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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 11 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Sanpete County, UT

Excellent, excellent article and about time, too. It is so very obvious to LDS that this is bigotry, but if you should object, you can count on being told you are a "whiner," and that you just don't get how "offensive" LDS are. Yeah right.

One local comments board in particular (cough*SLTrib*cough) is particularly bad in allowing horribly bigoted remarks about LDS. You would think they would be more progressive and proactive - some day, this will be a black eye for that newspaper.

And it is so very true that "new" objects of bigotry are not immediately recognized as such. Substituting "Jew" or "Black" for LDS (in this case), however, at it becomes glaringly apparent.

Layton, UT

Thanks for the article.

It was very thought provoking. I think that "anti-Mormonism," is the real issue. The underlining cancer is the general lack of respect for others' opinions. Respect for others' views is what has made this country great.

When we fail to listen, we fail to learn and improve. Not one of us has the right answer; it is through honest, respectful, and lively debate that this great country can grow.

The easy answer is never right.

Layton, UT

Opps. Forgot a couple words.

I DO NOT think that "anti-Mormonism," is the real issue...

Glendora, CA

As England stood alone, during that awful time of 1940, as Winston Churchill once stated, it was their "finest hour". I feel it a privilege to be in our church's finest hour. Are we to expect anything less?
If no other GOP candidate quickly condemns these allegations, then so be it.
I am very proud of both Romney and Huntsman. It is their finest hour, as well as mine, and ours, as LDS, despite the outcome.


Yes, and the highest prejudice against Black Americans was in the South among Democrats.
They claim to be for a freer society but in reality, these Democrates are for a closed society where no one can progress. They are all for welfare and entittlements that keep the poor, poor.
They support the wanton destruction of commerce and free trade, by taxing business out of our country. They support the destruction of American business by enviromental laws and overt regulations. Democrates are against your job!
They want every penny you do earn, because they believe they can spend it wiser then you can. They want control of the raising, through school funds, of your children because they want to control what your children know. They believe they are far smarter then the rest of us.
The Democrats are the most prejudice people in our country.
If you don't believe me read what is said after I post!

Pleasant Grove, UT

I don't mind the anti-Mormon comments at all...When are people going to figure out the more hate or bigotry that is spoken the better it is for the church, more and more people will and do look into the church to find out what is true and what is not. The exposure that the church receives from this can be a big benefit.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Yes, and the highest prejudice against Black Americans was in the South among Democrats."

Ever wonder who was president when civil rights bills were passed and ever wonder why Democrats don't win the south anymore?

Sanpete County, UT

Your rant against Democrats in the South is misplaced - as soon as Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Law, all those Democrats became Republican, just as he feared they would....

And actually, your stereotyping, sweeping generalizations, lack of accurate information, and attempting to place all the blame for everything in the world on one faction (be it LDS or Democrats) is just what this article is about - a general lack of respect for the "other," which, if untamed, can easily turn into bigotry.

Logan, UT

Prejudice of our age? Really? Of the polls that the Slate article references, 2 include poll data on whether someone is more or less likely to vote for a gay person and people are LESS likely to vote for a person who is gay. It was just recently that our government mandated that gays and lesbians be fired from their jobs in the military. And LDS people can even get married too! And they think they are picked on?

Just look at these same polls and see how Muslims, Atheists, and Gays do in those polls. Mormons aren't even in the top three minority groups that show prejudice in the polls the article references.

Mormon-phobia is wrong. Voting against someone on the basis of their religion is wrong. Religious persecution is wrong. But calling this the "prejudice of our age" is absurd.

Heber City, UT

I'm fine with being called a cult. In fact, the Church might do better to embrace the idea. The younger generation might think it's cool. I'd rather be called a cult than christians by the evangelical hypocrites.

Salt Lake City, UT

'Prejudice' implies that the dislike is irrational. Based on heresy and enforced through propaganda.

Let me be clear.

My dislike for the LDS church is not because of heresay. It has not basis in the irrational and it is factually based on actions of the group, as a whole.

This will probably not be posted but:

Hawaii, 1996. The opposition against civil unions in Hawaii can be traced back to the LDS church. Though just in my teens at the time, this would have effected me as an adult.

California, 2008. Prop 8. The LDS church has gone on record giving thousands of dollars and volunteer time against gay marriage.

Mitt Romney. LDS presidental candidate, signs 'pledge' to investigate LGBT.

I, did not choose to dislike the LDS church.

The LDS church chose to take action against gay Americans.

As such, I still do NOT hold that 'all' LDS hate gays. But the actions they take as an entity, fuel my resentment.

If those persons take that as 'prejudice', so be it.

I, will not resort to name-calling. Just an admission of the actions and timeframes that took place.

Good day.


Its unfortunate that so many LDS people stood by and watched as the GOP went after others with their extreme rhetoric about being marxist, socialist, anti American etc.... and said nothing and now that same rhetoric has been turned on them. This type of bigotry is wrong and we should all stand against it, it would have been nice if the LDS members would have stood up sooner for those that faced this prejudice before them and with those that still do.


Like former Congressman Scarborough, I am amazed at Christian leaders who set themselves up to judge other Christians. I was a boy when John F. Kennedy was elected and I remember anti-Catholic attacks of that time. Now, the Mormons get their turn.


I failed to stand as other where persecuted by the far right and now their is no one left to stand for me. how sad.

Salt Lake City, UT


The Deseret News has been CREATING news about how 'Obama's purported weird strategy' about the Mormon faith...

even when Obama said ZERO about the Mormon faith.

Then, created a scenario where Michelle Bachmann's pastor MIGHT have said something about the Mormon faith.

even when Bachmann, said ZERO about the Mormon faith.

The Deseret News has said more about 'anti-mormon prejudice'...than any of it's opponents.

Temple City, CA

I was really impressed with Bushman's comments. I hope that our society can learn to respect both Mormons and Muslims.

Riverton, UT

This is an excellent and very helpful article. I really appreciate the wise statements that were quoted.

"Saletan cites several different public opinion surveys Gallup, Pew, Quinnipiac, Lawrence and Poll Position to show that while prejudice against voting for black, female, Catholic, Jewish and Hispanic candidates has declined significantly during the past half-century, prejudice against voting for a Mormon candidate remains high."

And how would we feel about a Muslim candidate?

spring street


how about we learn to respect others period regardless of religion, political affiliation, gender, sexual orientation etc...

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

Petra, great comments.

This article hit things right on the head. I would provide reason, but since when have others listened. Those who are willing to work with each other would already know how accurate this article is.

Great commentary from this writer and those quoted!

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

The interesting thing about this is that as a non-LDS, I find a large volume of factual information readilly available to all to understand the doctrine of the LDS faith. It is quite easy to see that the LDS faith is based on faith in Jesus Christ. Seems like this qualifies as Christian according to the Bible I read. Second, the old prejudice that exists is based on old out-dated information that is full of half truths at best. This issue of religion is based on fear that the LDS faith may actually have something to it. All of this has made me actually start reading more about this church. Let's look at what a candidate can bring to the office and what they propose to lead with. The question about the LDS faith is old and has no legs any longer. Let's look at the issues and where the candidates stand. Discussing whether or not the LDS are Christian or not is old and tired.

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