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Published: Friday, Oct. 14 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

Finally . . . . BYU hoops news on a regular basis.

Concerned about Collinsworth's conditioning but glad to read that the bigs are looking like they can play a little.

Wondering what the Cougar starting lineup will look like. Perhaps it will be

Zylstra (6'6")at the 1
Rogers (6'8")at the 2
Abouo (6'5" at the 3
Hartsock (8'8")at the 4
Davies (6'9")at the 5

That's a big team!

Washington, UT

"good spirits going forward?" I'm at a lost to explain this kind of english. They are either in good spirits or they aren't, and it has nothing to do with going forward.

Pocatello, ID

Let Collinsworth knee rehab fully please. I'm fine with him coming on strong later in the season to make sure that knee is rehabbed properly. Micro-fracture surgery seems like a toss up on full recovery. Some guys get it back and others don't. Hope he's fine. Go Cougs!

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