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Published: Thursday, Oct. 13 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Centerville, UT

"One columnist even went so far as to compare the Christian influence of Rev. Jeffress with Elder Russell M. Nelson of the LDS Church's Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and found Rev. Jeffress to be lacking."

Not really a fair comparison. Most people are lacking compared to Elder Nelson.

Oakley, ID

After this story, I have a lot more faith in my fellow Christians of all faiths

Somewhere in Time, UT

This is so wonderful to see others stick up for us. What Jeffress did was despicable. Perry used him as a surrogate and now is paying the price. We really appreciate the support from others.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

jefferess may want to consult with rev. wright.


Thank you for this article, I found it interesting that others had come out of the woodwork to condone this action.

Cedar Hills, UT

Oh no! Somebody is going to let the secret out about the LDS Church. That being the leaders of the church are some of the sharpest and most spiritually intelligent people in the world. Listen to the doctrines that they promote and see and feel Christ in every word.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

I have followed Bill Donohue for years. He is always civil and thought. He is a good ambassador for the Catholic church.

West Valley City, UT

The last sentence sums it up nicely. Rev. Jeffress makes a mockery of his own religion. Rev. Jeffress is a poster boy for hatred, not Christianity.

Sandy, UT

Well, I think Romney handled it will. I think, if anything, Jeffress made his endorsed candidate look worse. Nice job, dude. Maybe in 4 years you will think twice when you talk to anybody.

West Valley, UT

The one gripe I have with modern Christianity... it's "Love thy neighbor." not "Judge thy neighbor."

Intolerance is the #1 problem facing the world today.

On a shrinking planet where we are increasingly connected to our fellow man can't we learn to get along?

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Christ was frequently sharp and pointed in His comments to the Pharisees and Scribes in His day. These were people who should have known better.

Christ was always kind and gentle with those who were sincere seekers of truth, even if they were wrong.

I have had many people tell me that "Mormons are NOT Christians." I have always wondered why they thought they could convert me by starting off with insults of the most offensive kind. Would you buy a care from a salesman who took one look at you and told you how ugly you are? I don't reward people that abuse me.

What would Jesus do? Jesus would take the honest seeker of truth, show them where they were wrong in a kind and gentle manner. There would be no insults. No attacks. No offense.

If Evangelical Christians want to convert Mormons they would be well advised to show a little love and compassion; build relationships of trust and then work on showing the LDS people a better way, if their way is better.

Let your light so shine. May the brightest light win.

Orem, Utah

Re GoGetter
"Well, I think Romney handled it will. I think, if anything, Jeffress made his endorsed candidate look worse. Nice job, dude. Maybe in 4 years you will think twice when you talk to anybody."

...and may I add: "(if you still have anybody who wants to listen to you)"

Roy, Utah

Having served a mission in Indiana years ago, I know how hard it was to talk to people because their ministers "warned them of us."

This is such a great side of the internet and communication in the 21st century. No blow hard, even with his 10000 member flock, can keep the restoration from being at least considered. With information freely available, its very difficult to not at least catch glimpses of it through the curtain guys like Jeffress put up.

David King
Layton, UT

Elder Boyd K. Packer told a great story in the April Conference of this year. A man lost his wife due to an infection carried by their doctor. He became obsessed with it and the anger and resentment filled his soul continually. He received the wise counsel to "leave it alone" from his Stake President. Elder Packer's counsel was: "If you have been offended, forgive, forget it, and leave it alone."

After nearly a dozen articles about one statement by one pastor, it is time for the Deseret News and we members of the LDS church to leave it alone. Nothing can be gained by rehashing this day after day. Certainly we want to be understood and allowed to declare our beliefs, but there is no need to go beyond that. If we want to be considered Christians, let us act like Christians, instead of gloating in comparisons about how Christian our leaders are compared to leaders of other faiths.

If we are honest with ourselves, we would realize that it would be possible for others to take offense at our belief that God described all other creeds as an "abomination in his sight." Should we apologize for

David King
Layton, UT

that belief? No. We believe the Church of Jesus Christ to be a restoration of Christ's church, and we believe it sincerely. Do we have a right to be offended when someone else has a sincerely held belief that is not inclusive of our faith? I don't think we do have that right, nor does it help us to be offended. No matter how hateful or ignorant the comment may seem, all we can do is try to follow the commandments, love God, and try to treat others with kindness. We should recognize that some may take offense at some of our doctrinal statements. Please note I'm not saying they should, only that they may perceive certain distinctive doctrines in a way that offends them. The important thing is to engage in more heartfelt conversation with those willing to engage us, and the others sometimes just have to be ignored.

Casa Grande, AZ

There are plenty of members of the LDS church that criticize other religions. Fortunatly the leaders have been smarter than that for some time. We can take that as a lesson.

Now what if an openly Gay person ran for president?

He/she's a community organizer!

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Our country has two major political parties. One of them, it seems, is shot through with priestcraft - the deliberate misleading of people on matters of religion for personal gain. Jeffress' goals are no more about Jesus than Sarah Palin's are about "freedom".

Midway, UT

@David King,

This isn't about Mormons being offended and wanting to get back at the offender. This is about latent bigotry that is used as a tool, not to prevent us from worshiping or believing whatever and however we will, but to color others perceptions of Mormons who are aspiring to high secular positions; as if to say, "don't let the facade of competence, kindness, intelligence, etc fool you, this guy's a Mormon and we all know that the Mormon cult is trying to take over the world and feed us lime jello with carrot shavings". Mormon is being used as a code word for different, cultish, anti-Christian, secretive, polygamous, and evil.

It's time that closet bigots were put under a microscope and called out. Would you also suggest leaving racial bigotry alone? I don't think that was the context of Elder Packer's talk at all.

Draper, UT

If Perry belongs to Jeffress' congregation and has the same mind set, can you imagine him as President and trying to represent this great Nation?

Fender Bender
Saint George, UT

Over the past 50 years, LDS members have leaned heavily towards the Republican party and supported the same ideological, social and political platforms as the Christian right. Now we have reached the point where the Christian right is trying to relegate Mormons to second-class status.

Ironically, "liberals" and atheists are defending Mormon candidates against Reverend Jeffress' remarks, or at least demanding that if any candidate's religion is criticized, all candidate's religious beliefs should be subject to the same scrutiny.

The Republican party has become so intermingled with the Christian right that is seems to have embraced the notion that a candidate's religion is more important than his/her competency, record and platform. And despite the supposedly heavy influence of Christianity in the GOP, the audiences at the Republican debates have applauded the idea of letting a man die because he didn't have health coverage, and cheered Rick Perry's record as the governor who oversaw the most executions.

The Republican party will use Mormons, but won't grant us equal status. Republicans will emphatically claim they revere the Constitution and the Bible, but they will meticulously avoid referencing either.

Time for us LDS members to re-evaluate our political allegiances.

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