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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 11 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

My guess is that ute fans will be pleasantly surprised with Jon Hays. At least the kid has heart and a little fire in his gut which is more than was shown by Jake Heaps. And this from a die hard Cougar fan!

Penguin Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Suuuure they have "full faith." You think we was born yesterday? I bet they'd rather have Tom Brady leading their team. Admit it, Utes! Admit it! Ha! I knew it!

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Of course they're going to say that. But, for my Utes brethren, enjoy watching all 30+ bowls this bowl season without seeing your beloved team in any of them. Any bowl that my Cougs play in will be better than your shut-out. And how about that offensive genious in your offensive coordinator? Thought we was going to revamp and energize the offense.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

I wish Jordan the best in his recovery. It's tough to go through two of those within a year span.

I think the Utes will be ok. Hays has better arm strength and can also move the ball with his feet. His decision making will get better as he get's more experience. He forced things a bit too much last week but he also did some good things.

If the Utes can get the turnovers taken care of, they will be just fine. It also helps that their conference schedule gets easier the second half. From what I have seen there is no reason they shouldn't have confidence in Hays. He had a number of balls last week that were dropped that shouldn't have been.

I know coach Chow already has two really good QB's coming in for next year so I expect the Utes to become even deeper at that position in the future.

I hope they can turn things around this week against Pitt.

Go Utes!

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Re: Qwest Perfected "I know coach Chow already has two really good QB's coming in for next year so I expect the Utes to become even deeper at that position in the future." You want to know how often I heard the same sentiment about Chow at UCLA? It was a regular occurrence-- always "next year." And "next year" never happened while he was there. Just like what happened at UCLA, fingers get pointed elsewhere but at the offensive coordinator. College game has passed the dude up. Face it.


@so cal
I've really enjoyed Norms creativity on offense. a little dissapointed with the O-Line but depth and execution will come with time. Its definitely not on Norm for the turnovers. as for the bowl situation, ill take my chances with the U's remaining games over being stuck in the Y's Junk bowl every year. if Utah doesn't get to one so be it but at least they played a quality schedule. Utes 6-6>Y's 9-3. cant go undefeated every year.
Go Utes!

Providence, UT

I like Jordan Wynn but his time is at an end. Utah needs to move on.

Highland, UT

When your offense is dead last in your conference it definately has something to do with your offensive coordinator.

Frisco, TX

What are the Utes supposed to say . . . we don't have faith in Hays? But reality is reality, and the reality is that Wynn is not in the same category as Smith or Johnson, and Hays is not in the same category as Wynn. He's a rookie with a lot to learn. I don't know whether or not Hays will grow into a good QB, but expect a lot of offensive struggles ahead.

The U will be lucky to become become bowl eligible. The good news is that the Utes have Colorado and Arizona on the horizon. I'm not sure that those two teams are much better than Idaho or Idaha State. (Said with a little bit of jest, but not much.) Oregon State, UCLA and Washington State have turned from games that the Utes would likely win with Wynn, to games that could go either way.

I'm actually cheering for the Utes to get bowl eligible. I would love to watch them play in the New Mexico bowl. The 6-6 Utes vs 7-5 Wyoming Cowboys. That's a game that would draw a crowd.

West Jordan, UT

Tough luck for Jordan. I hope you have a speedy recover. To John keep up the good work. Some how it will all come together soon!

I think all the cougar fans just want the UTE fans to admit they were right all along. Ok you were right...but remember...what comes around goes around.

The fans always want to think their school is better than the other, but somehow in the end our win-loss totals are the same many years. The thing to remember is, it doesn't matter anymore. UTAH is UTAH and BYU is BYU.

Palo Alto, CA

"Utes have 'full faith' Jon Hays can lead team"

Isn't this the same song and dance we've been hearing from the Utah basketball program for the last five years?

It's nice to have confidence, but sometimes you just have to wake up and smell the coffee -- Utah's QB situation was tenuous, at best, to start the season, with an injured starter and no quality backups, and now every Utah fan's worst nightmare has occurred; Wynn proved he was too fragile to last a full season, and his replacement is proving why you can't rely on a JC transfer that no one else wanted.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

After watching Hays play Saturday, I have confidence he can do well. Yes, he made more mistakes than Wynn, but some of that may have to do with wanting to make something happen.

All you BYU fans gloating need to remember, the 3 teams we've lost to in the conference are 3 of the best in the conference. They each only have one loss and only one of those three losses was a conference game where USC lost to ASU. So there is no shame in those losses. We've played the toughest part of our schedule and it has been tough. That being said, I would rather have lost to teams of that caliber than have my win/loss record propped up by wins over lowe level opponents like UCF and Utah State. Even Ole Miss is hovering near the bottom of the SEC.

Good luck against Oregon State, TCU and Hawaii.

Speaking of offensive coordinators, in their only head to head match up Norm Chow took Brandon Doman to the wood shed. I don't think anything more needs to be said about that. I don't think there's any doubt which team is better coached.


I usually cheer for all the in state teams Utah, Utah State, then BYU. But the stupid comments by some of the Y fans on here really have me hoping for another blowout for my PAC12 brothers Oregon State! I hope they destroy the Y!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Please...so many of you coug fans are reaching and hoping. The Utes aren't doomed, Chow still knows how to coach, and even Hays is going to do just fine.
The truth is, Utah screwed up in their recruiting efforts concerning the O Line and quarterbacks. But these two groups are being addressed like crazy in their current recruiting efforts and they have some awesome prospects.
This year is tough and will probably continue to be up and down. But I have little doubt that when those two positions are in better shape Chow will excel at Utah. To those above who say the game has passed Chow by and point to UCLA as an example...realize that Chow wasn't allowed to coach as he wanted to coach while there which is why they agreed to part ways. Whittingham won't make the same mistake.
I won't predict if or when Utah will next get to a BCS bowl, but I'll predict it'll happen long before BYU gets there.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Duckhunter | 9:33 a.m. Oct. 12, 2011
Highland, UT

The national rankings still put Utah's offense ahead of your Cougars and they are playing a WAC schedule.


Southern, UT

If my team lost to your team 54-10, I probably wouldn't troll around the other team's site and talk smack. Remember, as bad as the U gets this year, they are still 44 points better than the Y. The Y fans should hope the U runs the table the rest of the year so they can look like they at least got pounded by a good team.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

Mormon Ute

"All you BYU fans gloating need to remember, the 3 teams we've lost to in the conference are 3 of the best in the conference."

Obviously, you forgot all about Oregon and Stanford since Utah was given a pass by the PAC 12 not having to play the two best teams in the conference.

Yes, you've played the toughest part of your schedule, but you've also played the only part of your schedule that matters as far as competing for the conference championship; it's like losing to TCU, BYU and AFA in your first three conference games in the MWC.

ASU is 3-0; Utah is 0-3.

The only thing Utah has left to play for is pride and bowl eligibility.

BYU fans are only gloating because of the arrogance of Utah fans expecting the Utes to be just as competitive in the PAC 12 as the Utes were in the MWC.

Highland, UT


I'm pretty sure we'll get by without you.


So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Re: Mormon Ute "All you BYU fans gloating need to remember, the 3 teams we've lost ‎to in the conference are 3 of the best in the conference. They each only have one loss and ‎only one of those three losses was a conference game where USC lost to ASU. So there is ‎no shame in those losses." That sounds a little bit like a whine if you ask me. BYU's ‎schedule is what it is, and what more were they to do during their first year of going ‎independent? Their schedule will progressively get harder as Notre Dame, Georgia Tech ‎& Boise State get added to Texas. The reality is the likelihood of reaching the 6-game ‎minimum wins for you Utes is vanishing quickly, which is NOT what you guys were ‎anticipating. Everything I saw and read was all about winning the Southern Div. ‎championship. Hmmmm.‎

spotus orlock
Pleasant Grove, UT

"We'll get through this together, our entire position group. He'll always have our support, my support especially and we're going to grind him until he gets healthy," Johnson explained. "He's a self-motivated guy, so he wants to go out there and be back as soon as possible. So we won't have an issue with him in his rehab."


Now that's a Coach that truly loves his players!

All the best to Jordan from a Cougar fan. I hope he sees the field again and doesn't have to deal with shoulder issues any further!

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