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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 18 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Arlington, VA


BYU has as much to look forward to as Utah, winning the remainder of their games, qualifying for and winning a bowl game, and improving a still very young team to be even better next season.

Is there really much difference between playing in the Armed Forces, Poinsettia, Kraft Fight Hunger, or New Mexico Bowls?

Outside of the BCS championship game, none of the other bowls means anything. How many fans could name the winners of the Orange, Sugar, Fiesta and Rose Bowls from 2007?


jarka-rus | 10:41 a.m. Oct. 19, 2011
"BYu only lost by one point to Texas who's Sagarin is #18 SOS #4!! higher than any Ute opponent."

The Y also only won by 1 in Ole Miss who's Sagarin is #85 you can't use this logic both ways.

"And BYU was very much "in" the Utah game until the turnover bug got them"

Ole miss was up the entire game until the turnover bug got them and their QB drops the ball on the ground late in the 4th, agaain you can't use this logic both ways

Draper, UT

Really Byu fans? How can you talk trash to a team that completed dominated you 54 to 10. It wasn't just a close game, Utah completely dominated in all phases of the game. Utah left no doubt who has the superior team on the field. In my opinion Montana State is better than Byu. After re watching both games i think Montana State would beat the cougars. Furthermore, for all the Cougars who are making fun of Utah's schedule. The Cougars would be 0-6 right now playing Utah's schedule. There is no way Byu would of beat Pitt last week. Looking at Byu's schedule I don't know how Utah wouldn't be 6-0 playing that weak of a schedule.


The label "cupcake" is getting thrown around alot, but there is no official definition of what constitutes a cupcake on the schedule. So as a Ute fan who, like Jarka-rus points out, respects Sagarin's ratings, please allow me to use them to qualify Utah's and BYU's schedules:

Utah: thus far has played 3 top 30 teams, 4 top 60 teams, and 6 top 90 teams.
Utah: scheduled to play an additional 2 top 60 teams, 3 top 90 teams, and 0 teams worse than OSU at #115.

BYU: thus far has played 1 top 30 team, 2 top 60 teams, and 6 top 90 teams.
BYU: scheduled to play an additional 1 top 60 team, 2 top 90 teams, and 3 teams notably worse than OSU's #115.

To date, Utah has played the 9th toughest schedule in the nation. BYU's schedule is ranked #60.

I don't believe that BYU has to apologize for this season's weak schedule - they had to throw it together late as a result of leaving the MWC. But BYU fans should be very cautious about measuring their team's progress against this season's opponents, and poking fun at Utah's schedule makes you sound silly.

South Jordan, UT

@ Blue Husky Girl

"Utah is finding that the Pac 12" is over their heads".

On the contrary, Utah is finding where they belong in the Pac 12. They are not as good as the top 4 and they are not one of the bottom 4. Utah is landing the recruits to compete with the top 4. The difference is in the backups. The defense has played well in every loss but when you are on the field 60% of the time, you are not going to be successful. Utah will end the season going 5-1 through the rest of the year and end up 8-4. Utah's needs are qb, left tackle, taller receivers. Utah has two 6-5 receivers that transferred from other schools on the team next year, Utah just signed four highly recruited linemen this month and we have commits from two highly recruited qb's and will probably land a very good jc backup quarterback at some point. The defense will always be solid at Utah.

Orem, Utah

@ Utah'95,

Nice work to compile those stats. Shows what I'd originally thought.

I posted at the first of the season that the Utes had the tougher schedule over BYU, and for that reason would have a worse record by the end of the year.

So far, that's proving true.

Mesa, AZ

How sad...

The majority of the post for this article are ute fans trying to tell BYU why they are worse off then they are. Like lipstick on their own pig makes theirs look better.

I thought about writing a rebuttal to them...

then I remembered, I no longer care what ute fans think.

Your opinions mean nothing to me anymore.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

With 4 cupcakes + TCU, the Y should win 9 games and will call the season a "success." Pity as they will not have beaten a top tier team during the season. If Heaps rides the bench the rest of the season, look for him to transfer next year.

Andrew J. Marksen
Deseret, UT

Easy to hit your stride when you do not play anyone. This schedule is one of the weakest in all of NCAA DIV IA football.

Boise, ID

Last season Utah played three decent teams: TCU, Notre Dame, and Boise State. The Utes lost all three games by a combined score of 101-13. Utah only scored one TD and that was against TCU during garbage time when the score was 40-0 at RES no less.

This season Utah again has only played three decent teams: Washington (22), Arizona State (24), and USC (28). Of course, Utah lost all three, and will now fight for the Pac 12 table scraps with Wash St, Arizona, Oregon St and Colorado.

Kudos to the Utes though---they did defeat BYU. The measuring rod of a good season.

Syracuse, UT

As a BYU fan I have to disagree with the title of this article, BYU isn't hitting there stride, they are just playing really bad teams now.

Somewhere in, Utah

It's borderline hilarious and sad that Ute fans are pointing to their victory over, and I'll admit it, a struggling BYU team as their signature win of the season. This from a fan base that has "moved on" since joining the Pac 12 and repeatedly claimed that "BYU is irrelevant". The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Let's face it everybody, neither team has performed up to the expectations this year. Both programs might as well be building momentum for next season.

Gilbert, AZ

U < Y

You understand the irony of a Utah fan using that display name, don't you?

Pleasant Grove, UT


Makes all sense in the world now! Do I accuse you of being Riley or James cousins now? Lol

Cedar Hills, UT

Idaho State, TCU, Idaho, New Mexico State and Hawaii

Well, 1 for 5 isn't too good. One legit team (TCU) out of five remaining games. What in the world is BYU playing Idaho teams for? What's on the schedule for the future... Dixie and Snow college???

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

"Easy to hit your stride when you do not play anyone."

Pitt 3-4 #61
Cal 3-3 #59
OSU 1-5 #115
Ariz 1-5 #106
UCLA 3-3 #55
WSU 3-3 #71
Colo 1-6 #107

BYU 5-2 #57 Obviously, BYU would fit right in the middle of the PAC.

If the Utes don't beat every opponent remaining on their schedule by at least 40 points, we'll know that the Utes are either regressing, or their win against BYU was a fluke.


Interesting Facts about Heaps and Riley's Defenses Rankings in Pass Defense Efficiency/ Total Defense:
Heaps: Ole miss: 64/ 106, Texas: 12/ 30, UCF: 4/ 3,
Riley: San Jose: 79/ 94, Oregon State: 112/ 75.
Utah State: 55/ 33.
In terms of competition Heaps has clearly played tougher defenses along with an inexperienced offensive coordinator calling the shots.
I'm just saying its an interesting point.

Cedar Hills, UT

San Jose St, Utah State, Idaho and Idaho St, New Mexico St, Hawaii...6 games with some of the worst Div 1 teams in the country. Are the Idaho teams even division one??? Holy cow, BYU Football is a joke. While BYU is facing those mean Idaho and New Mexico st teams Utah is playing week after week Pac 12 teams. The U has struggled with injuries but honestly which program is headed up and which is headed for the dumpster? Nice job Bronco and Tom. Way to bring such national excitement back to Provo. I guess with a 5'10" starting QB whose longest throws are of the 5-9 yard variety you ought to be happy to be playing such pathetic competition at this point in the season. Maybe if all goes well the Y can play in the Armed Forces Bowl!! Wow, talk about the big stage!! Perhaps intramural football would be funner to watch.


BYU is a national "cupcake" and has been for 15+ years! Congrats!

Salt Lake City, Utah


What in the world is Utah playing Montana teams for? What's on the future schedule, Montana Tech????

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