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Published: Monday, Oct. 17 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Roosevelt, UT

Time for the players to deal with reality.

The owners created the league. The players can and will be replaced over time and let it be known they are not in it for the players coming behind them, they are in it for themselves.

Too bad they cannot be satisfied with an average of 5 million per season. That is many times more money than the average fan will earn in a lifetime, yet players are getting that each season. If they are mindful of how they spend that it would be possible to be done financially even after a sinigle season or perhaps two.

Some players earn less and some much more.

They are being asked to give up a few percent of their salaries. They are acting like babies (thanks Derrick Rose for pointing out it is not your fault but all the owners fault).

Like the article mentioned, Karl Malone acted like one of the biggest babies and there seem to be several to replace him this time around.

The players and owners will miss the money but the fans who are left out of this strike are getting ripped off.

Roosevelt, UT

One way for the fans to have a voice in this lockoput would be for the players and owners to finance free sellouts for ech game missed.

Since the fans are missing out and do not have a voice they should make the players play for free and the owners supply the stadiums for all the missed games.

Here is betting the solution would come much faster and without all the policitical posturing we see going on now.

Pocatello, ID

Stockton is the man. He is the epitome of what a professional basketball player should be. I miss that guy.

Salt Lake City, UT

Going back in the past again are we? I hate to say this but that team from Utah still aint won anything yet!

Zola South
Oakland, CA

Say whatever you want. This is a stars league and they make the NBA. The owners can recruit whoever they want, but few people will watch. If you don't like the NBA or the players attitude, don't watch the product.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I enjoyed your article and the blast from the past. Apparently anyone from the management side is fined $100,000 for making comments about the lock-out. If that applied to Malone we could pay off the national debt.

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