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Published: Thursday, Nov. 3 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Man, ESPN must have taken a blood-bath, airing all those irrelevant football games!

Serious, the only game I had to do anything at all was the OSU game. I had to call up DirecTV and convince them to give me the sportspak for three months for free. Kind of a shame, the only thing I watch on TV is BYU football. And NCIS.

I know they need to up the anti if they hope to keep getting that type of exposure. And as the schedule gets better, so too had the cougars better get better. But I am visualizing a whole lotta cougar football goin' on!

I will be interested to see, even as our loyal detractors emphasize the word "exposed", how all this impacts recruiting.


Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

If BYU can get the Notre Dame rule, and get BCS access, and stay an independent, then BYU is golden.

BYU needs to do what Notre Dame does. Build rivalries with teams they can expect to play every year. BYU should do it with schools such as, Boise State, Hawaii, Utah State, Air Force, TCU or Houston, UCLA, and Washington.

Now, bring on the UTE trolls! Haha

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

So far the BYU-ESPN partnership has been very good for BYU. Now we are in November and the realities of this partnership are going to chill the fans to the bone. Please negotiate down so November games can be played in daylight and shown on BYUtv. Let ESPN show them on tape delay at 8 p.m. I'll bet the exposure BYU gets from the next two games will be vacant seats at LES.


So I get that the exposure is great. It's been huge that we've had so many games broadcasted on ESPN networks! First things first, we need to put a better product together for these huge audiences. Exposure is great, but when it shows a bad product it hurts more than helps. We also can't be left out in the cold looking in thinking what might have been. If the right opportunity presents itself we need to jump at a BCS conference. If we don't make it happen then the exposure won't help. I'm excited for the future. I love that I can watch all the games. I think we've made all the right moves for now, but our play needs must get better quick or we won't see the benefits.

Lastly, a word to Bronco. Quit sugar coating everything and take a good hard look at the program and make some decisions about key positions and coaches!

Fresno, CA

I have been able to watch every single BYU game this year. Even the OSU game was easy to watch. I watched it for free on BYUtv over my Roku. Love, love, love being able to see my Cougars again.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

4 byes in November? (2 byes and Idaho and New Mexico State, essentially 4 byes).

Houston and SMU get invited to a BCS conference, and BYU doesn't?
Heads should roll.

Bronco and Holmoe should be fired. They are all talk.

Please Fire Bronco
Provo, UT

Bronco thank you for your work. The program is better than when you started.
Unfortunately you have reached your ceiling.

One of the best things Utah did for their program was have the guts to fire a coach who brought them a long way, but couldn't take them to the next step. Yes I am saying it. Bronco Mendenhall is the BYU version of Ron McBride.

Appreciate what Bronco has done, but it is time to move on. Get a coach who can coach at a higher level.

Orange County, CA

Living in a PAC-12 market, I've seen two Utah games on TV in real time (and one of those was the BYU game or it wouldn't have been on). Oregon State was tape delayed on Fox, but someone sent me a text about the win so I ended up not watching it. I watched San Clemente HS v. Mission Viejo to get a preview of Travis Wilson's play (not a good game for him or SCHS). Sad, but there's always next year...both in terms of exposure for Utah and improved performance for both Utah and BYU.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Those who think BYU needs to jump at any chance to get into a BCS conf. are crazy. Being in a BCS conf. isn't as great as some would like us to think. Winning is the key , not belonging to a BCS conf. Oklahoma St. , Arizona, Arizona St, Cal, Wash. St, and many others who pretty good teams rarely if ever get into a BCS bowl game. Again WINNING is the key. If we improve as a team and win we will get noticed, exposure, and the opportunity to play in a BCS game. BYU needs to take their time and examine all the little things and make sure it is a better situation before they agree to sign on with a BCS conf.. Just jumping at the chance to belong to a BCS conf. isn't smart or necessary.


BYU wants to play at the highest level, than please schedule football games with teams from BCS conference. Playing teams like Idaho and Idaho State doesn't help BYU chances of getting into a BCS bowl or being invited into a BCS conference.If BYU wants to be independent in football like Notre Dame we should schedule games like they do (BCS teams instead of teams not even in a BCS conference).

Donations, sports revenues from football events, and Cougar Club membership won't rise if we schedule non BCS teams. What was the reason for going independent in football if it wasn't to play the best teams and get invited to a BCS bowl?


I am a big time Cougar fan, but it is time to lose the blue colored spectacles regarding independence. Most respectable teams will not be allowed to play against BYU in October and November due to conference scheduling requirements. Realignment will make scheduling more difficult not the opposite.

We would love to schedule BYU signed UC Davis, Sacramento State, Wofford, and Bo Didley Tech. Can we get on ESPN?

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

By golly Noblepromise, you've got a point there. I'll bet no one at BYU thought of scheduling BCS teams. Give them a call and share your ideas and thoughts on the subject. They'd really appreciate your insights. I'll bet they never even thought about getting some BCS conference teams to come to Provo in November.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

Please Fire Bronco = Utah troll

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

Have you guys forgotten the reason BYU had to schedule all these WAC teams? They didn't have much of an option. The schedules will get MUCH better, trust me.

Sandy, UT

Finally an article about the future from Jeffy. Look forward to part 2.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


Obviously you're not much of a fan or you'd already know the reason for BYU's 2011 schedule.


RE: @Riverton Cougar

You are missing the point. If conferences lock teams into playing opponents within their conferences in October and December all that will be left to play are the New Mexico States of College football and people like you will still pay to see that lousy product. Stop buying tix and enabling the dillusionment that people want to watch NM State, Idaho, and Idaho State.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

You think Kyle Whitingham would like more exposer and give up the job at the U and come to the Y? Why not and have Bronco demoted just to be D's coach. Come on Kyle which you will be great fit at the Y!

OC Fan
Orange County, CA


Notre Dame, which admittedly is several decades ahead of the Y in scheduling experience, has only three non-BCS teams on its 2011 schedule: Navy, Air Force, and South Florida. All of its November games are against BCS teams. Obviously that's BYU's goal. BYU brings the same thing to the table to attract the kinds of teams that Notre Dame is playing in November that Notre Dame does: a national broadcast and a loyal fan base. BYU will get the likes of Wake Forest, Maryland, BC, and Stanford (Notre Dame's November 2011 schedule) in time if ESPN continues to help them get games like TCU at Cowboy Stadium and THE TEAM'S PLAY IMPROVES so more people than its loyal fan base want to watch them.

So the next order of business, to keep those fans eyeballs on the TV sets, is FIND A QUARTERBACK!

Beverly Hills, CA

Does anyone else notice the beer and alcohol ads during these ESPN games? Kinda negates the whole missionary tool parroting I hear from byu fan doesn't it?

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