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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 18 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

Naval Vet:

Reread what you said, I think I missed something. If there were whistles blowing in that end of the field, wouldn't the u stop hitting early not late. You play until you hear a whistle, you would have stopped early. From what you say, the u was in fact hitting intentionally, after hearing the whistle.

To many penalties on one person, needs some serious coaching.

Having a reputation for being dirty or "aggressive" doesn't make you a better team. Trying to intimidate other players doesn't win games, only assignment football does.

Iowa City, IA

During the play in question, the accusing Pitt player was shoving down John White IV (the same guy who rippped of White's helmet by the facemask) after the play was dead. Cullen retaliated---and got the flag. "Dirty". That's like Vlade Divac accusing Karl Malone of "flopping."

I'm OK with Cullen's fierce loyalty to his teamates...

Now, if only we can keep him from doing so many false starts.

Draper, UT

@ Hohum

I think what Naval Vet meant was that the fans blowing whistles at the end of the field may have deceived the refs into thinking one of their own had blown the whistle instead... thus... flags being thrown before the play was officially declared over by the "real" whistle from the ref. I could be wrong but thats how I understood it. Either way, it doesn't make sense because that means that either the players weren't paying attention to the refs or the refs weren't paying attention to each other. You think if you fooled the Ref you'd fool the players as well... right? Haha, I'm probably not making any sense. oh well.

In any case, fan whistles really just lead the whole group (players and refs alike) into confusion.

Highland, UT

@mormon ute

cullen not being any good has nothing to do with BYU. I'm sorry your tender feelings are hurt hearing that but it's true. He is not very good. Actually he is pretty bad. But you don't have to take my word for it there are plenty of utah fans on here telling you the same thing.


Highland, UT

By the way it's football. One guy calling another guy "cheap" is pretty meaningless. Pretty much all of them take "cheap" shots at each other when they get the chance. Why do you utah "fans" even care? You won the game didn't you? It was a cheap shot, so what? There are always cheap shots by both teams in every game. It's football.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

hohum and TexasGirlAUte:

My point was not that players didn't hear the whistle, but rather they could not differentiate the whistles in the North endzone from the onfield officials. So they erred on the side of caution and kept playing until the whistle was in their ear.

I was seated with the rest of the Utah fans all the way in the SOUTHeast endzone, and even WE were confused as to when a play was blown dead. If Cullen backs off of a play because he thought one of the officials blew their whistle -- and was wrong -- Hayes/White gets blown up in the play. It's bad enough that we're starting a D-II level dual-threat player under center in a Pro-style offense, but we also have a 180-lbs RB starting in his 1st year at the FBS level. We cannot afford any more injuries; especially not at those positions.

Cedar Hills, UT

why do so many Utah players have long stringy hair and beards? It makes the program look cheap. You don't see that sort of scroungy look in the Big 10 or the Big 12. The Pac 12 seems to take on this west coast hippie look.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Don't worry about that patriot. You won't have to sleep with any of them. Besides, shouldn't you be a lot more focused/concerned about the product Utah puts on the field rather than the hairdo under their helmets? This is the University of Utah; not Bon Losee Academy.

South Jordan, UT

Cullen could be talented if he could stay focused an entire game. Cullen allowed two sacks that I remember plus a few penalties. It was a horrible game on his part.

Salt Lake City, UT

Duckhunter states:

"Playing hard isn't dirty but not being very good is a more apt description of cullen." (sic)

So you're saying you have been watching the Utes? Also, intently enough to be able to state that Cullen isn't dirty, just 'not very good'?

You be trollin' Duckhunter.

Birdie Putt

I'm sorry but Executorloh you obviously didn't watch the same game. I agree that Cullen has had some fouls that have hurt the Utes this year, but he does play hard to the end of the whistle. I also assume the coaches teach the offensive line to hit until the whistle, otherwise he wouldn't continue with his aggressive play. I've been very frustrated with some of his fouls, but I'll defend him on this call. I was upset with the foul against Pittsburgh's Alecxih, so I went back and played it a few times and the whistle didn't blow until after Alecxih was on the ground (wasn't even close). Also, if Cullen was guilty of a foul then so was Alecxih whom blind sided John White a split second before Cullen laid him out. I agree with "BigUtahFan" comments on Alecxih also, Alecxih needs to look in the mirror before spouting off.

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