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Published: Thursday, Oct. 13 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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red rocks
Saint George, UT

Great game Hurricane. Hurricane has too many weapons to deal with.


I thought coming on to the field five min late and slowly struting on was a huge mistake as it only got Hurricane more fired up. Hurricane showed something with their passing tonight that all the fans have been waiting for. If Hurricane continues to pass to keep the opponents D from playing a 5-5, they will be hard to stop. The fake field goal was Boise-esque


Hey tiger fan it was senior night and so five minutes was added because d-hills didn't get a chance to go into the locker room based on the fact that they had twenty plus seniors to call through the line. There was no disrespect intended, like you and all your counterparts want to always add. Hurricane played great desert hills didn't end of story. Quit trying to make up nonsense. Hurricane is good and they dint need you making up stuff to make them seem better.

Washington, UT

Desert Hills caught some huge breaks to win @ Dixie and @ PV when its starting QB had to sit out. They've been talking the talk for the last few weeks, but couldn't walk the walk. Hurricane is disciplined offensively and defensively and they just don't let up. Great focus. If they don't win it all this year coming out of Region Nine, it's never gonna happen.

Southern Fan
st. george, ut

D hills has come out for the past 3 years walking onto the field at home and away. It wasn't to taunt - but rather how they enter the field every game. Tigers knew who to stop defensivy and were plainly better prepared.

St George, UT

Not a Hurricane fan, but you can't deny how well they have played this year. The title is theirs to lose. The only concern i saw all year, was the Cedar game in which they were losing after three quarters. However, they rallied when they needed to. I don't see a lot of competition left in 3A, including Juan Diego.

The Official
Bingham Canyon, UT


The season is not over with and your calling out JD with your comment... JD has 2 games remaining in league play and they are taking one game at a time.
To say there is not a lot of compitition left in 3-A is both disrespectfull and short sighted. There are teams in other regions that take exception to your comment...
Yet it does not surprise me that you tigers say that, you have been saying it leading up to their first loss in the finals game in '08...
Good luck...


I guess that makes sense but no matter the reason I think I would change the walk to trot when the other team has been standing out there waiting for five minutes. You have to admit there is a message sent when you blare the music and slowly walk on to the field as they did. Don't get me wrong, we talk very highly of DH over here and feel the kids and the coaches are very respectful and that is why I felt they made a mistake.

Hurricane, UT

Again, the team and coaches are looking to the next game everyone thinks they are all consumed with juan diego, when and if that match up happens they will worry about that one. You dont get to the state finals 3 years in a row consumed with that last game, you get there by playing week by week. I didnt find the way DH hills walked on the field offensive at all, I was a bit bugged our boys had to stand there ready for what seemed like 10 minutes, I understand senior night but every other school has had that and managed the clock to start on time, it was minor and the game went on. Hats off to DH players and coaches.

Hurricane, UT

@ all those who are fans of HHS

Last night's game was a good game between two good teams...so let's not make it worse by alleging nonsense. D-Hills is a solid program. As the article stated, they chose to focus on Scott (like any reasonable person would do).. Hurricane has many weapons as Yardley, Marshall, Thompson, and Parker showed. They simply got beat by a team with more weapons.

Remember, Region 9 is a good football region. Every team in our region has quality wins over other 3A or larger schools. Hurricane's key to success has been consistency. We have one more region game and then...the post season. No one can afford to have an off-game. The coaches and players know what their goal is...they are not popping off. As fans, we shouldn't be calling out teams either.

St. George, UT

@ the Official I don't know what burr got under your saddle but if you note 4bs he clearly states that he is not a Hurricane fan. You might take note that NONE of the Hurricane players or coaches will call out another team or show disrespect towards others. Those who blog here have the right to express their personal feelings but do not speak for the coaches nor the team. I think too many here take things way to personal and serious. Watch the actions on the field not the words on blogs.


I haven't heard the Thunder "talking the talk" at all this season. They've won every region game up until last night & were within a missed field goal of beating Syracuse. Good, bad, or ugly..a win is a win. Hurricane undoubtedly has a great team. We were banged up last night before the game losing our starting center/tackle & then our best safety/reciever very early in the game. They wouldn't have changed the outcome, but it may have been a closer game. The season isn't over yet for any team. We've got to beat Cedar to guarantee the 2nd seed.

Salt Lake, Utah

Very well played game by both teams. No turnovers by either except on downs. Also very few penalties. Indications of 2 well coached, well prepared teams.

Also no personal fouls, no unsportsmanlike calls and really nothing but good sportsmanship from 2 class programs playing hard on the field.

Final observation: This game confirms my feeling since early in the season - Hurricane has the best Defense in 3A. Others may scoff, but i think the Hurricane D gets overlooked too easily. The attention is on the Tiger offense, averaging 40+ ppg. Also their defensive stats don't compare that well to some teams because Hurricane starters typically get subbed out early in the 2nd half due to a big lead.

As for DH, they are IMO clearly good enough to make it to RES. No dis to any other program, but I would not be at all surprised if these 2 teams play themselves into a rematch in the state title game. Lot of football still to be played, so we'll see what happens.


You nailed it regarding Region 9. There are very few games you wouldn't want to go watch if you are a HS sports fan. When you look at the other regions in 3A you have a couple of top teams and a bunch of teams who don't compete. It's been said by a number of people but having three Reg 9 teams in the semis is not out of the question. I don't think JM, Delta and Stansbury have the muscle to keep up with #2 And #3 Region 9 teams. Hurricane is obviously loaded this year but DH, Cedar and Dixie are going to cause a lot of waves in the playoffs this year. Go Region 9!!

Won't work
Delta, UT

@tigerfan Evry year someone says Delta can't compete because they are to small. Last year people did not theink Delta could make it to RES and they would lose to DH in the quarters and look what happen. DH was twice as big and still got beat up and down the field. Hurricane was a much better team than Delta in the semis last year, but I fully beilive Delta can hang with the region 9 # 2 or 3. Nobody thought Delta could beat Spanish Fork either this year and look what happen there!


@won't work
I do love Delta and know they always finish strong. The SF win was great but does that say Delta is that good or SF was a little overated? Delta's other wins have not been all that dominating and they lost to a 2A school. But you are right, last year I thought DH would beat Delta and Delta proved me wrong. I hope Delta does go to the finals though it's awesome to see one of the smallest 3A school's do so well. Good Luck!

Dr Rush
Saint George, UT

Region9 needs to keep all the back patting to a minimum,Hurricane being undefeated means nothing,ask Pine View who went into the championship game undefeated a couple of years ago and got blown out,always lots of hype for a Hurricane or a Pine View only to be let down time after time,Until one of the Region 9 teams goes up and wins a state championship I suggest they keep a real low profile.Good luck to the Region 9 schools.

sher khan
La Verkin, UT

@won't work, this tiger fan does think Delta would beat DH this year if they were to play as I thought they would last year contrary to most.

Bountiful, UT

Region 9 in 3a kinda seems like region 6 in 4a. You could be beat on any given night so you better bring your A game. Definitely makes going to Hs games more fun! I'm happy for the competition you have had down there this year. Good luck to all of you in the south!

Won't work
Delta, UT

The Stansbury win Delta had was a good one and that is there only loss this year. Spanish beat Judge really bad early in the year and judge will finish 2nd to JD in that region. I can't explain the Manti loss. They just flat out beat Delta in week 1. I would love to see Delta in the Finals also but to clarify your statemant they are not one of the smallest schools in 3A they are the smallest by about 100 kids. Which does not seem like a lot to the bigger 3A schools that have 1000+ but when you only have just over 400 it makes a difference.
Go Rabbits

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