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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 1 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Kaysville, utah

"They're going to be quick, they're going to be physical. They have good speed. You can tell they've had great offensive performances from their running backs," said San Juan coach Manti Lee. "We're not going to stop them; we just need to control them."

"Manti Lee"

It's Monty Lee!!!

Boys of Fall
Fillmore, UT

This also isn't Millard's "third straight semifinal appearance", it's only their 2nd. In 2009 they got demolished by S.Summit in the Quarters, then beat again by the Wildcats last year in the Semi's. Hopefully they can fare a little better this year.

Should be some great games. Good luck to all the teams.

JD Books
Monroe, UT

Watch out for the SS Rams next year. Don't underrate them.


Its a good thing the game is being played at 2 because skin walkers only come out at night. welcome to life off the reservation broncos. eagles by 30!!

Somewhere, UT

@ hairy
I don't care who wins but I don't think that Millard will win by 30, SJ has only given up 57 points all year and only 40 last year. They can play some D. I have seen them both play and it will be a very evenly matched game. Millard has two great backs that can make a lot of plays and SJ has a fast defense that bends but does not break. #8 on SJ is really fast at safety, those long runs that are usually touchdowns he can catch the back and make the stop.

JD, just start now looking forward to basketball season where you can have some success.

SJH Bronco Fan
Springville, Utah

Skin Walkers don't care if it's night or day. They come out when they want. 30?

Blanding, UT

San Juan has a 30 game winning streak, we all know that...but in those 30 games, they have only allowed 7 rushing TD's, and only one this year and it was against the JV defense in the opener. Good luck inside the 20!


Only Millard women give birth to real men. That will be painfully apparent tomorrow when the ponies have to play in the snow.

Over there, UT

Fillmore, where the men are men and the sheep are scared!

SJH Bronco Fan
Springville, Utah

Hey Hairy! San Juan won the state title two years ago in an epic snowstorm.

Boys of Fall
Fillmore, UT

SJ Fans,
Don't pay attention to Hairy. It looks like he is just trying to stir the pot. This should be a great game. SJ's has a great defense, but I don't think they have had to play agianst 2 running backs like Millard has all year. It will be a great matchup with the best defense going against not only the top RB in 2A, but the top 2 (in both yardage & TD's).
I think the advantage SJ has is confidance. They have been here and expect to win. Millard needs to just put the past two years behind them and play their game.
Good luck to all the teams.

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