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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 18 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

Let's be real here folks, had the Y beat Texas and the U I think we could say the they were a team on the rise and I would expect them to be ranked as well. However, BYU was destroyed by Utah and lost to Texas so even a win over TCU wouldn't get them close to the top 25. BYU really has to upgrade its schedule if they want to be taken seriously as an independent. Idaho and New Mex St aren't going to cut it.

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers
Anaheim, CA

It's nice of our little brothers to drop in to compare schedules; once a little brother, always a little brother.

The highlight of their season is beating a team that has been a "national cupcake" for 15+ years.


Cedar City, Ut

Dear Byu,
you're schedule is a joke, of course you are "hitting your stride", you're playing bad teams.

Ps I hope Idaho State beats you, wouldn't that me great.

Layton, Utah

"which program is headed up"

0-3 in conference and 3-3 overall, with wins against the Montana pee wees, Byu and Pitt. Yep Ute logic.
I guess if you are on the bottom the only way to look is up, I'll give ya that.

And hey Ute fans if you are so bent on cupcakes, then why don't you return your two BCS trophies, I seem to remember plenty of MWC cupcakes those years. And you had to get lucky against Air Force and TCU in 08. Oh and on the 08 schedule you will find, Weber, New Mexico, UNLV, what USU??? CSU, San Diego, hardly a powerhouse schedule at all. Please. don't sit here and act like all you do is play top 10 teams every year.

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't get the U fans. You talk about how bad BYU is, WHY do you keep bringing up 54-10, if BYU is that bad, stop bringing it up and i would start focusing on your own team, they need it.

Layton, Utah


Oh yeah and Michigan in 08 was an abysmal 3-9 team that you had to barely squeak out a win against. So barely beating Ole Miss(2-4) this year in the SEC on the road isn't a bad accomplishment if you asked me.

Andrew J. Marksen
Deseret, UT

@ Christy B

You are right, BYU would fit in the middle of the Pac 12. However, while I have season tickets to BYU I also root for the Utes. I want both schools to do well. I want BYU to do well so that more big time college football will come to town. I like sitting in LES to see the big names. I loved it when USC and ND came to town it was a great atmosphere. I will be at RES when USC and Stanford come to town. I am not a fan of Nelson because I believe he has no long term upside. It is easy to hit your stride playing lesser competition. There are big problems with BYU football right now. The future is looking dark. That does not help scheduling. Beating SJSU and ISU doesn't help either, but things can be turned around. Am I "true blue" or a "Utah man?" Nope. I don't have a dog in that fight, but I will spend my money either place.

Woods Cross, UT


The most laughable thing about your comment (4:24) is that BYU had roughly the same schedule in the years before, during and after and still was not good enough or (lucky enough as in '84) to do anything worth note at all.

No worries BYU is hitting their stride so all will be well....maybe.

If we are talking about returning trophies for bad schedules, perhaps we should revisit 1984 - don't you think.

Overton, NV

The claim = BYU needs to upgrade its schedule if it wants to be taken seriously.

Facts = This is the first year of independence and Holmoe had to take what he could get. That means playing lesser teams in some cases. For future schedules, the opponents are "better" (or, at least, they are more respected programs nationally; not necessarily better on the field).

But don't let the facts get in the way of your hatred. To all the Anti-BYU-Utites, have a nice day.

And a nice day to the real Ute fans, too.

West Jordan, Utah

"Hitting their stride" is one way of saying it. I say there are playing better, but against a weaker schedule.

Riley Nelson does make a difference. His energy feeds the team's passionate side of their attitude more than anything. I think this is often the case for BYU. They have some motivated guys that need a kick start. Probably due to the amount of adult responsibilities many of them (players) have already taken on in their young lives.

Oregon State was the Cougars best game so far.

I think Utah and BYU are about the same, with Utah a little better. Not 54-10 better, but still better.

BYU's schedule is a snoozer from here on out except against TCU and maybe Hawaii.

Utah's schedule doesn't let up. They do have the weaker PAC 12 foes all coming up. Is Utah in over their head? I am 50/50 on that. With Wynn, Devonte Christopher, and Dalin Rodgers out, it's a challenge for Norm Chow to restructure his offense, one trying to digest what is new anyway.

John White IV is a solid RB, but he can't carry the ball 36 times again.

Utah's defense is their rock.

Sandy, UT

"It's definitely there. We're just dominating right now."

Well, for a "dominating" you sure had your hands full with Oregon State and San Jose State Mr. Hoffman.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT


Yes I stand corrected James is a junior. I was confused with Riley's medical red shirt that allowed him to get his Junior season back sorry.

Hey Bytheway, James was the one who informed Riley about the medical red shirt post FSU injury option, strange that his coach's did not.

Thank heaven's for small favors.

Las Vegas, NV

It's funny how BYU always hits their during their stretch of playing flat out bad teams. I feel for the BYU season ticket holders the most who work hard to pay for tickets to watch horrible competition.



Considering that EIGHT of BYU's twelve games this season are against teams that are currently ranked below Montana State, and FOUR of them are against teams ranked below the University of Montana, one could say, "When is BYU going to get brave enough to schedule some teams from Montana?"

Any objective observer recognizes that by moving up to the Pac-12, Utah's football schedules will be tougher than their previous MWC and WAC schedules. Even with Arizona, Oregon State, and Cal struggling more than most expected, they are still more dangerous than New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado State typically are.

BYU's situation is quite different. Their recent departure from the MWC left them few opportunities to play opponents who have historic credibility. It's one thing to have a few easy opponents scattered throughout the schedule, but to go into the season knowing you'll face five of them won't win many votes on the national scene. Then to have two more of them turn out to be surprisingly bad......

I expect BYU to finish 9-3. It's always a good thing to win 9 or more. I hope the Utes can get 8 wins.

Good luck, Cougars!

CTJ fan
Salt Lake City, UT


Your Pac12 is not good they have 2 good teams the rest mediocre. Oregon and Stanford yet when they play a good team from another conference they lose. Texas would have beaten everyone the Utes have played this year so far. The ONLY reason Utah beat BYU like that was 7 turnovers 2 for touchdowns. If that had been reversed then it would of been BYU 54 and Utah 10. Lets face it those who've never played the game and look at a game like that as a beat down even though they didn't do much without the help of a turnover. Just ask the Ute players with Washington and AZ state, you can't get momentum when you keep turning the ball over and it all goes to the other team. The first half of that game is more indicative of the caliber of the teams, with BYU out front without the gift touchdown. You can't have it both ways and say Utah lost because of turnovers then have a different philosophy when it goes the other way.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Listen people what do you think the BYU can do when this time of year all other teams are smack in the middle of there conference play, no team would want to schedule with an independent now at this point in there seasons.

Yes BYU and its announcement of it's intention to become an independent was made rashly, without many programs able to rearrange set schedules, that had been planned out and scheduled years out with other schools. Thus rendering BYU into a very hasty and desperate position to take what was available.

So now we have the 2011 season it is what it is and you fault finding, conspiracy theorists, piling on voyeurs and out and out BYU haters you are all simply annoying pimples.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


"EIGHT of BYU's twelve games this season are against teams that are currently ranked below Montana State, and FOUR of them are against teams ranked below the University of Montana, one could say, "When is BYU going to get brave enough to schedule some teams from Montana?"

Only one of Utah's remaining six PAC 12 opponents is ranked ahead of BYU, and that team just barely:

#55 UCLA
........#57 BYU
#59 Cal
........#61 Pitt
#71 WSU
#106 Ariz
#107 Colo
#115 OSU

Feel free to point out which of Utah's remaining six opponents the Utes shouldn't be able to handle easily. Afterall, the Utes beat the 2nd highest ranked team on that list by 40 points; or was that just a fluke?

Sorry, I'm not buying that Utah's remaining PAC 12 schedule is all that difficult.

#32 TCU, btw, is ranked just below #30 USC and #28 Washington

Harwich, MA

The football team doesn't "stand" for anything. It's just a football team.


Marked It Down,

If you're trying to fight with an "arrogant Ute fan," you've got the wrong guy.

The Montana jab (which is statistically accurate, by the way) that obviously upset you was made to rebut a comment made by another reader.

Please respond to what I wrote, not what you THINK I meant.

Do I think that Utah's dismantling of BYU by 44 points was a fluke - the win wasn't a fluke, but the blowout certainly was! Turnovers/mistakes by BYU played a HUGE part in that game. If those two teams played ten times, 8 of them would likely be decided by 10 or fewer points.

Utah's remaining games are against #s 55, 59, 71, 106, 107, and 115. In the remaining five games, BYU will face #s 32, 82, 131, 149, and 218. The difference isn't subtle.

You're right, the rankings suggest Utah should win out, but each of them has more athleticism and depth than most MWC teams (what the Utes are used to seeing week in and week out) have. Any of them could trip up Utah.

I would be shocked if BYU doesn't win 8 or more. Utah would be fortunate to win 8.

Layton, Utah

lanius | 5:12 p.m. Oct. 19, 2011
Thanks for validating my point, 08 you got "lucky" several times. Michigan, AF, TCU, Alabama(tons of players out and no heart to play). Guess your just not lucky this year, just bad. But it doesn't matter what you think, 1984 National Champions in the history books.

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