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Utes cruise past Beavers to earn first Pac-12 win

Published: Saturday, Oct. 29 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Farmington, UT

they "made history" by taking 5 tries to secure a PAC 10.2 conference victory; this from the team rthat was going to the "Rose Bowl" their very first year in the league.

Welcome to reality; delusions of granduer notwithstanding.

Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, the Utes do break through. Great game guys, you knew the W was due. Let's see how Whit manages to keep stoking the fire in the bellies of the players, because the rest of the schedule is winnable if they continue to play no-excuses Ute ball.

Sandy, UT

Way to go Utes!

Clean up the game and don't come out flat footed. But still, looking better!

And there goes the credibility of the Y's win against Oregon St out the window. Won by 10? No prob, the Utes won by 19!

Go Utes!!

Phoenix, AZ

Too bad Ute football, along with all other Utah schools, are still irrelevant when it comes to College Football. The State of Utah will be represented by BYU in the Armed forces bowl and lose to SMU. Too bad, so sad!

West Jordan, Utah

Great win. 35 carries for White IV. Again, too many carries. I get it, White is the key to victory from an offensive standpoint. But if he goes down, then what? John Hays IV at RB. The thing tonight that got me was having White carry the ball 7 straight times with three minutes left. It was 24-8 at the time. The game was over. Put in Langi or somebody.

West Valley, UT

Congratulations to Coach Whittingham and the 'Running Utes'.

Alexandria, VA

The Ute D is for real, for some reason they just decided not to show up in the last few weeks. Same with White. As soon as Whit can get a real QB (next year) this team should do just fine in the Pac 12.
Congrats on the win, Utes.

Allen, TX

I will admit, I thought the Beavers would win this one. But I wouldn't get over-confident going up against AZ....

Salt Lake City, UT

That cal game was a trainwreck but a lot of what happened against washington and arizona state was just too many turnovers making the defense be a: in poor field position and b: on the field too much. (And actually our incompetent offensive showing against cal also leads to b).

Lynchburg, VA

Good job, Utes! Way to put it away early! Next week let's put together 4 quarters of football now!

toosmartforyou: Sorry, but I saw on another one of our boards you were complaining about our fans' class (and grammar). And then you post this. Really?

J-TX: Don't worry, we're not, but I do expect a win. And we will have to play good football to get it.


they "made history" by taking 5 tries to secure a PAC 10.2 conference victory; this from the team rthat was going to the "Rose Bowl" their very first year in the league.

Funny you say this considering Colorado is 0-5 in their first year in the Pac...How do you figure Utah "made history"when Colorado is obviously doing worse in the same situation? BTW I can only imagine how a team that lost to Utah by 44 points would be doing with the same schedule, 1-7 maybe?

Utah Girl
Vernal, UT

Congratulations, Utes. I'm glad you got the win, and good luck week. Didn't get a chance to see the game. I'm a BYU fan, when I'm also a U fan unless they are playing each other :) Some years are better than others for both teams. For the Utes, this has been a difficult year, but it's always a good football program there. Keep up the good work.

Utah Girl
Vernal, UT

I meant "good luck NEXT week". I'm thinking faster than I'm typing this morning. And I really mean it. I hope you have a great season this year, and an even better one next year. Can't win them all every year (although it would be nice). Sorry I missed seeing yesterday's game.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

Congratulations to the Utes! I missed the game too but glad to see you win!

Cougar Nation #1
Provo, UT

Great job in making history- 1-4 isn't bad in a weak conference in its weaker division. :) Arizona, UCLA, WSU and Colorado are very weak teams too. My rankings in the pac-12: 1. Stanford 2. Oregon 3. USC 4-12. Who cares?

Saratoga Springs, UT

Utes played great D. The O was ok. I thought Jon did a good job at first. The 2nd half was played not to lose. U know Jon has a good arm he can throw the ball down field. But after the first half i never saw a throw more than 10 yards. Let the kid throw deep. We have good wide outs. How can u call offense football with Whit saying on each play don't turn it over don't turn it over. Norm head is going to explode.


@cougar nation

Still waiting for the Big 12 invite i see?

Salt Lake City, UT

Wasn't this a benchmark game for the Cougars? Apparently 54-10 was a fluke, with both teams having their starting quarterbacks. Oregon State was the "real test" they said, a measure of the backup quarterbacks.

Cougar Math Problem - Cougars beat Beavers by 10, Utes beat Beavers by 19.
A) Utes are 44 points better than the Cougars (you can't change history)
B) Utes are 9 points better than the Cougars
C) Utes are better, even with Doman in the pressbox instead of the sideline.
D) No way Utes are better. I'll focus on something else like who is bowl eligible already.

Layton, UT

@ cougar nation

Independent Rankings:1)Notre Dame.2-4) Who cares?


You want to talk about delusional? Just look at your screen name. I know it's touch to deal with getting spurned from three BCS conferences. Well actually I don't because Utah got into the PAC 12 while that other school is stuck in the WACK. Wack conference for a wack school.

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