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Published: Friday, Oct. 21 2011 7:00 a.m. MDT

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the boonies, mexico

The best "1" word to descibe these three is-"UNQUALIFIED"!

Holladay, UT

The word that describes Ron Paul: Consistent.

Ron Paul for 2012. If you have heard his name, but haven't researched his platform, do so. He is a man who will bring our nation back to the Constitution.

Ogden, UT

The first words that comes to my mind when anyone of them is mentioned is not Obama. I would vote for an empty soda can before Obama!

Admiring Gentile
Salt Lake City, UT

To my mind, there are two different and distinct categories of anti-Mormon.

The first is "Traditional Christians"--i.e., those who believe the Bible is the *only* "Word of God." This isn't to say that every T.C. is anti-Mormon. Just that they're disposed, as a group, to be so, because Mormons claim to be Christians and, in the T.C. belief system, that just ain't so.

The second group is the "Uninformed." This group thinks Mormons still practice polygamy, have all sorts of secret ceremonies, etc. (One thing about T.C.'s--their practices and ceremonies are all welcome and encouraged to be viewed by "non-believers.")

My point is: the Mormon Church's campaign to enlighten Americans about what Mormonism really is, is admirable. But I think it can only have an effect on the second group. It will clearly combat the prejudice which comes from seeing Mormons as "the other."

But I can't see how the first group can ever change. Because it's not a matter of prejudice, but a clash of foundational beliefs.

The big question which pollsters and the Church need to answer: what percentage of anti-Mormons comprise each group?

Kearns, UT


So why don't you run for president? The fear of your own lack of qualifications couldn't be preventing you right?

I see so many people who complain that there are never any good qualified candidates, but what they are really saying is that the candidates aren't exactly like them. If you can't find a qualified candidate, then run for president yourself and let's see what one word ends up describing you.

Salt Lake City, UT

for Mitt Romney, would flip-flopper be considered one word, since it's hyphenated?

Social Mod Fiscal Con
West Jordan, UT

I could be happy with either Romney or Cain. Neither of them are the perfect candidate, but either of them would do a good job.

Admiring Gentile
Salt Lake City, UT


I think your response to Vince is unfair. He has every right to judge all three candidates as unqualified without his needing to run for President himself.

Indeed, I think the problem in America now is that it's become a free-for-all of candidates, some of whom clearly (at least to me) *aren't* qualified. Heman Cain, for example. His only "qualification" seems to be that he's a rags-to-riches American success story. But isn't there more to being President than that?

I'm glad more people who judge the candidates as unqualified *aren't* running for President!

M. Butler
Brooklyn, NY

From last paragraph of the article:

"His time as an ecclesiastical leader may have . . . opened his eyes," Stolberg writes. "Having been raised in wealth and privilege, he was now exposed to hardship and human suffering, especially among Boston's immigrant populations."

No, Ms. Stolberg, his eyes are still completely shut. Just listen to his argument with Rick Perry about how tough he is on "illegals."

Salt Lake City, UT

"I would vote for an empty soda can before Obama! "

Given the state of American manufacturing I think we'd have to check the "made in" certificate for that can.

Phoenix, AZ

What if Cain has made a mistake and his numbers are upside down and they are really 666.

Ivins, UT

There is a lot of utter tripe in these posts. Unqualified! Look at who you are comparing them to, the most unqualified President we have had in our history. Get with it people, get with it.


I think we as a nation would be a lot better off without the 2-party system. Just people with their own ideas running for office. How many Americans vote for someone because of party affiliate? Get elected and nothing gets done because of they have sides. Get rid of special interest, lobbyists. If we could stop all the election bickering and finger pointing and look at each other as Americans, maybe just maybe we could catch a glimpse of the glory our forefathers had in mind for this country....

MarieDevine Divine-Way
Kansas City, MO

Get candidate to turn from lifelong employment, a form of bondage, to God's goal of living off the land in true freedom. ONLY that can solve our problems; other ways continue our problems.

Read Doctrines and Covenants and Book of Mormon before condemning their Christians. Too many follow errors passed down. We are shooting our own troops. There are many religions preaching Jesus shed his blood to be the acceptable blood sacrifice to wash away our sins. We should not label some cults; but what the word of God says should be presented to overcome errors. ALL have errors.

Apostle Paul has confused Christians who do not follow Jesus. Jesus said to live by every word out of mouth of God (Matthew 4:4, Luke 16:31; SOME of Paul's writings seem to say that is not necessary now. Paul has no second or third witness and the apostles forsook him. NO ONE can change Jesus' or God's word. Deuteronomy 4:2 Add not nor diminish from God's word.

The covenants of God have His promises for followers and also for those who ignore or reject His word. Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28-30. Only correction becomes holiness.

Orem, Utah

Romney's biggest issue in being a Mormon is the elephant in the room: missionary work.

You can't take funds away from churches by taking away their members without having their church leadership "educate" their members on what's "bad" with Mormons.

Whether this election's political landscape changes the "educated" attitudes of Republican and swing voters remains to be seen.

The Church wants exposure, and is getting it in spades. Time will tell whether this politically-based exposure helps or hurts.

Orem, Utah

@ sergio,

The devil's in the details.

And, the 9-9-9 details don't add up very well. Bad plan for the poor, good plan for the rich.

St. George, Utah

No one can please everyone! No one is perfect! No one is qualified to be President of the United States with out experience, and you can,t get that exerience with out holding that seat! You can,t hold a candidate to 100% of their campain promises because they do not have the full picture of the position till well into their term of office. I agree that Obama has proven his postition and should not be returned. I do not like the media forming public opinion but untill we the people start doing our own thinking and research the media runs the show and makes the decissions for us.
As far as flip flop candidates how much of that information is from the media?
We all learn line upon line. No one can jump in and be perfect. Lets come up with solutions to fix our country and get involved in the process the right way.

Clearfield, UT

To Elcapitan | 9:41 a.m. Oct. 21, 2011
Ivins, UT
There is a lot of utter tripe in these posts. Unqualified! Look at who you are comparing them to, the most unqualified President we have had in our history. Get with it people, get with it.


I don't see anyone comparing the current candidates to George Walker Bush, who was the worst, and the most unqualified, so-called president this country has ever had.

Miami Area, Fl

Gotta disagree Vince.

All three are certainly "qualified".

You may disagree with their politics, but they are all qualified by any reasonable standards.

What I find amusing is watching people cherry pick what they consider "qualifications" based on their candidate of choice.

"You have to have Business Experience to be POTUS."

-----"But Reagan didn't really have any."

"He was president of Screen Actors Guild"

I think Reagan was a good president but he didn't have business experience.

Bush had lots of business experience, but I don't think he was a good president.

I say, pick your criteria, then stick with them (if they are truly your criteria).

Othello, WA

Anyone who says Cain is unfit to be president is a complete moron. Especially if they voted for the current disaster of a president. Cain is a product of the REAL world. An empty soda can has more value then the current Prez, they are worth at least 3cents in most states. Cain and ALL of the GOP candidates have far more depth and understanding then BHO. He is a completely unaccomplished product of big social government logic, with marxist ideals. He is a zero!

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