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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 18 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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how about Obama start cutting non-essential government jobs that have stolen billions of dollars from taxpayers. And how about Obama stop spending tax dollars on his campaign to get re-elected, and how about Michelle Obama stop spending tax dollars on her vacations? That would be a good start, but to start taking money from charitable donations is a horrible way to pay for an inflated government and their frivolous spending.

Cedar Hills, UT


You hit the nail on the head. Obama is simply trying to get as many people as possible more dependent on government, then the votes will never stop and the power will never end.

Salt Lake City, UT

Republicans accuse Democrats of being charitable with other people's money but isn't tax deductions for charity donations literally being charitable with other people's money?

West Valley City, UT

So how is it that a hate crimes law would equal "special treatment" for those it protects, but we can have tax laws that provide special treatment to churches? If a person wants to give to a charity that's great, but if the only reason you are giving is for the tax deduction wewhat does that REALLY say about you and your donation? If you only give because you get in return, is it REALLY giving?

Boise, ID

Obama is asking us to trust him with more of our money. The only result I see from this is increased dependency on the government and more power for politicians. We are giving up our freedom for promises from the government. I for one trust myself more than I trust politicians.

Roy, UT

Pres. Obama is a mere child in understanding how the economy of a free society works...or, he is very keenly understanding of it, and seeks actively to destroy it...either way, a strong and free America is under attack from within!

Mitt is the only sane choice. We have at times an insane and really dumb media that is looking for stories, but oblivious to the damage they do, and the dereliction of duty to press for freedom, economic solvency, patriotism.

Durham, NC

Everything needs to be on the table, everything. Not everything needs to be hit with a change, but due diligence should include thoughtfull consideration of all expenses, not just the ones that don't impact me personally.

Why this has become a partisan topic again, who knows. If a "conservative" were to be doing a review of all deductions, would this be a problem? Would this be yet another attempt a redistribution of wealth? This anit-everything really is silly and shows a lack of depth. You can not honestly say you have done all you can to fix the problem unless you are willing to look at ALL the options. Anything short of that is just more mindless partisan talking points.. not a serious attempt at a solution.

Salt Lake City, UT

Fundamental truth: conservatives hate gov't handouts unless they're the ones getting them (and these tax deductions are most certainly gov't handouts).

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

it seems to me that kami and biden are the two biggest philathropists in the country. Just keep giving that money away and let the government dictate where all monies flow. btw, look up how much our generous VP donated to charities over the last 10 years. Google joe Biden's tax returns. He certainly won't miss the discontinuance of the deduction.

Done That
Monroe, CT

All one needs to do is look to Michele Obama and how she spends tax dollars for her vacations and boondoggles - she's as bad as most other government agencies and officials - why would we want to let them spend MORE by increasing taxes. I have friends who work for the IRS and talk about wasting money - anyone working in government can tell you if they are honest of the waste, fraud, corruption that happens which as a percentage is ALWAYS higher then commercial and non-profit organizations. The government in NO way can out perform private and charitable giving. Just a bad idea giving more to the government.

Miami Area, Fl

Another case of "don't touch mine"

"we need to simplify the tax code"

But, don't touch any of my deductions.

Lets talk fairness.

2 families.

Family one - Makes $75K per year, one kid, $200K house.

Family two - Makes $75K per year, 6 kids, $200K house, tithes 10% on gross.

Anyone want to venture a guess as to how much LESS in federal and state taxes Family 2 pays than Family 1?

Anyone want to venture a guess as to how much MORE in federal and state services family 2 gets compared to Family 1?

Now, I do understand that charity does help the community as does educated children. I am just using this example to emphasize a point.

But, it is hard to justify that, based on personal choices, Family 2 should pay significantly less than Family 1 while using Considerably more resources.

Hence, the talk of simplifying the tax code.

How is that not fairer? What am I missing?

Saint George, UT

Obama and his socialist buddies want us to pay more taxes so they can line their pockets. A good example of government waste is FEMA. No matter what they do to tax chartable contributions it won't effect my tithing because that is part of a God given request and promise.

Thinkin\' Man
Rexburg, ID

This is a strong contender for the dumbest idea the President ever had. It will work against causes he is on record of supporting. Ugh.

West Haven, Utah

atl134 says: '..isn't tax deductions for charity donations literally being charitable with other people's money?' Answer: No. My money is my money. I pay taxes, I donate to charity. It was never your money. You didn't earn it. It's my money, I earned it, and I decide where it goes (except for Government taxation). Therefore, I'm not being charitable with other people's money.

cymrul says: 'If you only give because you get in return, is it REALLY giving?' Answer: Yes, it is. If I earn 5M next year and I need to keep 1M to live, the other 4M will go somewhere - the Govt, my bank account, charity, etc. Let's say the Govt will take 40% in taxes. If I want to give all the rest to charity, but I don't get a charitable deduction, I'll only be able to give 2M to charity (2M in taxes, 1M in living expense, 2M to charity). If it's deductible, I'll be able to give 3.6M to charity (400,00 in taxes, 1M in living expenses, 3.6M to charity). If no deduction is given for Charitable contributions, the result will be less charitable giving, since I have less.

Iowa City, IA

The bottom-line question is this:

Do we believe that the government can do a better, more efficient job of caring for the poor than the charities who currently do so?

If the government can, then it would be worthwhile to direct more resources on the government's services. If the government cannot, then it makes little sense to focus resources on an inefficient means of helping the needy.

When I see the government's ability to deal with crises like Hurricane Katrina, and compare that to the ability of charitable organizations to help out, I am fairly certain of where the resources will be best used.

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

GUESS WHAT, charities, churches don't help out the homeless, the elderly, the poor, the disabled, the hungry, Veteran's, Father's after a divorce etc., they could give a rats-behind less that real living human people needed a place to sleep, some need to see a doctor or dentist and some need help finding a job. ANYTHING that's called "generosity" are called by the Tea Party and GOP as entitlement's. The only "good-hearted Americans.", are your imaginary friends on Facebook, that dump you, telling you their keyboard just caught some plague and they don't want you to catch it. Plus seeing you refuse to tax more the ultra rich Koch Brother type's, who stash their stash in off shore tax safe havens, then you'll pay for it them with no tax deductions. I also believe that Sen. Hatch is on the Senate Finance Committee, and the axing the tax write-off incentive couldn't come at a worse time for the less fortunate, but he don't care either, and, he's a tea sipping Mormon. NAME ME these 1.5 million nonprofit organizations operate in the United States, all they do is pay themself a HUGE paycheck, while being tax exempt.


Obama knows exactly what he's doing. The world knows militarialy it will never be able to bring down the United States. Thus it will need to be brought down from within. This president, his cabinet, his czars, and the liberal media are doing their best to make this happen. Years ago a woman asked Benjamin Franklin after all the meetings, the battles and struggles that went on forming this new country....What have you given us sir? His reply, a Republic....if you can keep it. My greatest fear...this nation will not stand if this president is given 4 more years. May god bless this great country and bless the people who reside here, that they may be able to recoginize and understand constitutional principles as compared to tyranny and this government running amuck.

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

No matter what they do to tax chartable contributions it should also effect your tithing, that should be taxes along with all Church's because the LDS's over $30 Billion a year should not be any part of a God given request and promise, just another GOP tax to grab for the Koch Brother's and BIG BUSINESS entitlements only.

West Jordan, UT

A Republican and a Democrat come across a homeless man. The Democrat reaches into his pocket and hands the homeless man his last two dollars. As he walks away, he thinks to himself, "I need to send out an email to my congressional representative and tell him the government needs to do more for the homeless." He feels good about himself.

The Republican removes the last two dollars from his pocket and hands it to the homeless man. As he walks away he thinks to himself, "What more can I do to help the homeless? He then makes a generous donation to a local homeless shelter while committing himself to find ways to do more. He feels good about himself, but knows there is more to be done.

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

Interestingly there is no mention of the "T" word (tithing) in the comments section today so far. The question boys and girls is: Would MaCain have made a similiar proposal eliminating charitable contributions had he been elected? In all fairness eliminating the AMT (Alternative Mininium Tax) or tweaking it would have made the sting less painful.

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