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Published: Saturday, Oct. 29 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Iowa City, IA

Lookin' good boys. Keep u the great work.

Go Utes!

Fort Worth, Texas


At half.

Great job offense holding on to the ball.

When we don't turn it over, our defense dominates!!!



Great job so far Utah!! keep it up..

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Defense is great! Hopefully they can use the second half to get Hays more confidence.
White is fantastic. Maybe give him a rest mid-way through the 3rd. Give Langi some experience.


White = Best football player in the state of Utah!

Fort Worth, Texas

I spoke too soon.

Great first half offense...horrible 2nd half.

Thank goodness we have a PAC-12 defense.


Iowa City, IA

I'm not sure I'd say the offense is "clicking" but this defense is a beast tonight....


"Oh FINALLY you guys have a Pac 12 win- took you long enough!"
-A bunch of jealous haters trying to feel better about the awful season their own team is having.

Nice win Utes! Mr. White IV = best football player in the state.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

The ship has righted itself - we can now focus on a national championship. I like the way we finished with 3 points in the second half.

salt lake city, UT

wow its hilarious to see aboslutely ZERO byu fans on the boards tonight... maybe cause their team got drilled last night and the utes won so they have absolutely nothin to say tonight. once again byu plays against a good team and is humbled back to irrelevantness.

Iowa City, IA

-Monkey. Off. Back.

-Hays taking care of the ball + White establishing the run = wins against inferior opponents.

-A good omen: Oregon State beat both teams Utah will play on the road: Arizona and Washington State. Not predicting wins in those games necessarily, but I think the Utes have demonstrated they are not packing it in just yet. I like their chances to split the road games.

-A good omen: At home Utah gets UCLA, whereas the Bruins are much weaker on the road, and Colorado (1-8).

-Utah is at 4-4 and 2 wins away from bowl eligibilty. One has to like their chances against the Buffaloes. I personally like their match-up with UCLA to, the Briuns beating Cal none-the-less. So, yes, I do predict the Utes will be bowling.

-Apparently, what determines when one gets their "first PAC-12 victory," is how early you play the Beavers.

-I look for Christopher to be much stronger next week. They'll need him for sure as the offense will have to score more if they hope to beat Zona.

-Whereas last week's games were troll fodder, after this week we hear.....crickets.

Go Utes!

Dave S
Holladay, UT

Congrats Utes!!! Very nice win tonight!!


Nice victory, Utes!! What a great game and atmosphere at RES tonight. It's so nice going to quality games each week now. What an unbelievable effort by White. Hopefully he can stay healthy the rest of the way, as I think our success at this point is going to ride largely on his shoulders.

Go Utes!!

Saint George, UT


8:06 is a troll.

I thought Riley would lead his team to a win.


I thought the UTE offense would struggle against OSU.

Wrong, again.

Congrats UTES.

Santa Fe, NM

Congratulations for your win today! Hope to see more wins from the Utes as the season begins to finish up.

From a BYU alum and a "Band of Brothers", Questing, "Magic Happens"(well, not quite) Cougar fan!

Centerville, UT

As I would say to BYU last week, it's only Oregon State. Nothing to get too terribly excited about.

"Nice win Utes! Mr. White IV = best football player in the state."

Actually, Robert Turbin of USU.

Farmington, UT

@ Sportsfanforlife

Some of us outside RES actually have a life and while we say congratulations for the PAC 10.2 victory (finally, a win after -- count 'em -- 4 losses) we know it isn't the greatest accomplishment for you to defeat a team at home (we beat them on their field) since you were supposedly going to the Rose Bowl. Don't think because we aren't railing on you that we haven't forgotten how much better than everyone else you told us you were. I'm glad to see that you finally won qa game. Now, get a big head until it's confirmed that you aren't "bowl eligible." I wouldn't have mentioned that, except you brought up BYU--an obvious fixation on your part--who beat themselves; delete a couple bad errors in judgement and the game easily goes the other way. I'm not making excuses---TCU took advantage of their opportunities--but BYU hardly got "drilled." Don't ever lose your crimson-colored glasses so as not to diappoint us football fans, ok? Just thank your lucky stars Utah State wasn't on your schedule this year. UCLA, Arizona, WSU and Colorado still are so be careful. One measly PAC 12 victory--impressive---NOT!!

maryland cougar
Pikesville, MD

hey congrats utes and to fellow y fans come get your crow don't be scared little kids be men and come get it

Salt Lake City, UT

Tom in CA = Troll.

Nice win. The recipe for this year is for the offense not to turn the ball over and score just enough points to win. Defense looks great when they don't have to stop drives after turnovers in their own territory.

Beaverton, OR

Poor Beavers! It's hard enough losing to one team from Utah, but two??

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