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Published: Saturday, Oct. 29 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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D.J. Nelson threw for 6 touchdowns and ran for 2. The article says he threw for 5 touchdowns. Just for a point of clarity.

Big Pappy
west jordan, utah

Gotta love the grizzlies! Look for hem in the championship game and don't be suprised if the win it big. This is a great team with great talent. I don't know if DJ will be a good college QB but he very exciting to watch...just like his big brother. This team playes with alot of Grit and Heart. Fun to watch.

Providence, UT

This was a cake walk!

Holladay, UT

Watched DJ Nelson and Logan dismantle CWood earlier this year. They are by far the best team in 4A. They drilled #2 East!! Anything less than a championship will be an epic failure for sure!!!


Hope his brother took some notes last night

Lehi, UT


Right, because HS and college players are identical in skill, talent and experience.

Salt Lake City, UT

Logan wont win it. Mark my words.

South Jordan, Utah

Does anyone know if those boys that stole from their teammates played? If so, shame on the coaches and administration.

Saint George, Utah

Sour grapes?
Football lesson, coach: Maybe Logan put the 1st team back in because you still had yours in beating up on Logan's back ups of back ups. Having not been there, I can only guess this is what was happening. If so, when an obviously dominating coach gives you the opportunity to let some of your back ups get some state playoff time by pulling his 1st team, it's a good idea to humbly accept the gesture.


Herriman's offense played 1 series against Logan's 2nd defense. Herriman's starting defense did not play a snap against the 2nd offense from Logan. Herriman subbed in their 2nd defense, who got a pick 6 on Logan's 2nd offense. Herriman's 2nd offense then got a 2 point conversion against Logan. Herriman tried and failed with an onside kick which any team would do when down. There were 3 minutes left and Logan was up by 27 points when they put their starting offense back in, against, Herriman's sophomore defense. With 3 minutes left, the starting offense for Logan was throwing deep for a TD. Completely unnecessary.


Nope, just don't think he is a good qb. He looks good against Idaho state, but when he plays a decent team he loses the game for them.

Providence, UT


Obviously an expert. With all the experience you have, an opening for a D1 coaching position should be in your cards.

Provo, UT

(DJ) Nelson just played against Herriman and apparently markymark he was good enough and then some...

Salt Lake City, UT

Enjoy some good reading from a few Herriman posters this year:
This is the team to beat in 4A. Now, Deseret News you need to rank them in your Top 5. Way to go Mustangs! Posted by: UteFan21 in August.
12 more wins until we get the Utah 4A State Championship!!!I am predicting a Football 4A State title for Herriman in either 2011 or 2012...and possibly both years.
(Posted by: BigBenzo88 in August).
I played for 15 years at almost every level. I know what to look for in players and teams...and Herriman is a good team. They will make they playoffs, get Region 7 crown or runner up and don't be surprised if they get to Rice-Eccles. Next year they will be a pre-season favorite for the Region 7 crown and for the 4A Championship (BigBenzo88 in September)
Congrats to Herriman on their 2nd playoff berth and 1st playoff win!!!(BigBenzo8) NOTE: A play-in game is NOT a playoff game Benzo!

Cache Valley1
Logan, UT

You don't onsides kick the ball when you are getting killed. When the leading team concedes and puts subs in, the losing team can still try to score, but you don't onsides kick the ball and try to score on the 2nd team. It is classless and I think most coaches would do what Logan's did.

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't think Logan will get past Highland if they do Bountiful or Olympus will have a crack at them. After all that they will have to face East which will be waiting for them.

Murray, UT

@hsfbfan#1 - completely accurate. SoUtHapa, you make wrong and innacurate assumptions. Maybe better to find out the facts first. Cannot for the life of me understand why Logan's coach would be so foolish to risk an injury to ANY of his starters, not just his QB, with 3 minutes to go in a game with a running clock and a bunch of 2nd/3rd string defense players in for Herriman mostly 9th and 10th graders with some very seldom used seniors, and a win "in the bag". Congrats to Coach Wilson for letting those players stay in the game and having a well deserved experience in a playoff game. I'm sure that there were some Logan players who deserved the same. JMHO.

Logan, UT

Then why we're the Herriman parents doing yells in unison to get all the seniors in the game with just a few minutes to go.

Herriman, UT

Congratulations to the Herriman Mustangs football team. Good game against a very strong Logan team. This was an incredible season with a record of 8-4, 2nd straight playoff berth in 2 years and 1st playoff win.

Herriman doubled in wins from last year going from 4-7 to 8-4. The 4 losses to Skyline, Olympus, Westlake and Logan were hard fought games to some really good teams. All 4 losses were to teams that have advanced to the 4A quarterfinals. Congratulations to Region 7 for getting 3 teams in the quarterfinals and continue to represent in the state playoffs.

Tomorrow is the time to start rebuilding for the 2012 Region 7 & State Championship run. Herriman only loses 2 starters on offense and 3 starters on defense.

@Adam - Per UHSAA, the play-in game is a playoff game. Your comments again underline the lack of personal development that many posters have. I have no regrets for anything I post on here because they are what I truly believe. I do not put down any other schools...only uplift Herriman. The fact that you can find something bad in my comments says a lot about you.


salt lake city, utah

Herriman was a good team. Given how well they controlled the line of scrimmage on offense, I was surprised the game got as out of hand as it did. One thing which is obvious, Logan missed its three defensive starters. I wonder if Favero will allow them to play next game. Administration made their statement, Favero never did.

As for the rest of Region 7, I stand corrected. I thought they were the weakest region coming in, and they dominated Region 5. Surprise. Herriman, 8-4, did not look like a #4.

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