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Published: Thursday, Oct. 27 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

is anybody at all excited about being in the wcc? BYU is quickly becoming irrelevant.

Syracuse, UT

Much, much more relevant than the last place utes.


For Basketball? This is definitely a better and more competitive league than the Mountain West... Of course I am excited.

Farmington, UT

They'll do better than U will do in the PAC 10.2. Last year they had Conzaga's number in Denver so I look for a close conference race.

Utah, on the other hand, has been irrelevant for some time and will continue to follow that path for a few years at the least. Then maybe they'll snap out of it, just like the Jazz, right?

So what's your point, Patriot, other than you don't like BYU?

Bo Diddley Tech

Disagree Patriot! The WCC has some quality teams, and I for one am excited to play Gonzaga twice, and St. Mary's is good as well. The TUN is more on the irrelevant side.

Overton, NV

Fact: BYU will win more games in the WCC this season than Utah will win in the Pac-12.

Good possibility: WCC will have as many or more teams in the NCAA tourney than the Pac-12.

The WCC is right. They got the best school from the Mtn West. BYU may not be the best any one sport, but they are one of the most well-rounded athletic programs in the nation.

O-town, UT

I still think BYU should have joined the Big Sky for other sports. The WCC was a one-bid conference last year, even with a good St. Mary's team. The man crush the NCAA committee has on Gonzaga is still there, but a couple of bad years could end that. Smaller gyms, time zone differences, one-bid, with this being the case, the Big Sky could have been a better offer.

I know some BYU fans are pulling out the smelling salts at me even suggesting it, but an injured Weber State team (star player was out of the lineup) only lost by 5 points to one of the most talented teams BYU has put on the floor, and the Wildcats finished third in the league. I think the competition from top to bottom is much better than the WCC, and it could have heated up a local rivalry and made economic sense. I bet if you ask the coaches and players of all the sports teams, they would have preferred it as well.

Oh well, good luck with the WCC. Be sure to set your DVR to watch the games the next day.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Isn't the WCC the conference that the Y was going to dominate iand now their picked 3rd in basketball? Oh my heck!

Clearfield, UT


"is anybody at all excited about being in the wcc? BYU is quickly becoming irrelevant."

Actually irrelevant is losing 3 games to the WCC last year and being picked to finish last in your conference this year, not being able to get an alum to help coach the team, 4 losing seasons in 6 years, and 8 players transferring last year.

Herriman, UT

C'mon, the MWC has consistently been a much better conference than the WCC in basketball. Gonzaga has had a few good runs, but the MWC seems to get 3 teams in the NCAAs almost every year. With Utah gone and some odd new teams joining the MWC, I can see the WCC being as good or better in basketball.

Getting used to the tiny venues will be odd though. And it just feels strange to see teams coming to town that you have barely heard of because they have no DI football teams. It will be an adjustment, but nice to have BYU on TV more often.

Salt Lake City, UT

NevadaCoug: BYU will win more games in the WCC this season than Utah will win in the Pac-12 -- in basketball and football combined.

Bay Area Dude
San Ramon, CA

I think you're just a little ungrateful. Out here in the Bay Area Cougar fans are freaking stoked!! With St. Marys, UCSF and Santa Clara right here in our backyard, we will be seeing the Cougs (and Utes when they play Cal and Stanford)...often!

che loco
Springville, UT


The Cougs are so irrelevant that you just had to be the first to comment on this article...

Enjoy those empty seats at the Huntsman Center... again...

salt lake city, UT

"the wcc will have more teams in the ncaa tourney than the pac 12" hahahahahahahahah that has to be a joke.

Las Vegas, NV

I for one am excited to play for a championship! Having been raised in St Mary's country, and knowing USF basketball I look forward to watching the games.

Gonzaga is going to be great again I hope.

Go Cougars!

Minneapolis, MN

How refreshing is it to be part of a conference that appreciates you rather than rides your coattails and then complains how you're wearing that coat...

Overton, NV

re: sportsfanforlife

Definitely not a joke. BYU, Gonzaga, and St. Mary's all have a good chance to make the tournament. And although the Pac-10 had a better season last year, remember how bad they were in 2009-10. If BYU, Gonzaga, and St. Mary's have good seasons, I don't see the committee leaving the Gales out again. And I don't see the Pac-12 getting more than 3 bids. And that's if they play near the level of last season rather than the level of the season before.

One thing I'm positive won't happen this year: Utah getting a berth in the tournament.

Sandy, Utah

Coach Rose can't be excited playing in a High School Gyms can he?
Is any of this WCC effecting his recruiting?

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU is way underrated by the coaches in the WCC. They will come in 1st in a close battle with Gonzaga. St. Mary's will be third, with the others all far behind. BYU and Gonzaga easily make the NCAA tournament, St. Mary's may get in.

American Fork, UT

Gym size is so over rated! Would you rather play in a packed 5,000 seat arena or a empty Huntsman Center with 12,000 empty seats?

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