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Cougars seek credibility against TCU

Published: Wednesday, Oct. 26 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

We have always had way more credibility than any other programs. We cougars are number one every year in credibility. That's how it goes when everyone wants to be us or is super jealous of us.

Saint George, Utah

Isn't it great when people recommend their own comment? Usual ridiculous remark. Nice, ETB!

Provo, UT

@Ernest T. Bass "That's how it goes when everyone wants to be us or is super jealous of us."

And, ironically enough, here you are on a BYU comment board, validating your own sarcastic statement.

Jealous much? Or have you completely given up on the Utes this year and have decided to convert over to a team that has actually won a game in the PAC 12?

Either way, it's pretty hilarious :)

Go Cougars!

Alpine Coug
Alpine, UT

Honestly, a big time win on a national stage against a quality opponent is way over due. Hard to underestimate just how badly Bronco and the boys need this win on a national stage. Lose and we slip further into irrelevance.

Although it may be a bit premature, it seems that this game and this next few weeks may be a tipping point for the entire BYU football program. Even though just a fear at this point, many of us are concerned that BYU may end up on the outside looking in as the Big XII and others continue to ignore the Cougs and choose lesser programs that don't bring so much baggage to the negotating table.

Independence may prove us all wrong in the long run, but it is kind of pitiful to watch johnny-come-lately teams like Utah/Boise State/TCU and perhaps AFA, Houston, SMU and others be invited to the big table.

Really hope I am wrong and BYU comes up big Friday night and takes coach Patterson and his Big XII bound Horned Frogs to the woodshed. Its payback time and its long overdue!

Kaysville, UT

Pfffftt!!! Jealous?? Jealous of what Ernest?? Nothing? Your team is Independent and plays for nothing. No matter how many Junior Colleges you beat you win nothing.
I do cheer for bYu when they aren't playing the U but to assume anyone is jealous of nothing is pretty funny actually.

Salt Lake City, UT

Most balanced and insightful opinion I'very read on both trams all year. Neither team has season-worthy bragging rights (though head to head prowess was undeniably the Utes' to claim) and both still have much to prove.

Nice work, Mr. Harmon.

Shake -n- Bake
Woods Cross, Utah

Re: Owlmaster-

Thank goodness for BYU fans, Ernest is one of your own. He's a Ute fan through and through who posts ridiculous posts on any and every article on BYU.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD


You're confused. ETB is a confused Utah fan who is fond of posting silliness just to get a reaction.

sacramento, ca

why yes there is sir....there is a sorrier pac 10.2 team....they are also known as utes, utah, runaway utes and the newest name is IRRELEVANT. hahahaha

OSU 54
irrelevant 10

Kaysville, UT

54 - 10 is a very familiar number nunya. I think that was the last game bYu had that presented any competition. By the way, you can keep ETB, we don't want him.
And yes, I'd rather be the bottom of something than the top of nothing.

Iowa City, IA

I agree with Mr. Harmon's article. I just hope he's wrong with his predictions....

sacramento, ca

owlmaster2...no, really? thanks for pointing out that which was already obvious but what do you expect from a ute....anyway I tend to agree that it's better to lose against great teams then to win against weak teams but the notion that you'd rather be at the bottom of something than the top of nothing is actually not real..basically you're not telling the truth with your attempt at trying to make it look like it's great to be last, as long as you're in the pac 10.2. Hahahaha, great try though. As I said in another post...I've never seen a team go from top of the world to irrelevant so quick as I've seen the runaway utes do, you guys are good at it. How quick?...in only 7 games quick. hahahaha, laughing way out loud.

Mcallen, TX

Nope! It's not only Riley. Add Alisa and the emergence of Cody Hoffman and it's:

BYU 31
TCU 28

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

Good article and comparisons here. BYU is headed in the right direction. I hope Harmon's prediction about BYU vs TCU is incorrect. It will be a tough contest, but I have a hunch BYU will pull this one out. TCU for their 5 wins have played some pretty cup cake teams. Their only quality win was against Air Force. Their defense and offense are full of speed, but BYU has some of its own firepower.

I see BYU winning this one in a close one.

Go Cougars.

Sandpoint, ID

This marks the first EVER Harmon article I have actually been interested in. Gongrats, Dick.

Salt Lake City, UT

Both teams have pretty much beaten the teams they're ranked higher than and lost to the ones they're ranked lower than. Both teams are in the 50s in the sagarin rankings and have one almost-win against a higher team (texas and USC). The good news for utah is that oregon state is one of three teams ranked worse than 100 that are on their schedule (and they haven't played the other two yet either).

Iowa City, IA

Utah has only beat 1 team this year with a winning record...BYU. OSU is much better than their record, they have a huge reciever. Utah won't beat this team with a losing record.

BYU probably has resolved the qb issue for the year and TCU also has played a weak schedule. BYU's defense won't be confused by TCU, Nelson has enough moxi and an Appo and Hoffman to win by a field goal.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA


0-5 really sucks doesn't it.

Chandler, AZ

Love the Sloan/Fesenko reference in the first line. He was worth keeping last year for that line alone.

Salt Lake City, UT

AtL134, you do know sagarin is reflective, not necessarily predictive, right? More wins and a teams score would be higher and they'd have beaten THOSE "teams they were supposed to."

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