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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 1 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Riley as the quarterback deserves to be the starter as he isn't responsible for the scheduling of his opponent. Heaps was the starter last year because of injury to the starter and he performed well last season. BYU football schedule this year is easier in terms of strength of schedule than all the previous seasons when BYU was in MWC. The questions is why did BYU schedule this as a independent, so many teams from non BCS conference? Was it to ensure a winning season, as I don't see it helping BYU get into a BCS bowl or being invited into a BCS conference?

Saint George, Utah

Okay Howard, you can wake up now.

What foul? There is no foul. The actual wording of the rule betrays you, friend. No contention necessary here. You are simply letting your prejudice cloud your judgement.

It was initially funny, as in amusing, that you'd throw this issue up for comment. But, now that you are actually seriously defending it a second time? You're scaring me. Halloween was Monday, bro. Spooky.

There is no way any clear thinking official ever calls this. It is obviously intended to protect officials from an attack...not a high five.

Saint George, Utah

You are correct in mentioning that there are a number of non BCS conferences. However, BCS or not, the teams within their conferences are already scheduled to play each other for years down the road.
The challenge for a NEW independent, as was the case for BYU last year, is to find teams who have holes or will create them to fit BYU in. Games early in the year are easier to schedule as teams typically are filling their non conference cards then, i.e. Ole Miss and Texas. The later you go in the season,the tougher it is to find teams with non conference holes. So, you end up with what you see now.
Also, the other 3 independents, Notre Dame, Navy and Army, all have deep tradition in scheduling set. BYU was fortunate to get the long term deal with ND put together and one with Navy would be great as well. Army, not so much, but still better than some of these current opponents.
All in all, it's a minor miracle there is a full schedule at all on such short notice.
Hope this makes sense.


Personal space.
I wouldn't recommend doing that again.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Wait... what?

Personal space? Don't do it again?

I think the Cougs ought to high-five the ref. after every score.

After all... it's not a foul and as long as it's fun for Riley and Bronco who cares about invading the personal space of an unsuspecting game official.

Saint George, Utah

So, this is my fourth attempt to respond to Howard without getting denied. It's difficult to respond politely enough to your comments, Howard, because they are so...I better not say if I want this approved.

Suffice it to say that I happen to know that Riley did this 100% spontaneously, nothing forcibly or maliciously intended. Nothing harmful. Fortunately, the official was rational and understood the nature of the rule.

Despite that you portray yourself as relatively uptight, even you can rest assured that this is probably a one time thing, from Riley anyway. Hopefully, for the sake of your blood pressure, the copycats remain at a minimum.

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