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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 18 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Reasonable Person
Layton, UT

"My religion is better than your religion."
"No, my religion is better than yours!"

We need to take religion out of politics and government.
The First Amendment's clauses were deemed most important and placed first, for a reason.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

As much as I disagree with what the naysayers are saying about a church and faith I deeply love and am committed to, this is a non-story. Of course Perry's backers as well as backers of likely any other contender (except perhaps Huntsman) is going to do this. Unfortunately, that's what politics & campaigning these days are all about. Again, a non-story here.

m.g. scott

The stop Romney forces, be they Republican or Democrat, will try to take him out with the religion issue in the primaries. Obama certainly does not want the whole Reverend Wright thing to come up again, which is exactly what would happen if the Obama supporters tried to tar Romneys faith.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

@ Reasonable Person

The first amendment states; "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

This is a restriction on government, not religion, churches or the people. It says "Congress shall not..."

John Adams said that the constitution was completely capable of governing a good and righteous people but incapable of governing any other kind. This is because you can't trust people with self government unless they are willing to govern themselves.

Let the detractors ramble on. They will only marginalize themselves and the truth will prevail. People are beginning to figure out that Mormons are good people and the nay-sayers are fanatics.

m.g. scott

Reasonable Person, read the first amendment. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or PROHIBITING the FREE exercise thereof." It does not say anything about taking religion out of politics anymore than it says religion should be in politics. Congress is supposed to be neutral on the issue. The religion part is either added or not added by the individule politician using the other part of the first amendment giving freedom of speech. If that politician is too religious for you, don't elect him. If he is religious and you like it, vote for him. That's our system, simple as that.

Salem, UT

Oh how interesting a story about a politician using whatever tactic needed to win- long ago I was taught that you throw everything you can at the wall and whatever sticks you go with it- nothing new here and religion in politics is an issue that will never go away- this round it is Mormons- nothing new here

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

perry is desparate as he continues to slide in the polls. he'll try anything as well as will omama if Romney is the nominee. teddy did it years ago when running against Romney for the senate seat years ago.

Temecula, CA

First off Gov. Perry has not come out against any type of bigotry. Especially the new appealing Bigotry of attacking Mormons! How simple and easy Gov. Perry to grow your support in the most vile weak minded way with no regard for the hatred this leads to! Do you want to lead the new bigotry in America all for the sake of power? Do you even know what it is like to be a Mormon in America(not from a predominently Mormon area? Not even most Mormons do. This is what it is like.

You grow up being the only LDS kid in your schools then you go to HighSchool where you are tormented, ridiculed by students and teachers and you have your life tossed around. Gov Perry have you ever been beaten by highschool kids because of your religion? No? Because you lead the majority to attack a minority? Try like some of us have. You think the 1960's and prior were bad for African-Americans? You have no idea what some of us lived through! I love America, but hate what it was while growing up Mormon. And to know Murdering Mormons was once legal! There's more...

Park City, Ut

Dirty tricks by (fellow) Republicans? NO, I refuse to believe it!

Huntsville, UT

@The Rock;

Mormons are every bit as fanatical as the "nay-sayers". Trufac.

It doesn't surprise me in the least that Perry's camp is behind some of the anti-mormon rhetoric. If the situation were reversed and the Mittster were the Evangelican and Perry were the Mormon, I have absolutely NO DOUBT that Mitt's camp would do the same thing.

Politicians are a disgusting bunch so why should any of this surprise anyone?

Huntsville, UT

To all of you saying that it is Okay for religion to be involved in politics, the founders felt that the two would corrupt one another if merged.

I see the wisdom of their thoughts as you can see the corruption occurring in religion more and more all the time.

West Haven, Utah

don17 -

Been there, done that. I'm a 'transplant' to Utah from Washington. No, Gov. Perry has no idea. Neither did my 3rd grade teacher:

'That's right, kids. ANYONE can be President of the United States. Well, except for you, Jimmy. You and your family are Mormon, so you'll NEVER be President.'

You think I'm joking? I'm not. Neither is Perry.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

The Rock | 2:12 p.m. Oct. 18, 2011
Federal Way, WA
@ Reasonable Person

The first amendment states; "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."


Read the rest of the Constitution please Mr. Rock - specifically Article VI --
"...no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."

This is a clear attack on the Constitution of the USA. Which I have sworn to protect.

Keep the Religion test OUT of the debate.

You will either defend the Constitution or Trample it, you decide.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

Many LDS people were offended by the remarks of Gov. Perry's minister. Yet these same LDS faithful have no problem accepting Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman who share the same views of Mormonism as Perry's minister does.

Cedar Hills, UT

Perry is done and done. Over and out. He came in with a big splash but was found to be a back stabber and upside down on his immigration thinking. We need leaders and not politicians. We already have the worst of the worst in the White House now.

Salem, UT

We are called Mormons. Many people look upon us as a singular sect as they cry: Delusion, false prophets, polygamy, as once was so common; or Racists, antiwomen, patriarchal dictators, as some now say; or Worshippers of Adam and deniers of Christ and his grace, as others falsely acclaim; or whatever sophistry of the moment will sow the seeds of prejudice among those who otherwise might learn who we are and what we believe.

Oftentimes it seems to us that these cries from shallow minds and these self-serving statements of those who resent our rapid growth and increasing influence in the world and these voices whose social and political views we do not espouse are but another evidence of the truth and divinity of the work itself. The devil is not dead, and as his voice was once raised in cries of Crucify him, crucify him, so it now shrieks in shrilling hysteria against Christs people in this day.

Just thought I would see what Bruce R. had to say on this- conference October 1979 for those interested

Cedar Hills, UT

To RanchHand 2:23 - but, there is not a single incident of Romney disparaging anyone because of religion, so your little claim that he would "NO DOUBT" engage in that kind of dirty trick is really more a reflection of your own rabid hatred of Republican politicians (and probably Mormons, based on your other biased comments), than a credible prediction of Romney's inclinations.

And, who said that religion should be involved in politics? Are you saying nobody has a constitutional right to use religion as one of a million personal motivations for a vote? Of all the leading candidates, it seems to me that Romney and Ron Paul are the least inclined to merge government and religion.

Temecula, CA

You know, there is much more to this than Perry not liking Romney or Religion in Politics. The core of this is that throughout the world and even here in a blessed country that promotes freedom, liberty and justice for all that when bigorty is in front of us we fail to see it unless it's past bigotry. The other canidates running, including our sitting President don't come out to oppose any hint of hatred or discrimination running about. They will only openly oppose what they have become accustomed to opposing though new hatreds or discrimination may be staring them in the face. Mr. Cain didn't want to interject in defending Romney when attacked by Perry. His answer was to not get involved? Hmm sounds like a strong leader? Not! Just like Mrs. Bachmann walked away from defending Romney. Where is the strength in that? Even right in front of them, and others on the campaign trail, discrimination and hatred was able to rise up and through complaceny they have condoned the continued attacks on Romney. By doing so they set the example and now the media continues to attack as do others in vailed ways!

Temecula, CA

Abeille: Thank You!

Dixie Dan: Please, some of us know it. Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Perry and others don't want to represent America they want to represent ONLY their view.

Canidates change positions on issues as they mature just like we all do as life gives us opportunities to see that change is needed. Gov. Perry doesn't bend on positions:neither does President Obama or Harry Reid for that matter. I would rather support a Mitt Romney who's willing to evaluate and adjust rather than stand hard and fast to a position while the ship sinks.

His ability to evaluate the United States economy from his vast basis of experience and work with all groups to get the best people solving the issue means more to me than an ideolog like Limbaugh or Maddow clone. I'd rather give my vote to a person who changed his position based on experience and expanded judgement that one who stands so fast and firm that lets the house burn down around him or her! But they were a good Christian! My views may not agree with many but a Romney or Liebermann(I-Ct)is preferrable.

Bountiful, Utah

Well at least the writer of this article was honest, although it doesn't appear that many readers paid much attention to the words I put in all caps below:

"Two new stories SUGGEST that while Rick Perry has said he doesn't believe Mormonism is a cult, as one of his backers characterized the LDS Church, Perry's campaign team MIGHT be cheerleading negative messages about the Mormon faith, and his backers might be behind them."

What a clever way to defame Perry when you apparently have no real facts to support this .... cause you likiely knew your readers would ignore this first paragraph and rush to judgment.

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