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Published: Thursday, Oct. 20 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Park City, UT

Wasn't this the guy that MOST Cougar fans were comparing to Boscoe, Young, McMahon, Detmer,etc... about this time last year? He was going to be the next great one, wasn't he? What happened?

San Bernardino, CA

I hope Heaps doesn't transfer. He could still be great. He definitely wasn't great this year though. He could learn a lot from Rilery Nelson and others and have a great couple of years at the helm of BYU. The way Riley plays he could also get a season-ending injury again any time (heaven forbid) and Heaps could be back on top. I think if Heaps stays humble and faces his demons he could have a long, awesome career. If he transfers away BYU will be okay, but Jake will never be what he could have been.

Chandler, AZ

C'mon, y'all...back off Jake. He is a great QB and will be a great QB. He just got caught up in a bit of a "perfect storm", i.e., high expectations, new coaching staff at both the OC and RB position, playing the toughest part of the schedule, etc. I know people can say, well look what he did against USU, yeah whatever, Nelson came in, brought some fire, some intensity, some craziness, but at the end of the day, he was lucky.

Riley and Jake are about the same in terms of effectivness and talent, different playing styles, but same level of talent. And if Nelson would have started the year, who knows, maybe he is sitting on the bench right now. You never know.

Hang in there Jake. Things will work out and this will be a strengthening experience for you.

Cedar Hills, UT

I don't know whether to laugh or cry after reading this article. I want to laugh at the spin from Doman that "he hopes Jake stays at BYU" or that Jake can some how learn alot from being benched. For anyone who has ever played sports I 100% guarantee they would all agree that they learned NOTHING from being benched - NOTHING!! Being benched means the coaches have no confidence in you. If and when you ever get back in a game your self confidence is going to be hurting too. Being benched means you stand around alot in practice and watch and your skills become rusty...both physical and mental. Heaps is NOT and I repeat NOT going to set on his tail for a year and a half behind a 5'10" QB that can't throw the ball. Heaps knows that with his talent as a pure drop back passer there are alot of offensive coordinators that would LOVE to bring Jake in and mold him and help him reach his potential. Brandon Doman is NOT one of those coordinators.. in fact I personally think Doman is and was a mistake as coordinator at BYU.

Cedar Hills, UT


Yes and he played GREAT as a true freshman last year under Robert Anae. Every BYU fan that paid attention was thinking Heaps would pick up where he left off last year.... and then came Brandon Doman as offensive coordinator. Heaps .. from the jump .. had no feel for the Doman offense and that isn't going to change going forward. Doman was a run-first QB when he played under Crowton and Heaps is a QB that would really fit well in a Norm Chow type system which favors true drop back passers (Ty Detmer, Carson Palmer, etc...). There is a reason why Nelson is doing well under Doman and Heaps isn't and it has NOTHING to do with throwing the football or the mental part of the game either. Heaps proved last year that even as a freshman he had the mental part mastered. Look at Alex Smith with the 49ers and what a change in coaches has done for him. Alex is playing now like he played at the U under another great coach - Urban Meyer. Heaps will and should transfer and BYU will be loser out of that deal. Heaps will be a star elsewhere.

Draper, UT

I think the smartest thing Heaps can do with his talent is transfer. BYU isn't the QB factory it once was and it doesn't have the coaching it needs for Heaps type of style.

Park City, UT

Patriot- good insight. Another ? though, Most of the talk last year was fans wanting to get rid of Anae, maybe not you, but it seemed like that was what you coug fans were wanting. Is that fair? I like the statement about Smith, I knew he could be a decent QB with the right hands leading him, and it looks like that may now happen. I think you are right, Heaps will transfer.

Kearns, UT

Feel bad for this kid. His spoiled rich kid attitude certainly turns away many people, and rightfully so. But there's no question Bronco and his staff deserve a good chunk of the blame for his struggles. When you get an arrogant, full of himself kid who sets unrealistic expectations for himself, that just fuels the fanbase. Bronco/Anae/Doman whoever, should have knocked this kid off his perch the day he walked on campus. They let his attitude fester, and it resulted in a team who lost respect for him when he did not play well.

The kid has terrific physical tools, just doesn't have the mental ability to lead a team. He's always focused on leading himself. Until that changes, he'll be the most highly touted clipboard holder in the country.

Saint George, Utah

You may want to seek medical help for your depressed state. Observations:

A. You have obviously never met Riley. 5'10"? No.
B. Riley's passing has been much more accurate and efficient than Jake's after just one partial and one full week of snaps.
C. You sure seem to think you know a lot about being on the bench, hmmm, wonder why?
D. I hope Heaps has a more optimistic outlook on his future than you do. You are a bummer!
E. If he doesn't, and he leaves, I wish him well but the offense won't miss a beat. It's only gotten better so far.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

I can't believe I am in agreement with patriot's last post.

Aberdeen, ID

I'd like to see a couple of plays built into the game plan that gets Heaps out on the field every game regardless of the score. They did the same thing for Riley when Heaps was starting.

Mesa, AZ

I just love armchair quarterbacks who get to sit back and pronounce their intelligence on comment boards as if they knew what they were talking about.

Please regale us some more about how much you understand what is going on, what you think should be done, and who should be playing.

Better yet, lets get a TV crew to follow you around your job and point out all the things that you don't do up to snuff and allow everyone else to make comments on a comment board anonymously.

Salt Lake City, UT

Look.....Heaps couldn't get it done....Does it mean his career is over? No WAY! And Utah is no QB factory option either.....far from it!

Stay with the date who brought you.....prepare, execute and focus on your next chance! Be ready this time.....Come out and hit your recievers and execute the game plan...

Sandy, UT


For a great QB, with "same talent" as Riley, he sure does struggle with anyone half way decent.

The storm your say he got caught up in was created only by himself, he held that conference to announce his decision to attend BYU.

I find that hard to believe. The games I have watched with him playing, he flat out stinks.

Jake should transfer, nobody wants him at BYU, maybe Western New Mexico State Tech would have a use to him as the waterboy or something.

Centerville, UT

Has anyone considered the possibility that Heaps isn't as 'talented' as first thought? I'm sorry, but he didn't play against really tough competition when he was in this year.

He BARELY beat Ole Miss...a miserable team.
He lost to Texas...a team that got CRUSHED by OU and beat the next week by OSU.
He lost BIG to the arch rival at home...and Utah has yet to beat a quality opponent.
He very nearly lost to USU...a team that is only 2-4 (although, probably better than their record indicates.)

What is the big deal about this guy? If he did transfer, would it be that be a deal? BYU has had players like this before. Lots of Hype and usually forgotten in a year or two.

Bedford, WY

Best thing for Jake would be a transfer from BYU to MTC. He would return with some skills he is now lacking.

Provo, UT

"At this point, I really haven't given that any thought. It's too early to talk about that stuff."

That means "yes I am thinking about it but I obviously can't say anything because it would ruin me right now."

Any answer other than, "No, I'm not going to transfer" means "yes, I'm thinking about it."

Mission Viejo, CA

Agree with much of what has been said. Heaps looked good against weak sisters and wasn't bad against Utah in Anae's offense. Improved and looked great in the bowl game. This year, with new offense, but same people, pretty much, he disintegrated. Got worse every game. Hurried throws. Looked scared, confused.

He is 19 years old. He'll mature and may well be great. But he has to earn his way. If he thinks that a transfer is a good option, he can look at some of the other "great" QBs who transferred. None did well. Maybe some of you guys with more time on your hands can look up the recent transfers out of the BYU program.

Jake, if you read this, take your lumps and learn. McMahon was redshirted behind Mark Wilson. Young did not start until his junior year. Learn your trade, work out and get stronger and tougher, and wait your turn. Nobody is "entitled" to start for anybody, let alone at BYU.


Heaps has struggled, but he has played the hardest part of the schedule and he had to deal with breaking the whole team into a new offense, it takes time for things to click. Nelson clearly has the leg up on him in leadership, fight, and maturity and that's what a young struggling BYU team needed when they made the switch. It was the right move. I dont think it matters who is the QB the rest of the way. But what does matter is how Heaps handles the situation. If he is put into the game, he needs to be a leader and show some fight to earn his job back. If they stick with Riley, he needs to be humble, learn what he can, redshirt next year if he isn't the starting QB, and come back for 2 great years when he is ready.
If he takes the cowards way out and transfers, that shows the character he really has. If he isnt competitive enough to earn the starting spot in college he never has a chance to make it to the NFL which has been his goal all along. And we dont want a guy like that

Springville, UT

Ever since I predicted Austin Collie being a bust in the NFL, my judgement is suspect. I don't pretend to be an expert, just another fanatic with an opinion.

With disclaimer Mr Patriot has a serious point to consider. Brandon Doman is new, great scamble play maker though was not a pure quarterback himself. Is this hurting Heaps? Maybe, I don't know.

With Heaps the one thing I notice is his physical toughness. I'm sure he is tougher then me but he strikes me as so risk avoidance how can he possibly play this position when the heat is really on? I remember Ty Detmer taking stitches on his chin, gluing gauze or something on his chin, running out and beating Miami. I don't see that kind of toughness from Heaps. I see him throw the ball and duck for cover. When an interception is thrown he is the last to pretend like he is trying to make a tackle.

All of this will sort out, and clearly Coach Doman has lots to learn though if they can continue to build...I just hope what is hurting Heaps is Heaps, not the coaching.

Then again, I said Collie would flop.

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