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Published: Friday, Oct. 28 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

Rileys high five is iconic now, totally original. Ranking right up there with Vai Sikahemas's boxing the goal post when he was with Philadelphia.

Riley reminds me of Steve Young as a Jr. Very undisciplined, but with incredible grit and skills.

He's not a bad passer, he just needs solid Coaching, not sure a former option QB has the tools to teach him.

Heart and Grit is what football is all about. He just needs to make smarter decisions. His misques when being rushed or sacked were the difference in the game. This must be addressed with Coaching.

You can't teach his headiness. Remember, Riley was a Parade All-American out of High School also.

Good coaching could make the diffence, not sure those coaches are at BYU as we speak.

Brandon should focus on OC duties and BYU needs to hire a really fine x's & o's QB coach.

Jake should redshirt next eyar and learn from Riley and Lark. Jake lacks toughness at this time, can it be taught? We'll see.

Lehi, Utah

High fiving the ref was funny but really disrepectful and arrogant. Yeah let Jake redshirt and learn from Riley????? To What....High five a ref????

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


Not reading for content again, I see. Total body of work for this game.

Stand alone, your comment is correct, if somewhat ironic, coming from a Ute fan. Yes, the Y has fallen on hard times. If we were in a conference, we might even be in the cellar.

Sound familiar?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT



Iconic moments usually occur in winning efforts.

Apparently mid-major independence (no major conference wants you) has reduced the Cougar Nation to finding iconic moments in losing games.

Jacob's Dad

I worry about those who are so critical and tight and judgmental, like your life is just awful or something if the team loses. It was a fun and very spontaneous moment. I know I am a huge Riley fan, and maybe I have rose colored glasses on, but I have watched the play again and again, and I saw no disrespect or arrogance, just excitement in the moment. Some out there remind me of the refs out there who love to throw the flag for celebration in the end zone. Is happiness not allowed? I can't see the ref's face, but his body language doesn't show he felt offended or disrespected. We all need to find the fun and good in life, and that brought fun in our house.

Phoenix, AZ

Oh Uteology, come on...seriously! BYU is so terrible, I know (but bowl eligible), Utah's marquee wins so far are against Pitt, BYU, and Oregon St. Guess who on that list is the only one with a winning record? You should be cheering for BYU so it makes that beat down you (rather, the Utes, you did nothing) gave them look better. Otherwise, if your claim to fame is beating a "dismal" BYU...well that only makes you feel better in the state of Utah, or the State of College Football Irrelevancy. Oh, and Utah will not go bowling this year, you heard it from the whole world first!


Maybe this has already been brought up, but I didn't think the "point" was to get CLOSE to the endzone, I thought it was to SCORE. I think the "high-fives" should wait till Riley can get the ball IN the endzone more consistently. Anybody seen Jake lately?

Bellevue, WA

To me, the iconic Nelson moment of the game was at one point where he was surrounded by defenders grabbing on to him, and he had the ball in his left hand, raised above the fray, as though he were still thinking of passing it. The lack of ball protection was terrifying. It's a miracle no one tapped his arm and knocked the ball loose. He has heart, but his heart makes him try too hard and do stupid things.

salt lake city, utah


It's fine to criticize Nelson...he deserves it. It is also fine to ask about Lark, another possible improvement from Nelson (I've no idea).

But to go back to Heaps? Never. Heaps should transfer, the team and fans will never get behind him again. Also, his numbers are inferior to Riley's, even against inferior teams. Heaps throws hard...period.

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