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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 18 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Mcallen, TX

The rich can pay alittle more? How about government spending alittle less?

BO= Boot-him

Mcallen, TX

With our tax money--Obama will decide which charities get money and how it's to be used. This is no different than having the feds controlling our childrens education. Corrupt with a small bang for the buck.

Durham, NC

"aren't the demo-rats" - ah, there you go, all the makings of a well thought out and fact based argument.... insults. Why do people actually think comments like this make them look smart or clever.

Once the "conservatives" figure out that they can influence people to their position when they do so respectfully, people might start listening. But encouraged on by the political shock jocks on radio, they somehow think flinging insults will get to take them seriously. Conservatives will only get respect when they give respect.

I am still trying to figure out what part of "christian values" involves slander and insults. Even President Benson, a tried and true conservative never resorted to lowering himself to insulting those who did not agree with him. He defend his positions with passion, but resort to insults and name calling, this would be far beneath him.

@Rainman, so exactly how much have your taxes gone up over the last two years.... I would really love to know. If your taxes really have gone up, I think you need a new tax person. What taxes of yours went up, or is that just another little conservative talking points..... minus facts.

Iowa City, IA

Joe Blow, how about family #1 gives 10% of their income to a charity of their choice? That would lower their taxes...if they are so concerned about it. OR maybe they are too worried about sharing their resources with the overpopulated world. Selfish is always the "other guy"....

Durham, NC

By the way DN, "Obama: Cut deductions for charity" - not a very accurate nor honest headline there. I get your are trying to shock people into reading the piece, but do so honestly. Really expect more from a publication own by the Church.

Salt Lake City, UT

I have read all of the foregoing comments. Sadly, it is always the same with these forums. Most of the comments have very little to do with an intelligent exchange of constructive ideas.

Instead, it seems, most of those who participate are engaged in bashing each other over religion (or the lack thereof), politics or the author's private peeve getting another chance to be advertised.

And after having gotten a stomach full of trash talk, I am not one ounce better educated than I was when I started reading these comments.

I would like to read an intelligent, in depth analysis of what cutting these deductions for donations might do to our economy - for good or for bad, without any infighting.

Neither the article nor any of these 80 plus comments has given me an answer.

I am left with only my own opinion - just like the rest of you - and that's all it is - "my own opinion".

"I have more confidence in Charities and Churches, as providers of welfare services, than I do in the Federal Government. I "fear" that the current Administration will create another agency and end up spending more more money than they save."

L Kaiser

Sounds like alot of people are upset because their "charitable" donations will actually be charitable. If you need a tax credit to feel compelled to donate to a charity your not acting charitable at all, just loaning out cash until the feds reimburse you.

Plano, TX

This is a move for control. People will give less and thus the charities will have less resources to help the poor/disaster victims etc. Where will they turn? The federal government! Obama and his ilk want everyone to be completely dependent on the feds. I can't think of a worse scenario---waste, corruption, graft, etc. will skyrocket. Can you say ACORN?

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Time to stop subsidizing churches that sell tax deductions. We need to balance the budget, not give money away.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I see your point, and will try to make a logical argument for you. I do agree that many deductions need to be removed from the tax code. Charitable deductions is not one of them. This deduction encourages philanthropy, which is for the common good of our society. It helps charities out there which in turn help keep our standard of living high. Should we start seeing nonprofits fail, it will hurt all of us (imagine no homeless shelters, no food pantries, no united way, no Boy Scouts, etc.). I would prefer to see the removal of deductions that do nothing for the common good (depreciation of personal assets such as airplanes as an example).
Unfortunately, Congress has becomes so hyperpartisan, no tax increases can occur via removal of deductions.

Durham, NC

Completely off subject, but indirectly connected, much of the objection is based off the idea that the government can't do anything right.... these comments being echoed last night by Ron Paul.

And yet each day we have tens of thousands of flights flown safely because of federal employes managing the skies. The TSA and other federal agencies have kept us safe as we travel, in the order of billions of travel miles over the last 10 years, without incident. When we dial 911, responders are at our door in minutes. If you travel to the national parks, you almost always have a safe, clean experience. Our military has successfully brought an end to several of those who would bring death to our soil. Tens of millions receive their social security checks on time each month - with little fan fare. I can ship a little from my door to my sisters door across the country in 3 days, for 45 cents, reliably.

Yes, any entity that gets overly large can have issues, and most do. Ever been on the board trying to get a new chapel built?

But saying the government can't do anything right is not accurate or fare.

Casa Grande, AZ

If you owe $10,000 in taxes, giving $5,000 to a charity that you benefit from should not lower your taxes.

I, for example belong to an airplane club with it's full write off as a 501c. So if I give the club $5,000 I'm really getting more flying fun and lowering my taxes. Great deal huh? Aren't you glad the nation will go more in debt because I'm having fun flying? Whoo hoo, only in america!

Oh, how about this one the rich use all the time. Ever wonder why that crazy modern art is so popular? Well, you just buy some dumb painting cheap, wait for the guy to die and have it appraised for $1 gagillion dollars. You then give it to a charity and take it off your taxes.... Only in America!

You see for all of you craying for the government to get out of your beeswax, getting out of charity promotion is getting out of your beeswax.

South Jordan, UT

It has come to this- this administration is for:

-elimination of the Defense of Marriage Act

-elimination of the government's responsibility to persecute porn

-validation of an openly homosexual presence in the military

-continued efforts to keep the unborn "unborn" (in other words: protection for those who practice and support abortion)

-elimination of incentives to help support needy and worthwhile causes.

While we as Americans shouldn't need a tax break to give to others, this isn't the purpose of this administration. No, it's purpose is to extract an ever increasing amount of money from our pockets to help fund unnecessary and, in fact, dangerous programs such as listed above.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

This is so funny. A couple of weeks ago most of you were in here yammering about taking away Social Security because is was a ponzi scheme and now your outraged about having your deduction taken away on charitable donations. Could you people be any more transparent?

What is it you want?

Harry Case

Tax receipts to the US Treasury have continued to grow every year, even through this recession. We don't have a government income problem. What we have is a greedy government that's addicted to spending. Hey, Congress! Before you start bleeding the people any more, get rid of frivolous and unnecessary programs. There are entire departments that can be eliminated, such as the Department of Education. Education is best run by states and localities. Severely reduce the size, scope and power of the EPA. Eliminate contributions to the arts, Planned Parenthood, public broadcasting, etc. Get rid of the president's czars. Then switch over to a flat tax or a fair tax where everyone pays. Get my drift!?

Sierra Vista, AZ

Well Anne26, what planet did you say that you live on? The government has never been able to handle money and nothing has changed - they never will. All they want is the power to do what THEY want to do with our money. Look on the internet and find the article that shows you how much money those people(?) take home every year. My husband was in the Army for 3 years, worked for and retired from the government after 33 years of employment. I sure wish that he could get his salary every year, we could have a great time with it.


If you want government out of our business and the tax code simplified, then it makes sense to do away with all of the "500" code sections (establishing qualifying organizations, etc.) and related regulations, and let us all handle the charitable thing on our own (you know in families and the community).

Paul in MD
Montgomery Village, MD

atl134, you misunderstand what the tax return is for, and what a refund means. The tax return is a means of settling an account. You add up the debits and credits, figure out how much you owe, and the difference between that and what you actually paid is either a refund or an amount still owed.

Deductions and credits are provided by the government to encourage behavior by citizens deemed to be of value to the country as a whole, or to lessen the burden on the poor. Saying that these are government handouts is like saying when Target puts something on sale, and you buy it, they are giving you some of their money.

The money I earn is 100% mine, until I decide to give it to someone else. I pay my taxes. Once I give it to the government, then it belongs to them. If my tax return calculates I am due a refund, it is my money that I have overpaid, not a handout back to me.

Heber City, UT

Obama wants to cut deductions for charities, because he gives very little of h is income to charities. This is another one of his clueless, baseless philosophies. His people have not done any research on how much charities keep people of welfare. Man, will this President ever get it. I doubt it. He is steeped in socialism, where the government takes care of everything. We need to make this man and his administration a ONE TERM only. IF we don't he and his ilk will destroy this country.

South Jordan, UT

This would be the best thing for this country all of these activist groups that buy politicians would not have the money they need to exist. We could get back to the government run by the people not extremist.

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