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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 1 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Nations have certain characteristics, one of those characteristics is borders. All nations have them. People who come here illegally have broken our laws. Either our laws mean something or they do not. If we start picking and choosing which laws we enforce and which ones we do not, then we have crossed a line.

The rights of people have historically been abused when they are subject to the whims of those who control the levers of power. Ignoring one law, but not another is no different. That is why we have the principle of Rule By Law.

If a law is unjust it should be repealed. If our immigration laws are unjust they should be fixed but not ignored.

Unequal enforcement of the law leads to serious problems. Double standards are never good.

A symbiotic relationship exists between illegal aliens and their employers and landlords. I say we end it. We should offer large cash rewards to illegal aliens who turn in their employers and their landlords. Set them at each others throats. Not employer would dare hire them and not landlord would dare rent housing to them.

Problem solved.

John C. C.
Payson, UT

The Alabama supporters of this discriminatory law want to gather evidence that a significant amount of money is spent education the children of undocumented residents.

They oppose our long-established national tradition of providing free public education for all residents and are seeking race-related data to use as more ammunition against a popular target of national discrimination.

If they instead were to promote a broader and more efficient visa system we could solve the problem a lot quicker by bringing in the workforce we need without the stigma.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

It seems to me that if I am REQUIRED to present my child's Social Security card in order to enroll him, people without one ought to be required to provide some form of identification to enroll their children.
The SPLC and other pro-amnesty groups simply want to hide the impact of illegal aliens on our public services.

Springville, UT

It appears the law worked. Good.

Spanish Fork, UT

It is absolutely correct that this is about racism. In the 1950's it was about "law and order" too. But the "law" was racist.

Our new overly restricted, byzantine, incongruous, hypocritical and haphazardly enforced immigration quotas are racist as well. They simply are.

The poem on the Statue of Liberty reads:

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

*This* was the ideal that welcomed the majority of our ancestors to these shores. They didn't pony up wealth and stand in line for 15 years to 'wait their turn'.

They also didn't steal jobs and create crime. They created industries, innovations, jobs, and strength.

This is a new concept, this idea of "legal" immigrants to our shores. It didn't exist in the time of our Founders. They ceded to the Federal government the powers only to set terms of becoming a citizen or defend against armed invasion. Needlessly regulating peaceful migration was never a power granted to our Federal government.

This is scarcity mentality. It is the new "zero population" craze.

Springville, UT

Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center: "Today we have a different stand in the schoolhouse door. We have efforts to intimidate children who have a constitutional right to go to school."

@John C.C. of Payson: "They [Alambama Law supporters] oppose our long-established national tradition of providing free public education for all residents and are seeking race-related data to use as more ammunition against a popular target of national discrimination."

Can I just send some of these "residents" to your house for your traditional handout?

I simply do not agree with something that results in a financial obligation on MY part based on some "tradition" or "free education" cloaked as some "Constitutional right."


Springville, UT


In your ideal world of "anyone welcome here at anytime" - would you have any restrictions?

Herriman, UT

Where in the constitution does it guarantee an education?


I believe in immigration... I think our current laws are too difficult. We are a country built on immigration. This being said... If I was to go down to Mexico... Just picked up and moved... I wonder... Could I enroll my kids in school down there for free? BTW... None of the 5 of them speak spanish...

Salt Lake City, UT

@Utahvoter....Yes it is about Racism if you consider Brown people a race....but intelligent people prefer the use of the term "Illegal"....which constitutes someone who is breaking or has no regard for the rule of law....a common thread found in the Obama Culture.

Spanish Fork, UT


Let me turn that question around. What restrictions would you have? When my ancestors came, there were none. Things seemed to work out. It's my experience that centrally planned government interference often does more harm than good at greater cost than is reasonable. It seems clear that "ideal" central government "protections" are what bankrupted the Soviets.


That's a great question. Where in the Constitution does it guarantee an education to *anybody*? Citizen or not? I have plenty of friends who agree that we should get out of the socialist education business in the first place.

But I'm more moderate. I just want the *Federal* government out of education. I think local control is wiser and more efficient. But then I hear complaints like in the Alpine district where they claim they are losing *millions* to those [epithet epithet] "illegals" who "don't pay taxes into the system". It seems like a fair concern. But do the "undocumented" pay into the school systems? My understanding is we're mostly talking about property taxes. And even "illegal" renters are funding property taxes by paying their rent! It's an unwise property owner that doesn't factor that in.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

The Obama administration and other enablers of illegal trespassers prefer that we NOT COUNT the numbers of trespassers.

The nation might be SHOCKED at what they find.

@ "UtahVoter" illegal immigrant trespassing is NOT a racist term, its a LEGAL one. Do you label EVERY law you don't like as being racist?

Oahu, HI

The Word Illegal. Should cover it all no questions asked. If your not legal you can't go to school here.

You and your family need to be deported back to where ever it is your from.

You have nothing coming except perhaps Common Protection Against Harm while on U.S. Soil and as child to be Warm, Safe, Dry and Fed, plus emergency medical care. As in Car Accident, Injury from Attack or Accident and The Birth of your Child conducted in a safe manner. Thats mostly because I don't want to answer to God about not saving a life we could have saved.

U.S. Schools are for the use of U.S. Citizens.

I do have trouble deporting a child whos Parents are Dead and there is no family anywhere. Those we need to mark and I.D. into our Foster Care and Adoption System.

I am a Foster Parentt and raise other peoples kids and I am concerned about that aspect of things.

I am on the States Side in this one but I do say use compassion when it comes to kids. There will be pain, there does not have to be hunger or abuse.

Spanish Fork, UT


I call it "racist" because our new laws set quotas of how many "Chinese" or "Mexican" or "Indian" or "British" people we will let in our doors. I've actually been to meetings recently where elected members of the Utah legislature get up and make sincere presentations about how "terrible" it would be if we let in a higher percentage of "Mexicans". If that's the real concern -- and it seems pretty apparent to me that -- for many, at least -- that's one of the prime concerns then that is racism.

The other arguments ("Stealing Jobs", "Draining Welfare", "Driving Crimewaves") don't hold water.

They don't steal jobs. If immigration always drained jobs (and no immigrants ever *created* jobs) then we'd have been sunk back about in 1622.

1. The only place I've seen anecdotal evidence of undocumented residents "draining welfare" is in hospitals because of our crazy Federal mandate that emergency rooms at hospitals give completely free care no questions asked. That's a terrible imposition even without undocumented residents. In our current climate, it's a recipe for disaster. At any rate, it's not the illegals who voted for our unsustainable and unscalable welfare boondoggles. We need to change them regardless.


I wonder how many of these undocumented workers want to become US citizens? Any one have any kind of information on that?

just thinking about it
west valley city, UT

I agree with many who say they want the Federal government out of the local education districts. However my understanding of the history of the Supreme Court decision "Brown vs Board Education" was to put the Federal government into the local school boards because some people treated some kids unfairly unconstitutionaly. The United States fought a war over states rights the Federal Union won.
I would rather have all the kids in school than on streets dumb and making mischief.

Murray, Ut

The law does not discriminate, it's relevant to everyone here illegally.

Spanish Fork, UT

And finally, neither illegal immigrants nor "hispanics" specifically are any more likely to commit crimes than those of us who were born here. SLC's Sherriff Burbank actually received death threats when he had the temerity to show his department's data that (a) the "undocumented" were especially careful not to run afoul of any more laws once they'd taken up "illegal" residence and/or managed to find "illegal" work in fast food, on a farm, or in kitchen. *and* (b) that "hispanics" were slightly under-represented in general as far as crimes per capita with respect to their numbers per capita.

Long story short: I don't know Arizona's numbers or California's numbers (though I've heard some pretty scary and dubious, if you ask me, claims) but I've studied *a lot* of Utah's numbers and it's not the undocumented committing most of Utah's crimes. It's the rest of us in much greater proportion. You could kick all the "illegals" to the curb and our crime numbers would stay just about the same. No matter how scary those Mexican drug lords really are down in . That's the facts in Utah right now. It's not the Mexican drug lords moving here.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

"dougB" Please don't put much stock in ANYTHING Chief Burbank says regarding illegal immigration he's an apologist for illegal trespassers and he makes no secret of the fact that he REFUSES to arrest them.
I live all around illegal trespassers. Most have 2-3 sets of "i.d.". I wonder if Chief Burbank DOESN'T consider that a crime. I DO agree though that BETTER statistics would be helpful in discussing illegal immigrant crime, but the "enablers" won't allow that, because they think its racist.

"Utahvoter" I think we "sort of" agree on a couple of points. IF everify were implemented FULLY AND DEFINITIVELY, and welfare fraud via bogus S.S. #'s were eliminated along with free healthcare for non-citizens - most illegal participants would SELF DEPORT!

CONTROLLED IMMIGRATION is great for the country. UNCONTROLLED immigration is a burden we simply can't carry.

BTW - "dougB" Please explain to me EXACTLY WHY Mexican drug lords WOULDN'T be here. Whats stopping them?

The Rock
Federal Way, WA


This has nothing to do with racism. There are plenty of construction workers who are unemployed because of illegal immigration. There are businessmen who refuse to break the law and are at a disadvantage because their competitors break the law and hire illegal aliens. What about the people who are the victims of crimes committed by these people?

Why is it that some people have to scream RACISM every time there is a disagreement that involves a minority? I know Hispanics who are livid with the immigration situation. They played by the rules and came here legally. They see these other people as cheaters.

What is racism? It is a word a liberal calls a conservative when the liberal is losing the argument.

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