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Published: Saturday, Oct. 15 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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jarka-rus, how do you call a 171 yard rushing performance by a player "no offense?" All the Utes need to do is finish drives and they could be a very potent offense in the Pac.

Salt Lake City, UT

My Utes win the battle of the offensively incompetent.

Old ball coach
Sandy, UT

Congrats Utes!! Now come back and play a real conference.....

Layton, Utah

StGtoSLC | 1:17 p.m. Oct. 15, 2011

Yep good stats, was there ANY other offense present? Who cares if you rush for 400 yards and get 3 points out of it?

Salt Lake City, UT

Pitt beat then #16South Florida 44-17 last week and their other loses were by 4 and 3 to Iowa and Notre Dame. They aren't as bad on offense as they looked today. After all, Graham was second best rusher in the nation going into the game.

Iowa City, IA

All Hays has to do is manage the game, not turn it over, hand the ball off and let the defense do their work.

Check, check, check and check.

Nice win Utes. Still have NEVER lost to a team currently in the Big lEast.

And for those Y trolls who predicted Pitt would win....hopefully now we can have some silence from your constant drivel....at least for a day like after Sept 17th.

Now off to Cal. The difficult portion of the schedule is behind them. Each gaem going forward is a winnable one.

Go Utes!

Fort Worth, Texas

Defense! Defense! Defense!

Ute Defense 7
Pitt 0

Game over!

Our special teams and offense tried to give this game away but today the defense said NOT today.


jarka-rus: "Pitt is no way better than any Wac team."

So New Mexico State could beat a #16 ranked South Florida team? I don't see any Heisman candidates coming out of the Wac. If Utah is the worst in the Pac, I'm gonna hate to see what Oregon State does to BYU tonight in Corvallis.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hayes needs to learn to throw it away. So many stupid mistakes there at the end. We got lucky.


"Yep good stats, was there ANY other offense present? Who cares if you rush for 400 yards and get 3 points out of it?"

Well I guess we won't know who cares, because the Utes got 19 points from the offense out of it.

LaVerkin, Utah

The Utes have apparently found a quarter back. Good for them. Had they been playing Hays all year, they may have not been 0-3 in the Pac at the present time. It appears that Wynn and Heaps better concentrate on getting a degree now. They are not going to do much on the football field.

Fort Worth, Texas

jarka-rus | 1:13 p.m. Oct. 15, 2011
Layton, Utah
Pitt is no way better than any Wac team.


They are better than the quasi-Indy team down south playing a WAC-lite schedule. Also Pitt and their fans didn't quit in the middle of the 3rd quarter.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Who has BYU beaten this year that is as good as Pitt?
Congrats on beating USU, BYU. Storm the field...

Iowa City, IA

Moderate | 1:27 p.m. Oct. 15, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT
"Hayes needs to learn to throw it away. So many stupid mistakes there at the end. We got lucky."

No turnovers, at least. A sack is still better than an INT, ask Pitt.

Hays has been steadily improving. I'd say he's met many expectations at this point. I think, provided Cullen can keep from making bone headed mistakes and still protect his blind side, I'm holding out that Hays is still competent enough to lead this team to some quality PAC wins and a bowl game.

Layton, Utah

StGtoSLC | 1:27 p.m. Oct. 15, 2011

Ummmm USF is not ranked anymore just FYI. And please, they have beaten, Ball State, UTEP and Florida A&M and Notre Dame. ND is the only credible win for them. Most RB's in the country would look like a beast against them. Graham is overrated and so is Pitt. Like I said the Ute D is great, just don't think Pitt from the Big Least is anything special, never have been.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Utes are 3-0 in non-conference games. If the Utes were independent, they'd go 12-0

Layton, Utah

Uteology | 1:33 p.m. Oct. 15, 2011
Well now its on to the Pac-lite schedule for the Utes.
CU=Idaho both 1-5.
UCLA=Hawaii both 3-3,
Arizona=Idaho again both 1-5,
Cal=Hawaii again both 3-3,
Wazzoo=San Jose or so both around 3-2.
Oregon state barely better than Idaho.

So yep try to spin the mighty Pac-12 power.

Dave S
Holladay, UT

Great win Utes!! The Defense was awesome today and pitched a shut out. I like what I'm seeing from Hays and like the announcer said he is looking more and more comfortable. It will be exciting to see what he can do the rest of the season. White is a workhorse and I love watching him run. He almost had as many yards as he did in the blowout over byu.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Last night's San Jose State/Hawaii slop fest was the worst I'd ever seen until this one. Unfortunately, they had to give one of the teams a "W".

Salt Lake City, UT

The Texas offense makes Pitt's look good.

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