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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 18 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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@SCCougar, yes I agree.......Utah, in a rebuilding year, injuries everywhere has struggled. However, the U lost to some very good teams and were in every ball game until the turnover bug destroyed them. As we look at the season thus far, Utah has/will have 4 "cupcake" teams on their schedule......Montana St., BYU, OSU and AZ. BYU has/will have 7. I do think Montana St. could beat BYU however. BYU's lil' run in the late 20th century is over........back to mediocrity is their destiny.


@Counter Intelligence, Sir, you are correct. The fun reading this blather is hilarious as heck though.........you must admit.

Salt Lake City, UT


"the U lost to some very good teams and were in every ball game until the turnover bug destroyed them"

The same thing could be said of BYU, unless you don't consider Utah to be a very good team. BYU was in both games, before losing a close game at Texas and getting killed by the turnover bug against Utah.

Get over your hatred. It's not healthy.

Frisco, TX

Ute trolls are out in force. I think they are worried whether or not they will become bowl eligible. Don't worry, I have faith that U'll reach 6-6 and qualify for the New Mexico Bowl where you'll battle a 7-5 Wyoming Cowboy team. That could be the game of the year.

I too would like to see what Lark can do, but let's keep the momentum going with Nelson. Hopefully, we'll get a big early lead on Saturday and we can see Heaps play the 3rd quarter and Lark play the 4th quarter.

I'm hoping we'll redshirt Heaps in 2012 to focus on his development. I still believe he has a lot of potential, but he needs to develop and mature. The future continues to look bright at QB U after an early misstep this year, with the following starter and back-up.

2012 - Nelson, Lark
2013 - Heaps, Hill
2014 - Heaps, Hill
2015 - Hill, Mangum
2016 - Hill, Mangum
2017 - Mangum
2018 - Mangum

Colorado and UCLA are not cupcakes?

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

Is everyone serious with them playing better? Yes, the team is showing more energy behind Nelson than they did for Hypes, but come on. We have been through all of this already. They even talked about it ad naseum on all the radio shows. This is a product of their very weak schedule. Nothing more. If they would be playing teams like AZ St, Washington, Texas again, Houston, etc. they would be losing and have the same results. Are we going to say the same thing again next year when they lose to the good teams to start off their 2nd independent season, then beat all of the lower teir WAC, Conference USA, and MWC teams? BYU has been playing more as a team since Riley took over at the helm, but they are still just getting by the easy teams. If they played Texas again, they would probably lose, and same with Utah. I doubt they would have as many turnovers, but the result would be the same. A win for the UTES.


@LonestarRunner, the score was 54-10, a COMPLETE beat-down......and the U didn't quit like BYU did with a totally healthy team. The U lost their gimpy starting QB, had to start a kid at QB that only arrived to the program this fall, new starters everywhere(young squad) and an O-line that has been decimated by injury.......that's how they lost. Texas is horrible, had 3 different QBs against BYU, Ole Miss is a disaster and if that frosh didn't drop the wide open TD pass BYU would have lost. BYU won in a miracle against Utah St., UCF should have won and San Jose St was right there as well. BYU is a joke!

Millions despise BYU........the unhealthiness resides within "U" and your ilk.......it is called "martyrdom."

Boise, Id

The TCU game will tell us everything we need to know about the cougars this year can Riley carry the team to a win over a two loss TCU team. Riley and Alisa have changed the way the team is playing regardless of the quality of the teams. Before Neilson came on Heaps was ready to give USU back to back beat downs. Can the coaches and players step up and win against a good but down TCU team??? Don't forget BYU is projected to play SMU in the Arm Forces bowl. The same SMU team that beat TCU already this year. If the team does not beat TCU a 9-4, record is likely. Hawaii will be no gimmie in Hawaii; they will be ready to renew the past rivalry with the cougars. With wins over TCU, Hawaii and a bowl win over SMU I will consider this a good start to independence despite the start. 9-4, 8-5 will be a big disappointment.

Morgan, UT


High School schedule. Way to hit stride.

At least BYU is hitting a stride, Utah is hitting a brick wall...sorry.

Orem, UT


Dude, it's just a game. Take deep cleansing breaths, close your eyes, imagine yourself on a beach somewhere ... Hawaii, right? Find your happy place. Ahhhhh. Isn't that better now?

Cedar Hills, UT

Hitting their stride??? Look who they have played the last 3 games - Utah State, San Jose State and Oregon State... and what is the combined record of these 3 teams??? Most teams would hit their stride with this sort of competition.

BYU/Jazz fan
West Valley, UT


"Millions despise BYU........the unhealthiness resides within "U" and your ilk.......it is called "martyrdom." Are you kidding me? Didn't the New York Times just report that BYU has twice as many fans as Utah does? Maybe you should do a little bit of homework before spouting off more of your hate.
Every case you made of a BYU game could be made for the Utah games as well. "woulda shoulda coulda, turn over bug, etc..." seems to be the mantra of both teams. Isn't it the same for any team that loses?

Mission Viejo, CA

It is time to stop comparisons between Utah and BYU. Utah has not beaten a good team in the last two years. They are a bad team and will get worse. BYU is trying to find a QB and leader. They're improving with Nelson.

The schedule looked a lot better in August than it does today. Ole Miss, Texas, TCU, Oregon State, UCF, and Utah all looked like a good SOS schedule. Alas, all those teams are having a down year. That happens.

The WAC teams on the schedule are a necessary add, given the loss of the mighty MTN teams. CSU, Wyoming, Air Force, et al. would not have strengthened the schedule that much, if at all.

But remember the Boise State strategy. Beat a few name teams and smash the WAC teams and get your BCS bids. Utah is finding out that the PAC12 is over their heads. The Big12 would be a tough match for this BYU team. Oklahoma, OSU, KSU, et al. would beat either BYU or Utah like ugly stepchildren this year. If BYU can join the Big12, go for it. Otherwise, stay Indy and win. Nuff said.

Layton, Utah

mgr63 | 8:41 a.m. Oct. 19, 2011

And BYU was very much "in" the Utah game until the turnover bug got them. Why don't you worry about your own sorry Ute situation? like no offense at all, so what if White the 45th carries a 100 times for 550 yards and all you get is 3 points . Your D is going to have to win most of your games for you. I still don't buy into the mighty PAC-12 factor, yes ASU, Oregon, USC and Stanford are great teams but after that the other teams are pathetic and would lose to teams from the WAC or Big12 etc. BYu only lost by one point to Texas who's Sagarin is #18 SOS #4!! higher than any Ute opponent. Since you Utes love the Sagarin.

Orem, UT


Dude, it's just a game. Take deep cleansing breaths, close your eyes, imagine yourself on a beach somewhere ... Hawaii, right? Find your happy place. Ahhhhh. Isn't that better now?

Layton, Utah

BlueHusky | 10:39 a.m. Oct. 19, 2011


Olympus Cove, Utah


The joke is on fans of a certain PAC 12 newbie who were so arrogant that they assumed they could waltz through the PAC 12 south with a gimpy starting QB and JC transfer backup QB that nobody else wanted.

After an 0-3 start, you're against the 3rd, 4th, and 5th best teams in the PAC 12, you're forced to use a game where your opponent imploded with 7 turnovers as the sole highlight of your season.

It's actually quite comical to watch the BYU-haters trying their hardest to tear down the only opponent that gives the U any credibility in their first PAC 12 season.

Orem, UT

No BSC bowl. No conference championship. That's a big YAWN for me. We played Utah too early. Not much really to look forward to except a less potent TCU. Can we flash forward to next year? At least the opposing teams will be more interesting. But even then, Armed Forces Bowl, New Mexico Bowl, Las Vegas Bowl? What will be next? We have a long way to go as an independent to get in a BSC bowl. Even if we do great next year, it's doubtful we would be invited. We would need to establish several years of consistent success to do that.

Rexburg, ID

I'm surprised that mgr63 is posting about cupcakes. He mentioned that Arizona and OSU are cupcakes. His is on the hook now. I wonder what kind of excuses he will make if Arizona and/or OSU beats the Utes.

BTW, most consider Colorado and UCLA as cupcakes as well. California is on the cusp.

So mgr63's Utes should win each of those games by at least 3 or 4 touchdowns. Let's all watch and see if that transpires.

Roy, UT

Air Force has had a pattern of wearing down as the season goes long, attributed by some to the rigors of officer training. BYU has a pattern of starting out slow and ending with their finest performances. Perhaps it also could be attributed to the type of regimen they go through as students. Perhaps as they get more comfortable with their classes, schedules, they become more efficient in other ways as well. It is probably also due to the approach the coaching staff takes to each season.

Woods Cross, UT

Can you imagine the fun if they were not "hitting their stride"! Then I really would not get any work done, reading all the drama! Love it!

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