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Published: Sunday, Oct. 23 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Las Vegas, NV

I hope they haven't almost reached their potential! That's not saying a whole lot to almost reach your potential after throttling an FCS team at home.

Orem, Utah

BYU better beat TCU or Cougar fans will never hear the end of the "the Big 12 took the better team" rants from the Ute trolls.

NOT happy to see Hoffman thinks BYU's potential has almost been reached.

Maybe BYU players can take a little umbrage at TCU's invite to help motivate themselves a little more. BYU certainly needs to bring its "A" game.

I'm glad Juice is healthy again. BYU will need its running game.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

BYU's best chance in this game is playing keep-away from TCU. The longer our offense can keep TCU's high power offense off the field, the better. I think our defense will play well enough for us to win if we limit their time on the field and don't put them in bad situations. TCU is just that good on offense. Their running game is good, but what scares me even more are their big play receivers.

I think if BYU maintains their run-first approach and wears down on their defense, I like our chances. We have to be able to move the ball well through the air, though. Guys like Hoffman, Apo, and our TEs need to be playmakers at critical times. I think if we play well this one comes down to the end. I think if we win it might just even be by a field goal, but if I had to pick a favorite right now I would have to pick TCU with a final score being something like TCU 31, BYU 24. If we make enough plays and find a way to win the final score could be something like BYU 27, TCU 24.

Rexburg, ID

Attention all Ute trolls!

Since you are so big on the BCS, consider this.

The BCS poll came out. BYU is ranked #36 and Utah is ranked #55. BTW, SOS is part of the BCS ranking calculations.

Sorry, but even with the loss to Utah, the BCS, at this point in time, considers BYU a stronger team than Utah.

Oregon State is ranked #95 in the BCS so the Utes should cream them by at least 2 or 3 touchdowns don't you think?

Farmington, UT

I'll be watching the Cougars on ESPN!! I hope Bronco has finally figured out a way to get the team "up" for this contest. I spent the funds to travel to Ft Worth two years ago and after their lack-luster performance I wanted to ask BYU for reimbursement of my expenses. (Of course that's happened with the Jazz many times, too.)

Seriously, if the Y wins on Friday and the U loses on Saturday, the Utah trolls will have nothing of merit to talk about (other than 54 - 10 and winning their "Bowl Game" in Provo on Sept 17th.)

But who knows what will happen-----that's why you lace 'em up and play 'em.

West Valley City, Utah

With the cream puff schedule that B.Y.U. has the rest of the season, it had better have a good showing against T.C.U.. B.Y.U. should fair much better than in the last few years against the Horned Frogs.

Lake Elsinore, CA

I'd like a do-over against Utah. We all know it would be a different story.

Richmond, VA

This is the one game, as far as I'm concern, that will wipe away the bitter taste of the embarrassment of that debacle against Utah if we win. Short of that, I'm afraid we're still going to be looked at with little to no respect by many. 54-10 is still very painful to remember.

Go Cougs!

Roy, UT

This next game will be low-scoring, a defensive battle, the win going to the team that has the greatest will to win. We saw both teams score a ton of points Saturday, and often the next game the offense comes out a little flat, and add to that the strength of their defensive game, I think that is easier to sustain...

Once again turnovers will play a huge part, and special teams as well...BYU 17, TCU 13 is my prediction...

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

Nothing I'd like better than to see BYU give TCU an old fashion Texas beat down. However, no matter how much Cougar fans wish it...it just aint gonna happen. Reality needs to set in...BYU simply doesnt have the pass defense to stay with TCU. Im afraid its gonna be a long afternoon for Cougar fans. On the bright side, the BYU offense should score a few points now that 3-n-out Heaps is on the bench. Good kid, but over hyped.

Frisco, TX

Nelson is playing well enough to deliver a W, if the offense has no turnovers or maybe one turnover if it's not in a key situation.

It still feels like we have some work to do to reach our potential as a team, but Hoffman certainly seems to be playing up to his potential.

I'm hoping we'll see Fangupo and Fuga back in the line up, and they are recovered to near 100%.

Chubbuck, Idaho

"we have almost reached our potential"?? Someone needs to put a muzzle on Hoffman. If almost reaching our potential is dominating ISU, then maybe they should join the Big Sky Conference and compete against the Montana Grizzlies year in and year out for the conference championship. Hoffman-reaching potential at BYU would mean going to a BCS game like TCU, BSU, and Utah have already done and then winning that BCS game. I'm beginning to wonder if the coaches philsophies and comments the coaches make to the players have anything to do with these comments these players make about reaching potential at 6-2 and they still haven't beat a team with a winning record all season. Let's all aim for higher goals-this includes coaches, players, admin....I know I'm probably one of those unrealistic delusional Cougar fans, but I don't see why they can't compete on a national level with the team up northwest of them..I'm not talking about the Utes...talking about the BSU team

Springville, UT

This will be a week of suspense. Friday night football with a chance against TCU, a quality program. Getting a win would be great.

And... let's not forget Saturday. Will the Utes fold or finally get their first win in their precious conference?


Keep it coming!

Don't Feed the Trolls
Salt Lake City, UT

Why would "Ute trolls" need to come on to this article when two BYU posters have already acknowledged them? They can go on vacation and still be inside your heads.

Ignore them and they will go away...

Norman, OK

I am looking forward to driving the 3 hr. drive from Norman OK to Dallas Cowboys Stadium this Friday! I am a little nervous as TCU has had BYU's number as of late, but I will be happy if BYU makes it a game. A win would be spectacular but we shouldn't get too ahead of ourselves BYU fans, we're improving yes, but against inferior talent. TCU is not inferior talent. It will take BYU's very best performance on both sides of the ball.... Go Cougars!!!

Richmond, VA

If BYU win this Friday with Nelson, and if he put up another stellar performance and still not be named the permanent starter for the rest of the year, then I would seriously question Bronco's fairness as a coach. Frankly though, considering the way they man handled us the last couple of years, I'm not very optimistic about our chances. Even so, I still hope we'll put up a solid performance good enough to win. If that happen, it would be so awesome! Go Cougs!

San Diego, CA

Cougar fans, please stop bringing up the 54-10 loss to Utah and arguing that its' far in the rear-view mirror. Every time you bring it up I want to puke. There will be no redemption from that loss until the next victory over Utah.


chubbuckidahocougfan: While I respect BSU a great deal and hope they get a chance to play for a national title (sorry, ain't going to happen this year either}, The reason the BCS was created (Thanks to BYU in 1984) was to keep wantabees out of the NT. Playing in the WAC and now in the very depleated MWC against cupcakes will not get it done. BYU, Utah-gone, TCU unranked this year.

And joining the Big East will be a step down. The Big "Least" was bad before they lost Pitt, Syracuse and now West Verginia; Wouldn't be ironic if BSU joined and the big least lost it's BCS status?

Your broncos will get the chance to prove they are better then BYU next year, til then, it would be wise to be the silent majority.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

"Over the past five weeks, BYU revamped its offense and won five consecutive games" .... against less than stellar teams. So, let's not get too carried away. Big Cougs fan here and happy with the wins; however, the schedule is what the schedule is. We're bowl eligible, which is a biggie. The TCU is THE measuring stick for the team thus far this season. Let's go Cougs.

Farmington, UT

@ SoCalTrueBlue

You miss the irony of the fact that Utah can have a "bad game" (losing to UW) but BYU must just be crummy (according to the Ute trolls) so a few Cougar fans are just trying to let Utah revel in the 54 - 10 because that's all they have to crow about this year. Yes, we lost, but we gave it away. On any given day, your team may have a bad game. On the other hand, Utah is having a bad season. They're as far from going to the Rose Bowl as possible right now. And maybe they won't be going to any bowl except Provo and Rancho Lanes. So tell me---who really is the "crummy" team?

I think we ought to drop Utah and let them play Utah State again, the true rivalry from a by-gone era. We don't need the Utes and they have assured us they don't need us. So wave goodbye to them.

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