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Published: Friday, Oct. 21 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT


That is what is great about America. We aren't forced to read things that do not interest us. There is a huge interest here so those of us with that interest can read, and others can skip it. Works well.

Sacramento, CA

I found an article awhile back regarding the Church's position on politics. Basically, it suggested that we study the issues, be active according to our desires, and vote for the person we felt, in our own minds, was best for the job. There was also plenty of support for multiple parties and multiple choice of candidates. This certainly did not bespeak an annointing of one party or one candidate, no matter what the religion. It also tells us this: why Harry Reid and other Democrats, and Mitt Romney and other Republicans can sit on opposite sides of the isle in the political world, but next to one another everywhere else. At one time this kind of behavior was common in political circles, and needs to be again. Meanwhile, perhaps our LDS politicians might lead the way in showing how it's done. If that is the only reason for all the Mormon politicians, Mitt included, then bring it on, folks, but let's not squabble amongst ourselves--let's be adult enough to take our differences to higher ground.

Bakersfield, CA

Mayhem Mikey, you are incorrectly painting Pastor Jeffress (regardless of where your cheek's tongue is), with the anti-Mormon brush. You are guilty of accusing him of being "bigoted, hateful, prejudiced". He never said that a Mormon cannot run for prez nor that he wouldn't vote for one. He said he would in fact, vote for Mitt, should he get the RNC nomination. He does not feel comfortable with Mitt's flips on certain issues, so he is not voting MR for party choice.

He opened his (big, moi opinion) mouth on his religious views at a political venue. In his pulpit he can claim the same thing that you do every Sunday, at every door your missionaries knock on, and what your express website claims: You've got the only true, fully restored, authentic church and authority. The same thing the Catholics and Protestants claim. We just try to be civil and unified in our secular or political venues.

Let's get accurate definitions here. My Webster says bigots are "utterly intoletant of any belief, creed or opinion". Intolerant how? That they shouldn't exist, or that they are incorrect, abominable, counterfeit? That's exactly the message I see in 1830.

Filo Doughboy
Bakersfield, CA

Who drew first blood in this battle of who is right, wrong, unauthorized, fully restored, counterfeit, anointed from on High, cultic, aberrant, etc.?

Anybody here read their history?

What a shameful bunch of whiners. I get the two nice suits-on-a-bike at my door every few months inviting me to the "one and only true church". They aren't as plain-spoken as the 19th century boys, but the message is there:
We got the goods, you're in a false, non-authentic church. When I push past the mushy Mitt explanation, the truth finally surfaces. Neither my baptism, my pastor, my Bible, my sacraments or my weak "Saved by Grace Alone" theology will get me into the real heaven where Jesus and His Father reside.

My junior high students can figure this answer out.


I loved the article. Great story.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Filo Doughboy
"Who drew first blood in this battle of who is right, wrong, unauthorized, fully restored, counterfeit, anointed from on High, cultic, aberrant, etc.?"

Does it matter? After all...

"My junior high students can figure this answer out. "

...I'm pretty sure somewhere along the line they also learned lessons like "it doesn't matter which of you two started it".

South Jordan, Utah

Interesting article; nothing clever, witty or sarcastic to add beyond that!

m.g. scott

Regarding Obama and anti-Israel, the 67 borders may be popular amoung a lot of people, but not the Israelies themselves. Especially now that Egypt is going to be an uncertain neighbor. The 30 plus years of stability created by the Camp David Accords, (yes, thanks to Carter) is largely gone with the so called Arab Spring. I don't know exactly how Obama feels about Israel, but I do know the contemp he showed for England when he sent the bust of Winston Churchill that was in the White House back to the Brits. A man who would do that to one of our best allies is capable of anything.

Free Agency
Salt Lake City, UT

As a pretty typical Jew (in terms of political sensibility), I can offer Romney some insights in how to get our vote.

Emphasize fiscal responsiblity, education (it wouldn't hurt to quote the Mormon teaching, "The glory of God is intelligence"), self-sufficiency, caring for the less fortunate (by no fault of theirs) and the idea that we're all here to grow and learn. (Romney might point out that that's why ideas like evolution pose absolutely no threat to him.)

In short, emphasize the values that are already foundational Mormon ones.

On the other hand, he'll need to distance himself from the Church's censoring/expulsion of Mormons who think differently from the official Church line. (Such an act is anathema to us Jews.)

Above all, he must never try to appeal to right-wing Christian values. Those, too, are anathema to Jews because they're tight boxes in which no other views can enter. If we're here to learn and grow, we simply can't live in boxes of any kind.

The bottom line is for Romeny to point out--and live--the values which Mormons and Jews have in common, and never compromise those values.

L Kaiser

I agree with the excessive articles written about how us LDS are either liked/disliked or who said we werent Christian. I think its good to point out our fellow Christians who support us and also to defend our faith when attacked. However, its so excessive I find many see it as desperate to stay in the news or to play the victim card. In excess our defending and pointing out fellow believers can do more harm to our message then good. Finding balance is important.

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