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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 18 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Normal Guy
Salt Lake City, UT

I laugh at those suggesting the dependent's tax is unfair - that the family making 75k with 6 kids should pay the same taxes as a the family making 75k with one kid. One family is raising 6 future tax payors, the other 1. Every country has tax incentives to have children - it's an investment in future tax dollars.

Casa Grande, AZ

Raising 6 future taxpayers...

Others are paying for thier education so don't take all the credit. And the chances of them al being able to afford college and pay a lot of taxes is diminishing every day.

There's no reason anyone should subsidize YOUR family choices.

Provo, UT

Normal guy,

An incentive?

Yeah, that's exactly why people have children:

"Hey, honey, I just did our taxes, and you know what? We need to have some kids so we can get some deductions!"


Normal Guy
Salt Lake City, UT

Postulate all you want about how much taxes the future tax payers we're all raising will pay, but America is relying on the future generation and is encouraging us to have even more with tax breaks.

No country on earth has figured out how to keep an economy vibrant without population growth. To that end, Germany now provides one year maternity and one month paternity for the parents of every child born. They also have a national holiday where citizens are encouraged to say home and make future tax payers. Why so drastic? Guess how their econonmy went when the pipe of future tax payers started drying up.

I don't even like future tax payers all that much. The tax breaks and government funded education don't cover a tenth of their cost and especially the mess. However, I'm very aware that we need future tax payers in the country to ensure I'm taken care of as I grow old so I still slave away at it...

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

@screwdriver 4:22 pm

I'm not familiar with all big churches, but I am familiar with the biggest church in Utah. That one gives substantial amounts of money and resources and training to the poor.

Churches generally teach people to live moral, honest, industrious lives. If people generally lived moral, honest, industrious lives, there would be a lot fewer problems for the government to try to solve through welfare, prisons, social services, increased police force, regulating business, etc. That was a main point of Dallin Oaks's testimony.

Even though our government accomplishes many good things, it accomplishes little in teaching the citizens what good things to be involved to live productive lives that contribute to a healthy society.

So if the law is tweaked so that donations to the boat club don't receive the deduction, then that's great. If the law is tweaked so that donations to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and other churches that at least mostly promote good behavior from the citizens, don't receive the deduction, then that's a bad thing for our country.

West Valley, UT

I again agree with Kami. Donating to charity should NOT be based on receiving an income tax deduction.

How many of our senators and congressmen from Utah voted AGAINST starting the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? How much is the cost of these wars adding to the federal deficit?

How do the conservatives propose to pay for the Iraq War and Afghanistan War that President George W. Bush started and at the same time gave the tax cut to the rich?

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Keep in mind that Obama and his kind have no respect for private organizations that do charity work. His goal is for the government to do everything and own everything. If he can wipe out these organizations they he will replace them with government union employees at a cost of 5x or more. Once you understand Obama, you will understand why they do things.

West Valley, UT

WHY do conservatives blame Unions and the Federal Government?

Wasn't it Wall Street and the Bankers who caused the financial duress? How many Wall Street Brokers and Bankers are members of Unions?

How much of the hundreds of thousands of dollars Kirilenko saved because of the tax cut for the rich went to charities in the United States?

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Allen#1 | 5:46 p.m." no, it wasn't Wall Street and the Bankers that caused the financial duress. It was the government regulations that forced banks to make more subprime loans that caused the problem. That was combined with very low interest rates (again Federal Government controlled) that encouraged more speculation in the housing market.

So, do you blame the rule makers for the results of the bad rules, or the people playing the games?

Engineering Econ
Loudon, TN

@ Allen#1: "I again agree with Kami. Donating to charity should NOT be based on receiving an income tax deduction."

Donating to charity solely for the purpose of receiving an income tax deduction wouldn't be very smart as you would always end up with less overall money than if you hadn't donated. Do people understand basic tax deductions and how they work? If one understands the basics, why would someone give $5K away to charity to get a $1K tax refund?

The charitable deduction allows people to contribute more to charity than they otherwise would because the government is essentially matching your charitable contribution at the same percentage as your individual tax rate. The tax deduction is essentially funneling some of your income tax dollars to the charity of your choice. So basically you are able to control where some of your tax contributions are being spent rather than letting a politician decide where to spend those dollars.

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