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Published: Friday, Oct. 21 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Not very much.

Jews may view Mormons favorably,
but they tend to be Liberal - therefor they vote for Democrats.


Good! As a Mormon I have to say that I view Jews and Catholics favorably too. In fact, I have more often spoken up against Anti-Catholic comments than against Anti-Mormon ones, since I feel more at liberty to do so as an outsider.

Phoenix, AZ

Jews view all favorably who cater to them and make them money; and the Mormons lean over back wards to favor the Jews, although to Mormons Jews are gentiles. It is a strange world of religion. But, no matter, most Jews are not going to vote for a Mormon if they have a reasonable alternative.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Jews view all favorably who cater to them and make them money"

Gee, that isn't anti-semitic at all...

Salt Lake City, UT

I highly recommend the article by Professor Peter Morici cited in this story. I consider it a fair, accurate portrayal of Mitt Romney and his service and beliefs. The author is not a convert to Mormonism, and, according to him, will never be, but he credits the LDS Church and Romney for their teachings of the worth of men and women, their potential to live good lives here and in the hereafter, and the service they provide and have provided.

It is beyond me how any fair-minded person, not filled with bigotry, hate and lodged on the lowest rungs of the intellectual ladder, could disparage Romney's life of service or the good the LDS Church does. One can justifiably disagree with Romney's political views, but mean-spirited attempts by anti-Mormons, like Pastor (and I use that word with tongue in cheek) Jeffress, to attack the Church, or its members who selflessly render service or who are willing to serve in public office, demean only those who fling such drivel at the rest of us.

Northern Lights
Louisville, KY


If you were to read portions of the "Deutscher National-Katechismus" written in 1934 for German school children, you might understand just how others might regard your comment regarding Jews as hateful and inappropriate. Please be careful with the words you use. Fame is fleeting, but the internet is forever.

Phoenix, AZ

%at134: you may be right, it is more like having a talent for business success. Some cultures seem to have a better orientation for managing money than others. It is not a big secret as to who those are who do it best, and there is no disrespect in being a champion.

Alpine Blue
Alpine, UT

Delighted to see good-hearted men and women rise to the defense of the church against all the vitriol tossed about so casually by Pastor Jeffress and others of his ilk against Mitt Romney and his faith.

Amazing as well to find that it seems to be politically correct to say anything you want to about the Mormons. If some of these things were said about a Jewish or Baptist or Catholic or even a Muslim candidate, there would be outrage and the ACLU would come out in force to castigate the perpetuators of such non-PC statements. On the other hand, it is perfectly correct to slander or express bigoted comments about Latter-day Saints. The double standard of men such as Jeffress boggles my mind. To even insinuate that Mormons do not deserve the same protections of the constitution because our beliefs differ from his. Basically, Jeffress is telling us that "my Jesus is better than your Jesus."

A sad commentary on our society. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that "no unhallowed hand shall stop the work."

Florissant, MO

Who knows if Romney will become president, but I find it interesting that he is the center of two events that really opened the eyes and understanding of the Mormon church more. He of course turned around the 2002 Olympics and even though he wasn't the main focus, that event really created more dialog about the LDS church. But his 2nd time for running for President really has created dialog. The thing I see is that more and more people are being more open and accepting of the LDS people and their religion. I don't want ten million people to join the LDS church, but I sure would be happy if ten million people hated the church less or didn't understand our beliefs, mainly thinking we are not Christians. Mitt Romney is a winner just for what he has done to open the doors of understanding and such.

safety dictates, ID

Mormonism will be front and center if Mitt Romney gets nominated. And it will be great. It will be Harry Reid and his I am a Democrat because I am a Mormon versus the Republican version of Mormonism. Teachings of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith will fill the campaign rhetoric. How can the Democrats attack Mormonism with Harry Reid as Senate majority leader? How can Republicans if Mitt Romney is their candidate? Which political version of Mormonism will the Jews find more compatible with their own concerns?

Danbury, CT

I'd LOVE it if 10 million more people joined the church. The question is, would we be ready and able to accept them all in and look after them - especially if they were drastically different from the rest of us - in appearance or thinking?

Isn't that what the LDS leaders from Pres. Hinckley to Pres. Monson have been trying to get us to do all these years??

Orem, UT

It will be interesting if the Jews would rather vote for a pro-Israel Romney over an anti-semitic Obama. New York 9th may be our clue.

safety dictates, ID

Can anyone argue against the principle that it is better to teach someone how to fish than to give them a fish? But how does this principle relate to the foreclosure problems we are now experiencing? There are those who, because of greed, pride and/or foolishness, overstated their ability to repay their mortgage obligations, especially after the teaser rates expired, and bought a house way beyond their effective price range and now must default. There are others who acted prudently but who lost their jobs and cannot sell their house because it has depreciated well below the mortgage amount. Should the government intervene? If so, how? And will it help or only make matters worse? Harry Reid and Mitt Romney seem to have opposite views. I hope they will articulate their reasons and educate us. And then GM and financial bailouts.

Centerville, UT

As a member of the church, can I just ask why there is ANOTHER story in this newspaper about who likes us and who doesn't? I like the D-News, but for crying out loud, it is less a newspaper and more of a gossip rag!

"Did you HEAR what that pastor in Texas said about us? Can you believe that? Well, at least the Jews and some Catholics like us. People like us, right??"

A story like this is nice...once in awhile! But for crying out loud, not one or two a week! I don't need that much daily affirmation!

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Animals view Mitt Romney favorably.
Is that on tap for the next edition of the DN?

Orem, Utah

Republicans need to get rid of the evangelical hold that's on the party. Not good. Similar to the extremist libs that control the Democratic party.

But then, has either party ever been controlled by moderates?

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Only people [or newspapers] who suffer from severe self-consciousness and poor self-esteem look for studies, articles, or words of affirmation.

Could explain why Utah also has the highest rate for suicidal thoughts in America as well.

Provo, UT

I am so sick of reading comments about how we shouldn't be discussing the anti-Mormon flap over Romney's candidacy. The whole country is talking about it, there are articles and TV commentaries about it. But for some reason, although it is fine for others to have our religion as a hot topic...we somehow are supposed to be disinterested?

I am interested in things that involve me. The national view of the LDS religion involves me. The Deseret News is in Utah folks, so why not write about this? In my opinion, it is the anti-Mormons that come on here and rag on people for being self-absorbed that makes some LDS members apologize and take the stance that we shouldn't talk about this. Not realistic folks. I want to be a part of the national forum of discussion and not be muzzled.

Salt Lake City, UT


"It will be interesting if the Jews would rather vote for a pro-Israel Romney over an anti-semitic Obama."

And how exactly is Obama anti-semitic? Because he wanted a return to 1967 borders with mutually agreed to land swaps? That's the same position as most recent presidents of the U.S. and the same position as most recent prime ministers of Israel.

New York's 9th is not necessarily a good example of the nations' Jewish vote becasue NY-9 has a high percentage of orthodox jews. They're social conservatives. Reformed Jews are the ones that are much more likely to vote Democratic and are the majority of the US Jewish population.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Sammy B
"I am so sick of reading comments about how we shouldn't be discussing the anti-Mormon flap over Romney's candidacy"

I don't think peole have a problem with it being covered... just that 20-30 articles on it in ~2 weeks seems excessive.

"The whole country is talking about it, there are articles and TV commentaries about it."

Yes but the vast majority of newspapers, news sites, and TV commentaries mention it 1-4 times and that's it. I understand that this is a local newspaper for a heavily mormon area but averaging 1-2 articles a day on it every day since whenever Jeffress' comment was made... that's a lot.

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