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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 1 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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BYU BA Degree, 2005.
Absolutely loved my time at BYU. Will recommend my children go to BYU, and hopefully my two boys will be good enough athletes to play sports at BYU, or at another Pac 12 school.
Not a Ute Troll. The Utes are also a wobbly ship right now. A pivotal year for them. Recruiting could go way up or way down depending on how they finish the year. Terrible planning by the Utes to have ZERO backup options at QB, and the Utes are as mediocre as they are because of the QB situation. Their record is telling.
But let's be honest with ourselves Ute and Cougar fans.... both teams are underachieving this year, no question. So to answer your question TrueBlue, yes, the Utes are also a wobbly ship. No pretending here. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. If Utah doesn't fix some things quickly they are destined to remain in the bottom third of the Pac12 for years to come, if not forever. And if BYU doesn't get into a BCS conference (hopefully the Big 12) soon, BYU football may be destined for some tough times as well. Time will tell.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Big 12 call yet?

And they won't.

You EARN BCS respect.

Try going undefeated.
Try going undefeated again.
Try earning a BCS Bowl.
Try earninga BCS Bowl again.
Try winning a BCS game.
Try winning a BCS game again.
Try finishing #2 in the polls.
Try beating the SEC's second best team by several touchdowns.

There is a reason the BCS won't call. Too much baggage with not much to provide.

Cedar Hills, UT

I agree that you should have fun but the game was in hand when he did the high five. It is true, that should not be the highlight of the game. Bronco is totally infatuated with nelson, heaps won't be at the program very long.

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

Sorry little sister, but a BCS invite is far more complicated and involves many more factors than your simplistic definition of "BCS respect".

Salt Lake City, Utah

Juggernaut / Patriot

Do you use tea leaves or a crystal ball to fabricate your soothsaying?

Rickwell, P.
Mesa, AZ

Chris B

Your so cool. Hangin your entire existence on utah's two BCS wins. In twenty years you'll still be chiming "we won 2 BCS games." Then you'll sound just like BYU fans who talk about 1984.

You want respect? BYU is having the second down year in a row, yet they are all over the national news.

utah can barely get a headline nationally...

even with their 2 BCS wins.

I seem to remember you always pointing out to BYU fans that what you have done recently is more important than what you did in the past.

Take your keen eye and examine what utah has done the last 13 games.

Respect? Yep, there's some respect.

Orem, UT


BYU would have been in the Big 12 before TCU, if BYU had been willing to accept an invitation without any conditions. Nobody who really knows has stated publicly the specific conditions BYU was unwilling to bend on, but one thing is certain, they weren't insignificant to BYU.

Saint George, Utah

So, here is a young man with a mature and realistic view of his game, yes, game. He has done what it takes to qualify for a scholarship to play this game and get an education to become a surgeon.

Surgery? Now, there's something that may have life or death consequences, but football?

He's right. It's just a game. And, just because so many of you live frustrated lives of vicarious sports role play, [flawlessly I might add, as you'd certainly never make a mistake if coach would just put you in] you can't stand that he isn't losing sleep, like you are.

Calm down people.

Salt Lake City, UT

For those of you who are all giddy with your local boy QB Nelson, continue to have that wonderful feel good attitude. Talk to me when he beats a team with a winning record and can get to a meaningful bowl game. I hope we get some good QB's to continue on the tradition in 2013 and beyond. 2012 could be a long year, unless you're satisfied with a less talented but gritty, fun loving team leader and wins against sub .500 teams. Glad the Cougs will be relevent in basketball again with a new conference.

West Jordan, UT

I am surprised no one has made a comment on his attitude about it being him. If it were heaps you all would be saying he is arrogant. He does need to make better decisions. He has taken momentum away from BYU at times they needed to keep it.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Take a breath, folks. He made some poor decisions, trying to push the edge. Two to one he made some great plays, pushing the edge. I'll take him, warts and all. You can have someone else - Wynn? Hays? Heaps? If Jake learns from Riley's attitude, he may yet become the QB we thought he was well on his way to becoming.

Really? Ragging on the high five? They HAD just scored a touchdown, and then he EXERTED his will over the TCU defense and got the conversion, despite a fine defensive effort by several players. You expect him to get off the ground mourning? In case you hadn't noticed, BYU was still trying to win the game at that point, and don't look back, but TCU had not stopped and put in the second teamers either.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Since it's all about fun here today, here's a fun fact for Cougar fans.

Riley's high-five celebration was a violation of Rule Number 9, Section 2, Article 4, of the official NCAA Football Rulebook.

Its true, Cougar fans, look it up. The rule prohibits intentional physical contact with a game official.

Its a dead-ball foul, 15 yards on the succeeding spot, and disqualification of the player.

Certainly seems odd to me that Bronco would praise Riley for committing a foul that should have resulted in his disqualification, and further commenting that he would love for that image to be a symbol of BYU football.

Providence, UT

Now hold on now Howard! We can't let a rule get in the way of a little fun, can we?

Of course if Jake Locker gets excited and throws the ball 'high' into the air, then the official must throw that flag!

Salt Lake City, UT

Good thing Howard wasn't a referee at that game. He would have called the penalty and we would have ended up losing the game.

Oh wait...

But at least it would have taught that dirty player Nelson a lesson, right, Howard?

Saint George, Utah

There ya go. That's sensible.

So, every time a player shakes hands with an official after the coin toss they should also throw a flag and eject him.

It certainly would be intentional and fits your strict adherence to the rules. The team would really have to reconsider who the captains would be that they sacrifice to this strict application of this notable rule you've found.

Mesa, AZ

Howard S

The key word in the rule is intentional (and I am pretty sure it also implies malicious.)

I am not sure Riley knew he was high fiving.

Go back and watch how fast it all happened.

And it wasn't malicious at all. I think the ref was smiling too.

Saint George, Utah

It seems our friend Howard did a little exclusionary editing as the rule he is referencing says exactly the following:

Article 4: Persons subject to the rules shall not intentionally contact a game official forcibly during the game.

Forcibly=high five. Probably not even for a Utah fan.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT


Editing out "Forcibly " and then rant a top your self appointed soap box. Like always all you need is to give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.

Layton, Utah

Why don't we just encase the refs in little bubbles like the Pope? Good grief. I think the Utesies have violated a myriad of PAC-?? rules for putting the most inept offense in the nation on the field.


Cuz the Utes never have had a ridiculous call go there way that awarded them points last year in the rivalry when the replay officials couldn't clearly see a knee down.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

So, it appears the apologist are out in force defending the high-five foul committed by Riley Nelson.

Let's look at the matter another way Cougar fans.

If, as you contend, Riley's high-five was not a foul against TCU, it wouldn't be a foul against Idaho, or NM State, or Hawaii.

So, test the proposition... Do it again...

After every BYU score, Riley should seek out the nearest official and offer up a celebratory high-five.

If, as the Cougar Nation claims, a simple referee high-five is within the intent of the rules... then... no harm and no foul.

But, if the celebratory high-fiving of young Brother Nelson is considered outside the realm of NCAA propriety... the officials will certainly make their intentions known with their yellow hankies...

And who knows... maybe Riley will get a second NCAA rule named after him.

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