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Published: Monday, Oct. 17 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Being among students and faculty who share your beliefs and standards is unique and rewarding. My kids made some great friends, learned from excellent teachers. You can get a great undergraduate education at BYU-I. But after a few years my own kids and their friends have seen and personally experienced the negatives that are behind the projected image.

Some faculty are open about their frustration with their friends privately. I am friends with faculty and spouses in my ward and in town; also with other parents of students who attend. There is cynicism, burnout, stress, discouragement and distrust of the administration.

Theres a weird feeling of being controlled here at BYU-I. Every little move is regulated. For example, to avoid temptation, everyone is required to share a room with a roommate. Most students must live in dorms or apartment complexes so that they might teach one another like the Learning Model requires. Forget about your own preference to rent your own room off campus for privacy and quiet. And if you dont report a roommates infractions of the honor code, you are in trouble and called before the honor committee to answer for it.


Sorry you and your kids had a poor experience. I recently graduated from BYU-I, and loved my experience. I heard very few complaints. Those I did hear fall into two categories.
First, students that gave insufficient effort. Some accepted responsibility. But many blamed the school for shortened semesters, or the learning model, rather than lack of personal preparation. I know, because sometimes I failed to prepare and whined about the system. Sure it's difficult, but college should stretch us. Blaming others can seem easier than taking personal responsibility.
Second, students that pushed the limits of a dress or honor code they freely committed to live upon enrolling. It's interesting that I've never heard anyone complain about the code when they first arrive, only after they violate it and are reminded of their commitment. I am not preaching here because I was reminded more than once to be clean-shaven. I, predictably, whined. But the failure to keep my commitment wasn't the schools fault. They kept their commitment to me. I decided I should keep my commitment to them.
My take... Great experience. Great faculty. Great education. Great school. And private rooms were readily available.

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