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Published: Monday, Oct. 24 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Is Obama is offering mortgage relief is he volunteering taxpayers to offer mortgage relief? Obama has a proven track record of failure when it comes to our economy and he comes from a state that is billions of dollars in debt and unable to pay it's creditors.

No wonder his fellow Democrats are afraid to be seen associating with him.

Salt Lake City, UT

'Is Obama is offering mortgage relief is he volunteering taxpayers to offer mortgage relief?' - Rifleman | 3:12 p.m. Oct. 24, 2011

Rifleman, many of those home owners ARE tax payers!

*Bush signs $700 billion bailout bill AP Published by Denver Post By Tom Raum 10/03/08

WASHINGTON President Bush quickly signed into law a far-reaching $700 billion bill to bail out the nation's tottering financial industry, calling it "essential to helping America's economy" weather the storm.

Did CEO's who got bail outs pay as much taxes as the entire nation?

I seriously doubt it.

Many contributing to a few is the same principle as charity services. Why the ciritism when it's done by the goverment, instead of a local charity?

I would think majority of Americans, Republicans or Democrats ESPECIALLY in Nevada...

would want to keep their homes.

Temecula, CA

Soon Obama will be standing at the reviewing stand on Pennsylvania Avenue with a old Soviet Military Uniform on with medals pinned all over it reviewing troops marching by!

Pagan: Just a note: Before you jump in so whole heartily just because Obama proposed this, remember this: Only Mortgage holders qualify who: 1. Have not been late not one day in the past 12 months on payments. 2. Have been current all along on the mortgage. 3. Are Employed. 4. His last proposal that was passed was approved for 50 billion, but only 2 billion was used, and many have redefaulted! 5. Have a Sallie Mae or Freddie Mac loan only.

Also regarding Contributions and Charity. When a person gives to a charity it is their decision and their gift to do it! When the government forces us to contribute by confiscation it is coersed since the funds then go to only who the government wants to support. Thanks! By the way you have many great comments from your positions! I appreciate your detailed info!

Sanpete, UT

Hello Communism! Nevermind what the constitution says, I'll do it myself.

the boonies, mexico

Get over it people, the dumb, stupid citizens have entered into agreements that they knew they could not repay! Fantasy vs reality.



So Obama's economic plan has been adding over a 100,000 jobs a for several months now and while we all wish it was a lot more it certainly is better then when we where all suffering under bush and the GOP's economic plan where we were bleeding 140,000 jobs a month, by the way it is the same plan the GOP wants to return to in even greater force if they are able to get the election next year.

Dog Fur
Prather, CA

Obama not only aims to circumvent congress, but the constitution, the people, and all common sense. Obama is using tax payer money to raise more money for his own campaign. Socialism does not work, and its not right. The plan to have some grand organization force us to do the "right" thing has always been the wrong plan.

We the people of this world, of this nation need freedom to make our own choices, our own mistakes, our own growth. Governments should protect us but can not and should not try to coddle us and stifle us.

Hope we can get a president who believes in the constitution and liberty and freedom.

CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

Imagine President Obama referring to Congress as dysfunctional. I guess it takes one to know one.

Social Mod Fiscal Con
West Jordan, UT

You seem to be under the belief that every Republican out there worships Bush. That if Bush did it then it must be ok for Obama to do it too. The reality is that a VERY large percentage of Republicans were not very happy with much of what Bush did in the last 4 years of his presidency. In particular, his bailout was a complete betrayal to this country. What Obama did was double-down on a really bad bet.

Also, just because people want the government to take away their problems (mortgages) does not mean that the government has an obligation (or a right) to do so. Romney understands that to get out of a recession you have to go THROUGH the recession. That means to let the economy correct from all the stupid choices we have made. Don't make more stupid choices and make the situation worse.


Did not the governments involvement with home mortgages cause this problem in the first place? Barney Frank gets a pass on this issue.

Billy Bob
Salt Lake City, UT

Wait... I thought Obama swore an oath to defend the constitution, not to figuratively tear it in to shreds and dance all over it. Um... Heil Obama?

Layton, UT

Obama is without a doubt the worst President in the history of the United States, in all seriousness, this guy must be gone in the 2012 election. He is dangerous and a complete disgrace to this country and the constitution.

Orem, Utah

He might as well. He's circumvented the American people for 3 years. Why stop now?

Be interesting what might happen, though, with this one. Pluses and minuses.

Plus: Helps people who need it instead of having their homes taken from them, leveled, then the land sold for new home building (that's happening a lot).

Minus: Economic downturn for lenders? Could be, but I'm not sure on that.

Minus: Only helps those current on payments (way too many in trouble aren't, and not so much their fault).

Minus: Only helps those with federally guaranteed loans, which many in trouble don't have.

Plus: Helps a lot of people who need it, without waiting for Congress to get on it.

Maybe Obama can do a "good" thing here, both in helping Americans and in setting a precedence for future presidents (of both parties, mind you) to bypass Congress on some issues. THAT could be a pandora's box, though.

Miami Area, Fl

There was no legislative push to allow liar loans. There was no legislative push to have banks do ARM's. This was a banking industry's attempt to make more money.

Lots of blame to go around, but very difficult to pin this all on the govt.

We had a housing bubble, and if you do any research at all, you will find many causes. Most causes point to the Banks themselves.


You may disagree with Obamas plan for fixing the economy.

But, you cant say he has no ideas.

Nor can you blame him when all of his ideas get blocked by congress and then scream that Obama has done nothing to fix the economy.

Springville, UT

The anti-Obama comments are over the top. The commenters are not concerned one whit about the facts or reality. They seem to think if Congress refuses to do anything that the President should just sit on his hands, then they will complain that the President did not do anything. They are more concerned with partisan sniping than they are addressing the plight of our people. It is just appalling, this conditional patriotism.

sandy, utah

It is about that some one does something for the people. Congress is comprised of 435 people who have little interest in solving problems.

Hayden, ID

This will cause Obama's approval numbers to sink even lower!


The best thing the Federal government can do for the economy is keep its mitts off. There will be short-term pain, but in the long run allowing free markets to run their course is best. Unfortunately, we are probably in too deep to reverse the trend that started with FDR, and Congress and the Pres can't resist the temptation to tamper.

Hayden, ID

It was the federal government's meddling in the housing market with sub-prime loans from Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac to people who could not or never intended to make their mortgage payments that caused this debacle and now Obama thinks more government meddling will fix it? Another example of how Obama has no clue about economic realities and his inept leadership!

salt lake city, utah

So the President is a communist but it's a minus for his mortage plan if he only helps federally guaranteed mortages (no involvment in the private sector). Taxes are a confiscation of your money despite the fact that the constitution specificly calls for taxes, yet the President is circumventing the constitution.

Socialism doesn't work? Doesn't work how? Barney Frank caused the mortage crisis. What Barney Frank forced banks to securitize mortages, Barney Frank invented credit default swaps?

The President has circumvented the American people for the past three years. You want him to govern by the polls? Which polls, which week, what if the polls change..?

People want the government to take away their mortgages..wow I missed out I've re-financed my mortgage a couple of times and I still had to make payments every month. I didn't know that a re-finance program took away your mortgage.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

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