowl game), or join a BCS conference and compete for a conference championship and an opportunity to play in a BCS bowl, even with a loss or two. Which option does BYU want?

Sandy, UT

Portland Trail Blazers:

I seriously doubt that BYU will ever get the Notre Dame rule. I'm not trying to bash BYU, because I don't think most other schools would be able to get it either. Notre Dame is Notre Dame and they will always get that special treatment where nobody else does.

As for your other point that BYU needs to "build rivalries with teams they can expect to play every year. BYU should do it with schools such as, Boise State, Hawaii, Utah State, Air Force, TCU or Houston, UCLA, and Washington". You named eight teams that you want to play every year. I thought one of the benefits to being independent was being able to play a wider variety of teams. Sure you want to have some rivals that you play every year, but I would think you would limit that to 3 or 4.


John Blah ...

Why do I we have posts such as your genius thoughts, grace these fine pages. Of course there are Beer commercials during football games, just like Marriott Hotels serve guests who wish alcohol. We can be gracious hosts and maintain standards without being judgmental.

Imagine a church leader coming to a party and then having someone ask him to get wine because they are out of it. You would probably judge him as a bad missionary or evil - Oh wait that already happened 2000 years ago. And he did get the wine for his mom - by using his authority rather than running down to the town bizarre.

So please stop using such a judgmental logic to justify your silliness. We may not drink the stuff but others do and we don't judge them for their actions - oh wait you do.

But while we are on the subject of being non-judgmental - lets all judge Bronco, and staff since we are equally qualified to run a team.

I say lets give BYU football a rest and just focus on all the silly things the Utes dow like a good cougar fan should.


CordonBleu | 7:07 a.m. Nov. 4, 2011

"...the beer ads aren't in any way connected to BYU; only a BYU-hater looking for something to whine about would even think of associating them with BYU."

I disagree. ESPN is using the byu games to sell alcohol which pays the contract they have with byu. The alcohol advertisements accompany every televised byu game and demonstrate that byu either did not stand up their values with ESPN or that ESPN ignored byu's attempts to do so. My bet is the former.

But...who cares about standards and values when the money is rolling in.

ESPN - friend or puppeteer?

Orem, UT


BYUtv broadcasts on two channels, here in Utah Ch21 is low def, Ch647 is HD. Check your channel listings to see if there's an BYUtv HD channel, the picture quality is every bit as good as on ESPN, in fact, ESPN/BYUtv share broadcast facilities for BYU home games. If a BYUtv HD channel isn't available, try streaming directly through the BYUtv website.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

ESPN will do anything to keep byu, the love us more than anyone else.

Richmond, VA

Independence is great, and a BCS affiliation is even greater, but unless we have a diehard, in your face, bone crushing, swash buckling, "winning product" like Provo4Life said, then it's simply meaningless because we'll still be viewed by our detractors as irrelevant to the conversation. I've said it once and I'll say it again..."Just win, baby!" Everything else will fall in place if you win, win, win, and win some more, especially against the so called BCS powers.

Go Cougs!

Springville, UT

"the Cougars have been targeted as a candidate to join the Big 12 or the Big East." Really? By whom? The conferences clearly are so interested in the Cougs that they gave TCU, SMU, Houston, etc. offers.

So far, BYU hasn't proven itself a candidate of anything other than to be left independent.

And let's applaud ESPN for the bang-up job it has done in helping place its "partner" into an AQ conference. Maybe BYU can anchor a new WAC.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

I LOVE this contract & agreement with ESPN. To compare this contract to the "TV" contract the MWC had is laughable. Everything about the ESPN contract has been a positive.

Re: JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidt "Does anyone else notice the beer and alcohol ads during these ESPN games? Kinda negates the whole missionary tool parroting I hear from byu fan doesn't it?" You're kidding me, right? The school has zero control over the sponsors of college football and ESPN. In no way does any type of commercial mean the school condones it any way. And what type of missionary tool commercials did you ever see in the MWC brodcast commercials? You've gotta find something more gripping than that!

Providence, UT

For the vast majority of BYU fans the move to independence and the contract with ESPN has indeed been a boon. For these fans BYU football will always be relevant regardless of what teams they play. I'm talking about members of the LDS church who like football and support BYU as well as alumni who tune in to watch their alma mater play, not to forget the little kids who can now be exposed to the game. I know as a child I became a fan of college football from watching local teams play on TV.

But there are other fans that are very nervous right now. They are the faction that wants BYU to be great, to win big games and be relevant on the national level. These fans cannot be happy with the way things are being handled. For independence to work BYU has to get off to better starts to the season. Why are they unable to win big games early in the year? Is it the players? Is it the coaching? Is it the mission and goal of the university that is getting in the way?

Iowa City, IA

That is nothing short of awesome!


@jazzfan14 - Right on. It's no secret that the Catholic Church has 70M members and if even ten percent are Notre Dame fans they have the biggest fan base of any school.

Ernest T. Bass - You need a lesson in Economics. ESPN is doing this because it's making them money, not because they love BYU. Take off your blue goggles.

Pac2Proud - You know how this works. ESPN isn't a friend, they're a business partner.

Omaha, NE


thanks I checked and I do not have the byutv HD channel. Looks like I will keep watching spaghetti western sports

Orem, UT


"ESPN is using the BYU games to sell alcohol which pays the contract they have with BYU. The alcohol advertisements accompany every televised BYU game and demonstrate that BYU's attempts to do so."

Trust a BYU-hating Utah troll to come up with such a silly argument.

BYU games have been broadcast on ESPN since 1984, and on other networks for much longer than that, and beer ads have been a part of those broadcasts for decades; there's nothing unique about the BYU-ESPN partnership in that regard. We live in the world, not of the world, which means we promote our values, but we don't force other people to abide by them.

Cedar Hills, UT

ESPN isn't going to renew the contract if BYU keeps losing. BYU has win against Teams like Texas and TCU otherwise what's the appeal for ESPN?

Salt Lake City, UT

ESPN coverage nationally of the 54-10 beat down was.......priceless.

Eagle Mountain, UT

JJJHS @ 12:03AM
No it doesn't negate the whole missionary message. ESPN is allowed to air any commercials they want during games they broadcast. BYU has nothing to do with that and anyone with half a brain knows that. We know you hate BYU but try to use some intelligence in your posts.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"ESPN isn't going to renew the contract if BYU keeps losing. BYU has win against Teams like Texas and TCU otherwise what's the appeal for ESPN?"

Maybe someday you'll post something grounded in reality. ESPN doesn't care if BYU wins or loses as long as BYU continues putting an entertaining product on the field.

The Mississippi, Texas, UCF, TCU, OSU, Utah State, and even the Utah games were all entertaining, more so, than Utah's brutally ugly game at Pittsburgh, which was about as entertaining as watching paint dry.

Fans care about wins/losses.

Television bean counters only care about ratings, and even with a less than stellar schedule and win/loss record, BYU's ratings have exceeded ESPN's ratings expectations.

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