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Published: Saturday, Oct. 22 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, Utah


Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

Come on Utes! I am a BYU fan and have a hard time cheering for the Utes due to the rivalry. But, this is getting too bad for even a rival to take delight. It would be nice to show that we can in Utah play with the big boys.

Granstville, UT

I think the Utes are trying to lose, that way they'll have a better shot at drafting Andrew Luck for next year. Oh, wait....

the boonies, mexico

Isn't the Pac 12 wonderful? Don't fret over wins and losses Ute fans, your school and team got the "BIG BUCKS"! Your up next Cougars!

Aurora, CO

It's still a great season. We killed BYU, who beat USU, who beat Weber State. That makes the Utes the unofficial state champs. Unless Snow, Utah Valley or Dixie wants to take a run at us.

And the easy part of our schedule is ahead of us with the bottom feeders of the PAC-12 to come. I still predict an 8-4 season and it looks like we have a real shot at the Las Vegas Bowl, which is as good as we could have hoped for in the Mountain Worst Conference.

Next year we can set our goals higher, but as for our first year in the PAC-12, I am sure we are going to do better than our little brother to the east the University of Colorado. Now there's a pathetic squad. Our Medical School could wipe up the ER with your Medical School!

By the way who can we expect to play in the Las Vegas Bowl anyway?

riverton, utah

I like it.

Mesa, AZ

Shocking! I had expected a close game down to the wire. Coach Kyle will figure things out for next week. Oregon St. played tough against Wash. St. though!

Iowa City, IA

And so it goes... For every Texas, USC, and Florida there is an Iowa State, Washington State and Vanderbilt. I was hoping the Utes would make waves this year, as the stage was set so perfectly for them with USC's sanctions and an "easy" conference schedule (no Oregon or Stanford). Unfortunately, they have thus far shown that if they do belong, they belong with the latter group of teams that are very much a part of a BCS conference, but irrelevant in the BCS picture.

Salt Lake City, UT

Not surprising!

Murray, UT

Ugly game. This season continues to disappoint. It's clear Utah needs more depth to compete in this conference. That's apparent when first string players go down and blowout after blowout is the result. Norm Chow's offense has not been as advertised either, be it due to scheme or personnel, or as I'm afraid, both. The easiest part of the schedule is now here (minus Montana St. and BYU, those were earlier). Hopefully the ship can be righted to a degree and we can go into next year with some momentum, health and greater depth.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Tough year for Utah. My local D.I. is already full of red clothing. Everybody abandon ship, or maybe that should be bandwagon.

Morgan, UT

The PAC 12 is looking at exercising clause 34d in their contract with Colorado and Utah...that clause states that if these schools can not cut the mustard, they will be asked to leave the PAC12...hello WAC.

Doniphan, NE

Gdog3finally.......you say depressing? Well someone out here in Nebraska who follows the Cougs and the other team to the north of them thinks this is serving the RED team well: just another drubbing!! Luv it because it is just what you asked for!

Moses Lake, WA

Where is Chris B.? He used to provide some comic relief.


Pretty easy to shut an offense down when the defense knows they only have to defend 10 yards downfield. It's risky for Utah to open it up but what's happened the last few weeks offensively continues to happen if they don't. And they can't because their supposed "experienced line" can't keep the defense off their QB long enough to run a pattern downfield (can't keep them off long enough to run a 7 yard slant!) and can't open a hole for the RB. I can understand the struggle with an inexperienced QB, what I don't understand is why that makes the other 21 players on the field suddenly totally inept?

To "utesovertide" from last week - isn't this exactly what I said would happen? Me, the guy you said had no college football knowledge (even though I played D1 football while you sat in the stands)? How are those "red" colored glasses working for you now? Utah has NO offense, you still going to challenge that? Utah proves every week how much you know.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

Wow, intersting!Keep fighting, Utes!

Orem, Utah

The Utes' QB depth DID become an issue, as many though initially, but hoped wouldn't happen.

I thought Hays was showing some progress and ability, but this game shows he's still a rookie in this league. Even Wynn might not have made that much of a difference this time.

The Utes won't go bowling. Arizona's come on strong of late, so that possible win (pre-season projections) likely won't happen.

There's still an outside chance of getting to 6 wins, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

I did predict at the first of the season in a post to a Ute article that the Utes would get a rude awakening to what it's like to play BCS teams week in and week out. Seems it's coming true worse that I'd thought, though.

Buck up. You've got next year to right the ship.

Bluffdale, UT

Try getting a ticket to RES this season. Utah haters are so jealous. It's blue in my closet waiting for a decent home game.

So, without Wynn and Christopher we know Utah needs more depth.

On the other hand, if the worst happens, Utah is still in the PAC 12.

I would rather lose to top conference teams than beat up a DIV II school during mid season. I have really enjoyed the season so far.

Bluffdale, UT

My statement above does not make me a Y hater. If we get in the Big 12, I will dust the blue in my closet.

Evanston, WY

It's hard to win a lot of games with a pitiful offensive line. No holes opened for the run and no pass protection for an inexperienced QB is not a formula for success. Most of us knew if Wynn went down the Utes would struggle. What we didn't expect is a line that gives a new meaning to the word offensive, and Joe Schmoe, I'll still be there Saturday cheering for my team the same as I have for 17 seasons. Even if Utah doesn't find an answer this year, we still pounded your team 54-10. We also have just as many conference wins as BYU this year. Oh wait, that's because no one wants you. So sad.

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