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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 2 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Murray, Ut

Pound of flesh? The compact has nothing to do with being fair to anyone. The National Immigration Forum (pro-illegal Washington group) has taken credit for it. It's nothing more than a tool to promote amnesty.

I think Utahns have seen through it. It's never caught on nationally except with a few small splinter groups across the country.

We need a Utah Honesty Compact as far as immigration goes.

Lectori Salutem
Beautiful Salt Lake Valley, Utah

For a different and not-quite-so-rosy view of the Utah Compact I urge readers to do an online search for a series of four eye-opening articles by former Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson (Who Wrote the Utah Compact; Propaganda and the Utah Compact; The One-Sided Utah Compact; and All Roads Lead to Radical).

I agree with JBrady above. We need a Utah Honesty Compact! I would love to see public officials and religious leaders not only publically denounce illegal immigration but also strongly urge their constituents and congregants to be honest in their dealings with their fellow citizens and legal immigrants and sign a compact or contract that states they will employ only those legally authorized to work here. Anything less is a betrayal of trust.

I for one will not support the Utah Compact.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

"fair and reasonable" have little to do with the current political climate.

"Scapegoating and senseless retribution" may well be wrong, but they make for great politics.

Our current system seems focused on punishing the innocent. A family of my acquaintance was here legally and had been for over a decade. They were good, hardworking folks. Their visas ran out and they were told to go.

Families that are predominantly made up of US citizens but include one or two illegal aliens are made to either leave or break up the family. Did some of those folks choose to come here illegally? Sure. Should there be some consequences? Sure. But why ship them AND the US citizens out?

Please, no crocodile tears and foolishness about how the citizens could stay if they want. Of course the family should stay together. But, assuming no other issues with the law beyond immigration status, there should be an option for them to make amends and continue their lives here together.

Our current program (the result of successive administrations of both parties) puts us in danger of creating a permanent underclass. That has never worked out anywhere and it usually ends rather badly.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Compassionate," "fair," "reasonable," and "thoughtful" are apt descriptions of what the anti-illegal immigration crowd isn't. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them, especially in the Legislature.

Ogden, UT

Foreign invaders don't deserve amnesty, which is what the compact does. Crossing borders and occupying a country is never right. Our brave ancestors sweeped this land clean so we could have the Kingdom of God here, and if the immigrants want to take part in this great land they need to wait their turn in line like every one else. And if the politically correct liberals let their hearts bleed over this, maybe they should put their money where their mouth is and trade places with one of these immigrants. Move out of your house and let them have it, and move south into Mexico. Then maybe you will appreciate this great land.

Vernal, UT

It would be great if someone came up with a "Compact" that dealt with fairness for Utah citizens. Where is the care about the 9% or so that are unemployed? Where is the care about the thousands of Utah citizens whose identities have been stolen by the people that the Utah Compact is so concerned about? Where is the care about the thousands of Utah citizens who are impacted by the crimes committed by the Utah Compact subjects?

There is nothing wrong with being concerned about the plight of others around the World. It does, though, become an issue when you involuntarily make that plight the concern of everyone else.

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "Twin Lights | 5:48 a.m." you cry for the illegals that are sent back to their country, but you don't cry for the illegal who left their family behind to persue a life here? What about the murderer who is forced to leave their family behind to go to prison, do you have the same compassion for them also?

Should we also make provisions to immediately remove people that don't have family here so that their familes can be intact?

What about the criminal in prison? Should we make all efforts to ensure that they can maintain a normal family life?

There is a reson why they are called anchor babies, and once you make the exception for those with children here you are going to open the floodgate for illegal immigrants coming here and giving birth as soon as possible to get them on the quick path to legal status.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Encouraging law breaking, no matter the issue, is wrong. There was a law in place forbidding people to enter the United States without permission. Those who broke that law must face the consequences of breaking that law. The consequence, as spelled out in the Act is that them must be deported. That's the law.

Those who mock the law, both the illegal immigrant and the citizens who support illegal immigration, have no respect for law or for order. They favor disorder and disrespect. They want their "favorite criminal" to be allowed to stay in America simply because they have become friends with that criminal.

That is not reason enough to encourage breaking the law. That is not reason enough to ignore the consequences of law breaking.

Let them leave this country, with their families, and then let them apply to return - legally.

dung beetle
Bountiful, UT

Enforcing the law is "scapegoating and senseless retribution"? No it is not -- not in a country that's devoted to the rule of law. Ignore one law because its enforcement is deemed politically incorrect by the intelligensia and we abandon the rule of law for the rule of popular opinion. Compassion is fine, but not at the expense of abandonment of one of the foundation principles that's made this country great.

Salt Lake City, UT

Would the anti-illegal immigration advocates who are members of the LDS Church (you know who you are) please reconcile their posiiton with the Church's endorsement of the Utah Compact? Were the brethren not inspired on this one? Does the admonition to follow the prophet only apply when you agree with the prophet?

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Mike Richards | 8:36 a.m. Nov. 2, 2011
South Jordan, Utah
Encouraging law breaking, no matter the issue, is wrong.


So, you must support punishing the Businesses who are supporting, supplying and providing the only draw for illegal immigration.

Just like drugs and other illegal activity -

You can waste you time going after the millions of individual users
or better yet -
Go after and Punish the Pusher, Dealer, and Smugglers....Businesses.

Thanks for being on OUR side of the issue.

Huntington, WV

After struggling with the issue of legal/illegal on this matter, I am not surprised at the Church's stand here.

The children are innocent of any violations.

It is for their sake, we extend compassion.

The Lord has always stood on the side of Mercy.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The uncontrolled immigration of workers is the same thing as sending American jobs overseas to cheap labor. The reason those overseas nations have cheap labor is because of the economic oppression imposed upon their citizens by the commercial business tyrants. It is their desire and plan to bring about that same condition in America.

The Utah Compact is a part of that plan. While propagandizing the humane considerations for foreign labor, the people who support the compact ignore the welfare of Utah and American citizens.

The actual purpose of the Utah Compact is to enrich the rich and powerful business interests. And the people who support the compact could care less about the welfare of Americans.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

@"Curmudgeon" 9:22

I'll be glad to!

I was taught to "honor, obey, and sustain", the law. To me, (among other things), that translates to: paying my taxes, being courteous to, and paying the fines levied against me by police officers, and otherwise doing my part to make society better including calling police when I see a law potentially being violated. Several years ago I TRIED reporting illegal trespassers; the cops said they "couldn't do anything about it"!

I also believe I should be "subject to kings, rulers, and magistrates". So, while I may not agree with everything our current President does (or doesn't do) regarding immigration I support that he has the AUTHORITY to make those decisions. But I have the RESPONSIBILITY to try to elect someone next time who more closely (in my opinion) enforces the nations laws.

Keep in mind: immigration enforcement issues are NOT new laws. I/we only want ones ENFORCED that are already existing!
I have no BELIEF WHATSOEVER that the "Utah Compact" was designed to do anything except guarantee another year of subservient wages/workers to an unethical business community!

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


Please. Equating a murderer in prison with an illegal immigrant is beyond the pale and deserves no serious consideration or response.

I don't call them anchor babies and neither should anyone else. And in my experience it certainly does not give their families a quick path to illegal status (hence my post).

Mike Richards

Those who support changing the law to allow folks now here illegally to stay under a revised legal code do no mockery. They simply advocate for a change in the law. Period.

Ann Arbor, MI

JBrady at 1:22 am,

By stating that the Utah Compact is "nothing more than a tool to promote amnesty," this implies that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints supports amnesty. Do you think the LDS church supports amnesty, or were the LDS church leaders duped by pro-amnesty D.C. lobbyists? In both cases, I think the answer is "no."

It has been very difficult for many Latter-day Saints to set aside the philosophies of man and embrace the teachings of our LDS church leaders. Of course, I have no idea whether JBrady is a member of the LDS church, but this is a church-owned newspaper, and most commenters here are members of the LDS church. It is difficult to admit the shortcomings of our own opinions, but if we sincerely try to understand the teachings of the LDS church leaders, then we can grow as individuals. Individual growth begets better governance.

Clinton King (Ephraim)
Ephraim, UT

Should we obey, honor, and sustain laws that are stupid and oppressive?
I can think of several people that are honored as heroes for breaking laws that were stupid and oppressive in their days. (John Hancock and the Tea Act?)

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "Twin Lights | 11:13 a.m." but it is the same problem. A criminal who is sent to prison for any reason will be separated from their family. So, sending them back to their home country is actually MORE human than sending them to prision for breaking the law.

By sending them back to their own country they can be reunited with their family as soon as their family decides to go.

Why do you want to keep families separated by allowing part of a family to remain in the US while the rest of their family is outside the US?

Demo Dave
Holladay, UT

How do you condone mercy when it is accompanied by a willing violation of the rule of law? Native-born Americans are not shown mercy when we violate the laws of the land, but we should look the other way when people sneak into our country illegally? What crime can I commit and get away with? Can I get free health care too? Give me a break!

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Redshirt1701 | 8:20 a.m. Nov. 2, 2011
Deep Space 9, Ut


RedShirt ---
You lost any and all creditability in this debate about obeying laws, with your silly hypocritical rants about breaking all sorts of laws about Speeding and HOV lanes yesterday.

I'll use something you understand better - your absolutist logic....
You either are a law abider, or a law breaker.

Stop picking and choosing which law are OK for you to break & ignore -- while forcing 100% compliance on everyone else.

Grow up, and please show some integrity.

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