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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 19 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

No. No one wants you. Get used to it. Weak program getting worse every year. Get used to fighting weber for recruits.


Great article, thanks!


Tom Holmoe's senior year at BYU was 1982, not 1984. Friendly fact check.

Provo, UT

Always the classless little brother, Chris B. is once again so eager to post on a BYU-related article.

Nice to see you didn't disappoint, Chrissy....


Oh Chris B... get a life. Getting nervous about BYU going to the Big 12.

It's alright, little brother. We'll still play you. We won't pretend to be too good for you now like you've tried to do to us.

There, there now .

Farmington, UT

Chris B I suggest you have a little warm milk and some cookies and try and get excited about your Utes having any kind of chance to go bowling, outside of a party at Rancho Lanes in December.

Columbia, MO

Harmon's partly right. BYU will end up in the Big 12, but only if Missouri's rumored move to the SEC occurs. TCU was invited in part to try to keep Mizzou in, and the agreement about equal revenue sharing was also a ploy to keep Missouri and the other schools with wanderlust in the fold.

Some schools in the Big 12 are not too eager to invite BYU for reasons that have nothing to do with either business or the quality of athletic programs. But if Mizzou leaves the remaining schools in the Big 12 will go with the best option available and that is BYU. If Missouri stays, it's anybody's guess whether BYU will be invited.

Idaho Falls, ID

There may not have been a formal offer, but they were definitely negotiatingand the Big 12 was definitely interested. Something scared the Big 12 off in those discussions. Holmoe is keeping mum so as to not risk future negotiations. But I'm afraid that ship has sailed. There won't be an offer, IMO; it has to do with broadcasting rights and Sunday play. The broadcasting network for the Big 12 don't want to have to deal with the baggage BYU brings. I truly, truly hope I'm wrong.


Enough BYU Big 12 chit chat............"Show me the money!"

Salt Lake City, UT

Sorry Chris but your namesake won't be demanding the 2 for 1 game deals both BYU and Utah can demand from Utah State for scheduling. And even Utah State might not be getting any visits from their bigger brothers in Salt Lake and Provo after 2014 when your Ute's are under contract to play in Logan one last time. The rivalry might go into hiatus for 5-6 years as both schools get used to their BCS league environments...but it will be back as a Pac 12/Big 12 showdown which will add a new dimension to it that all the fans on both sides will back up and enjoy.

The State of Utah will be the crossroads of two great BCS leagues in college football sooner than you think, and BOTH Utah and BYfanssn will be the winners in league realignment!

Provo, UT

Chris B gets an F-

When The most trusted reporter in BYU history speaks Charles Schwab listens.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Big 12 presidents/chancellors 4 years ago made a decision to change the championship finale of their league basketball toruney to Saturday knowing it could come to BYU replacing Colorado in the league line-up. They have the data to back up it's been a great choice thus far, but FOX TV Sports wouldn't listen and blocked the BYU application a couple of weeks ago in favor of TCU.

Missouri to the SEC when they really want the Big Ten? Don't bet on either.

Jeff in Norman

I don't have any sources and I say that BYU is out of the Big-12 expansion picture. See how easy that is was. This coming from a reporter who had a tantrum on national television when BYU was invited by the PAC-10. I wonder how much bigger the tantrum will get if BYU happens to not get an Big-12 invite and is asked to speak on national television again.

Centerville, UT

@Chris B

What's the point of going to an AQ conference if you can't even win a game in that conference?

salt lake city, utah

everyone seems to be running away from the big 12 colorado, nebraska last year
texas a&m and now missouri. oklahoma and oklahoma state looked at leaving and byu fans think this will be the greatest thing for their athletics programs as they have been waiting weeks for an invite

Provo, UT

Jeff in Norman,

I think we know who will have the Tantrum, should BYU go to the Big 12.

Sandy, UT

I don't care where BYU goes. just hurry up and decide what you want to do. chris b...why do you always have to comment on byu's articles.

Idaho Falls, ID

Jeff in Norman

Dude, proof read your posts before submitting them. I can't understand you.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Chris B,
I understand your worry about BYU and going to the Big 12...

BYU = Never loosing a recruit to the utes that they want.
Better conference than the pac 12.
Longer nights curled up on moms kitchen floor sobbing.
More "mark it down" worthless predictions.
Another several years with nothing else to do but post on BYU articles.

Heres to another 20 years + Chris..lol

Arizona Reader
Gilbert, AZ

I've been excited about this topic for the past few months, checking the news daily to see if things are going to happen. However, as a huge BYU fan, I don't see this thing coming our way. I'm gearing up for a long history as an Independent school. Let's be honest, that is just who we are. We're different and we kind of like floating alone on things. Would I love to be in the Big 12? YES!!! However, I just don't think it will happen any more.

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