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Published: Monday, Oct. 31 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

I don't care anymore.

Burley, ID

I do care . . . but I want them to fix the problems in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement before they resume play.

If that means losing an entire season then so be it. I want a balanced NBA in which every team has a legitimate shot at making it to the championship game . . . based not which owner has the deepest pocketbook or which Super Stars decide they want to rig their contracts so they can play together but on smart management, great coaching and team play.

Mesa, AZ

That's ok that the season is so far cancelled(hopefully the entire year). I have better things to do than watch grown men who are way overpaid whiners. Maybe now we can turn our attention to some important things like paying teachers more.

South Jordan, Utah

We will see how many of the greedy self centered players enjoy being unemployed. News flash you can't make the kind of money you are used to in the private sector with your job skills. Basketball players have the most arrogant attitudes in all sports I dont care if the greedy players get back to work at all this year.

Toquerville, UT

Now here's an idea. On the average the Jazz play 3-4 games per week? Lets say 7 hours per week to be conservative. Let's take 1/2 of that time, say 3 hours to better ourselves, or our community. To give back in some way.

I do feel for all the ancillary organizations affiliated with the Jazz, but not for the players...that's for sure.

Orem, UT

The problem with negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement rests squarely with Billy Hunter, the union negotiator. He has been tone-deaf regarding any movement toward an agreement. He needs to be replaced or not around in order to get an agreement. With him there, the entire season will be in jeopardy. The players need to realize that he is not negotiating in good faith and that he really does not represent their best, long-term interests.

Provo, UT

Here's to hoping the owners hold out. The NBA only gets better if the players are humbled a little bit. The attitudes of many of these players makes watching the NBA difficult at times. The can run, jump and put a leather ball through a hoop, I dare say every human on earth can do something that spectacular.

Ogden, UT

As far as I'm concerned, the season should not start until December, and it should end in March.

That way I could probably muster up enough enthusiasm for it to last to season's end.

I mean, until April when the best of seven-game final is over between the team with the best overall record from western conference and the team with the best overall record from eastern conference is crowned as NBA Champion.

Yes; I'm saying eliminate the horrendously long playoffs that currently include all but the very bottom cellar-dwellers.

Allen, TX

Who ARE these players you mention in the article? Doesn't the Jazz have ANY stars? No wonder the fans' comments here are so melancholy...

-A Laker Fan

BTW - I also don't care if we have a season. I have said for over 10 years that the players' salary levels were un-maintainable, and hoped for just this kind of work stoppage to humble them a little. Unfortunately, it will only be that - a little.

Here's a thought - assuming they do come back, how about WE don't? Maybe a year with no revenue and no fans inthe stands would make them understand that they are not a necessity - they are a diversion.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I think the players need to bench Derek Fisher. All they're doing is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

st george, utah

the jazz are horrible anyway ....nobody cares anymore...just cancel the entire season!!

high school fan
Huntington, UT

we just watched a great world series, the NFL is going great, college football is exciting and college basketball is right around the corner. we have plenty to keep us busy. who needs the NBA.
I lost interest in the nba when miami pulled off their stunt but it started when the lakers got gasol for nothing. all teams need to be able to compete, not just the select few.
the league needs a hard cap or they need to go away.
I do feel sorry though for the ushers, tocket takers, concessioniares, all the people taht make a game happen.

Roy, UT

I think everyone should boycott basketball once they do (if they do) ever start this season. Nobody outside of the basketball organization gives a rat's about their bickering.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

those greedy players won't go poor. They better do something better like helping the poor and people with disabilities. Or play over seas.

Monroe, UT

@ high school fan--

You are correct in your comments. The NBA is making a big mistake if they don't fix their problems with a system that ensures a level playing field for all teams like what the NFL has in place finally.

I can do without the NBA this year if it will bring these rich, whiny players back to earth.

Like you, I feel sorry for the people who work the jobs at the games who are losing out on income they probably need badly to make ends meet.

Chandler, AZ


Orem, UT

For the life of me, I don't understand why the fans don't boycott an equal number of games that the owners and players don't play.

People: You have tremendous power in this, but fail to exercise it. So if you don't boycott their games, then don't complain.

For me, not going, not watching on TV for the entire season...if they have one.

arizona ute
Laveen, AZ

No need for the NBA with all other sports giving us great entertainment. Get out and support the Utes, Grizzlies, RSL, and even the teams down South. Feel bad for the Ushers and Concession people etc. though.

Mesa, AZ

Overpaid gladiators for your discretionary income. Fans are frustrated because they need this diversion from regular life where they can cheer a pseudo-patriotic team fighting for their city or state (as is the case with Utah). Each team with its mix'n match players, pro sports at its finest. It's where the 'in' crowd goes, its the the place to be, and the place to be seen, and the place to waste your time and money.

The NBA is sort of like Opera. I saw an NBA game once. Why go back? What's the point?

Saint George, UT

As long as we still have college basketball and March Madness, I'm okay that the players and owners are not in agreement yet. Maybe it's time they suffer for a season and realize they a very lucky making easy money like they do every season.

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