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Published: Saturday, Oct. 29 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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We've been talking big on Reg 9 and I'm still saying 3 out of 4 of us are going to RES. Hurricane should be able to beat Grantsville if they play their game. Cedar vs Delta will be a great game and it's hard to bet against Delta but I'm giving the upset to Cedar. I'm totally guessing on DH. If there studs are ok to play this Friday I'm predicting the upset over Stansbury. If two or more are out, all bets are off. I would love to see every game in the Quarters if I could.

Plain City, UT

The weather forecast calls for a high of 42 degrees with rain/snow mix. I love highschool football playoffs in Utah.

Sugarhouse, UT

Ahh, Playoffs, when anything can happen. Like in 5A where I had Alta in the championship game, and they lost to Syracuse... I'm predicting Bingham, West, Lone Peak and Jordan at Rice Eccles.
As for 4A I was pretty accurate, I would've been perfect if it wasn't for Westlake, I'm thinking East and Timpview get wins this round, and move on, Oly and Bountiful will be tight, but I see Oly pulling through, also, I'm predicting that Highland will have a break out game, and get past Logan (I'll admit, I'm biased, and won't predict against my own school)
In 3A I got all of the 1st round predictions right, and i see Hurricane, JD, Delta, and Stansbury advancing.
but regardless of what happens, you gotta love playoffs.

just fyi
American Fork, UT

Who did west play last in the quarter finals?

Straight Forward>>>
utah, UT

What happened to judge? Overrated

utah, UT

I hope to see some coaching changes in region 10! It's the only way they ever gonna compete! (JD excluded)

Sugarhouse, UT

just fyi

this is the first time west has won a playoff game since 1997 when they lost 34-0 to timpview in the quarterfinals.

Sandy, UT

@just fyi
Not sure what your question was. But West will play Syracuse this Friday. It is it's first semi-final game since 1998, but I am unsure of who they played them.
Regardless. Look to see them at Rice Eccles in two weeks.

draper, ut


West has alot of talent on that team,they just need direction.With the right leadership and program,I think they could be a top 5A contender again.Now with Alta out looks like if LP keeps doing what they have been doing this season their top pickings for the 5A title.

On the flipside,its exciting that we are getting close to the finals.If JD and Hurricane both win this friday,we will all be treated to a GREAT GAME in the semis.



West Jordan, UT

Just fyi, H-TownRam79 has the right answer. West last made the quarterfinals after beating Weber 23-14 in the first round in 1997. To look up answers like that here all you have to do is click on the school name in the standings then browse their records over the years. Click on the year in the team record window then change it to whatever year you want to see. Not all records are complete or accurate but most seem to be.

Heber, Utah

@ummmm, please tell us which coaches specifically in region 10? Your comment was too vague. Are you suggesting that Wasatch, PC, Union, Judge, and Uintah all need new coaching staffs?

South Jordan, UT

Gotta love it

Bingham over Fremont 27-24
West over Syracuse 10-7
Lone Peak Rols
Jordan wins!

4 salt lake valley teams in the semis!

Oh that would be awesome!


Weatherman says 55 and 20% chance of rain down South so not a problem for Hurricane. We run 90-10 anyway. Cedar and Delta both run a lot but advantage goes to Delta as Ursua may be easier to contain if the pass threat is lessened but I'm still going with Cedar. Bad weather would have to be an advantage for Stansbury but I think DH will prevail. Would love to hear some input from the Stansbury folks. Maybe they are the only smart ones sitting back quietly letting all of us run our mouths.

Tooele, UT

@ummmm, I don't think they need new coaching staffs. I think they need a recruiting director like they have at Juan Diego. I think the coaches in Region 10 are doing just fine with the resources that they are given.

South Jordan, Utah

Your credibility is out. You said Region 7 was overrated and would get swept by Region 5. Also, LP is in Utah County, which by the way will also have at least one inthe 4A semi too. If TV and Westlake didn't play each other, they'd have 2. Either way, Utah County will bring home both 5A & 4A titles.

Old ball coach
Sandy, UT

Snoozer A (5a): Fremont, Syracuse, Lone Peak, Jordan

Runner up A (4a): Logan, East, Timpview, 0lympus

Best division A (3a): hurricane, Juan Diego, Delta, desert hills

Should be fun next week, except 5a!!!


Over at Stansbury, we just feel really grateful to have made the playoffs, and that our football program is developing, and getting some recognition. This is only our third year afterall. Our starting QB is a sophomore, which is pretty awesome, and we're doing good this year. So proud of our team! We are really hoping to do well against Desert Hills on Friday. Our season is going awesome, and we really don't want it to end! Wish us luck! :)

Toquerville, UT

Mark it down!
Hurricane over Grantsville about 45 to 7.
Cedar over Delta 28 to 21
Desert Hills over Stansbury 28 to 14
Oh yes - JD wins over Spanish Fork 28 to 7.

draper, ut


Once again can you name one kid that was recruited? didnt think so.its funny how when teams from up north dont do so well against the teams from down south,they say JD recruits.you are killing me with all your assumtions.JD is the only 3A team that can compete with region 9,because our O line is all over 300lbs,our WRs our 6'6 D-line average 6'4 275lb and our DBs all run a 4.4 40(im being sarcastic).Maybe some teams from the north need more heart..heres the thing IMO the only 3A team that will represent 3A in the NORTH is JD..The thing the JD has that these tough teams have from the south is PASSION.

Tooele should look at hurricane,cedar,dixie just to name a few,They for a small town like yours have some of the toughest youngmen in football,like JD the Kids believe they can win,and believe in their coaches and the program.They dont complain when they lose,they make ADJUSTMENTS..!!looks like you need to make a few..



scrappy do

TCnewsie has no clue

I'm sure he believes stansbury, grantsville and perhaps JD recruited away all the best Tooele little league players.. Ha

I bet you Mr. Brady gets that team rolling again soon

TC is just ignorant of the facts

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