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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 19 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Providence, UT

Best coach, best offense and best defense in 4A. Logan will be awfully tough to beat in the playoffs. By not playing a few starters East kept this game close. Logan would have played their starters all game and put up 60 plus points. Good strategy coach.

South Jordan, UT

when east plays a good coached team they always look bad...outcoached

Salt Lake City, UT

If the game mattered, east would have won.

St. George, UT

When you are afraid to lose I guess it is best to throw in the towel before the game even starts. To be competitive you don't want to lose and to waffle on how if you want to play or play your JV or even show up for the game. Hats off to Logan and East, I hope you can make up your mind if you want to play next week. It shows who has class and who has excuses.

Mark D

I've worked with both coaches, and both are good men. Having said that, Coach Favero is a seasoned, proven winner with "history" at a school he's guided to the Championship before - he knows what he's doing, and his players have grown up in his system...

Coach Matich is an up and coming coach who is sure to learn from this game and continue building a winning program. His players are still growing into his system and East is sure to be in the mix for the 4A Championship this year and for years to come...

Don't forget, the trophy is handed out in November, not October...

red rocks
Saint George, UT

I think that this was the right decision for East. Outcome would not have changed but the confidence level going into the playoffs would have changed for East. This team needs confidence going in to the playoffs. Season #2 is about to begin.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Matich will learn a valuable lesson.

Logan pulled there starters after the game was in hand, this is the same pattern the Grizz have fallowed all season.

DJ plays a solid first half then the others get playing time. Favero rests his starters while the JV and sophomores see valuable playing time. Now that is a smart coach.

Providence, UT

Yeah, at 9-0 East really should be feeling bad about the season. Matich knew they would lose and wanted an excuse when they did. What kind of a coach gives up on an undefeated season?

Layton, UT

How much more does Coach Matich need to learn about Logan. Logan broke his heart when he coached at Park City. Now Logan takes away his perfect season. How could he even consider laying down for last nights game. (if he did ?) The kids work all year to play in big games and deserve to compete in the spotlight. I understand injururies could happen. Some could even have big implications. Its part of the sport. Congrats to both schools for a fine season. Even more congrats to Logan for playing the game to win. There are some very good football teams in 4A this year. Should be a great tournament. I like Logan's chances but there is lots of football yet to be played. Go Grizz

Salt Lake City, UT

Good thing about high school football, going undefeated doesn't matter. That's what playoffs are for. You can say all you want about East not playing their starters by choice, but in reality they had 4-5 linemen not playing because of injury. East literally shot themselves in the foot as much as possible, if these two teams play again expect a different game.

Taylorsville Alum
Taylorsville, UT

I love Easts uniforms. Best in the state in my opinion.

Lyman, WY

I made the trip from Wyoming to watch this game last night, and Sideline9, I think you are right about 1 thing....I do expect a different game next time. I expect Logan to win by a larger margin. There was all kinds of hype about East sitting their studs and I know on the line there were a few gone....or at least that's what I read here....but a short time into the first quarter the big name backs were in the game. Logan wasn't really clicking early on offensive side of the ball. Logan is very impressive, and I think Coach Favero is the best around. Honestly, the biggest question I have is what would happen in a Logan vs Lone Peak matchup?.....It would be a good one in my opinion.

dUrrdy bUrrd
dUrrdy-bUrrdville, UT

relax, it's only high school football and last, be careful what u wish for cuz lone peak would take logan out to woodshed!!!

Bountiful, UT

Just a thought. If East had the majority of their HUGE lineman out, that alone explains the outcome. The line controls the game. The skill players are able to do what they do based on the line. If the line is not in to punch holes, it does not matter how good your back is. And I will tell you this..East's lineman are STUDS.

Provo, UT

East is a very good team with very good coaching, but I think Logan is just a cut above them this year. It is the Grizzlies title to lose. Good observations on Coach Favero--he might not have the total rings of say Coach Dupaix or Coach Wong or Coach Wall, but arguably he is the best coach in the state. Anyone who can beat Highland with Haloti Ngata with the smallest school in the 4A classification (at that time) in the state championship has to know what he's doing.

Tooele, UT

I am thinking Matich should of had a press conference before the warning the fans of East that they would be tanking the game with a JV caliber team on the field and that they should not waste their time attending the game. I also deserve a apology from Matich because he totally jacked up my picks on D-news ha ha.

Murray, UT

Thanks for representing, Brandon. Glad to know you and your players didn't think the game was important. Grandpa would be proud.

Murray, UT

If the game wasn't important, why didn't you cancel it, seeing as it meant nothing to either of you post season? I think each game is important for you, chasing an undefeated record and a state championship. Surprising how you can practice all week, show up to play but not care. What a waste. Is this the NFL and are you the Colts or the Patriots?

Cedar City, Utah

Both teams are good and logan might make it past one round this year. We all know how last years attempt went. They will not win the 4A title. That will go to one of three teams in region 6. East yes even though they lost last night, Bountiful, or Highland. I'm betting Highland. And I'm also betting Logan plays the Rams in round one or two and losses. Just like they did to the then defending champs Timpview. Look it up region six is the best region in 4A this year.

Funny Joker
Bountiful, Utah

East is still average. Matich is average. I'll be impressed when East can make it to the turf. Props to Coach Favero for doing the right thing and letting his kids play. High school football isn't about "saving" your players for the playoffs. High school football is about going out w/a band of brothers EVERY game night and enjoying it while it lasts. High school football isn't a right, it's a privilege. Let the kids enjoy it while it lasts. To coach Matich, learn from the GREAT coaches in the state like Larry Wall, better check your ego when you leave your office. You're still an upstart coach, and you haven't proven anything.

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