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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 11 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Providence, UT

So little TCU with its insignificant fan base jumped ahead of everyone in the Big-12 invite queue line. Good for TCU!

Salt Lake City, UT

I have it on authority from a pay site that quotes an article that was posted on a fan blog three months ago which claims to have talked to a person close to the negotiations with special inside information about the contract details. BYU has the invitiation in hand, and will accept this weekend or the next but definitely before the Mayan calendar runs out.

Gifford VanBuren
Holladay, UT

So I guess the BIG 12 goes to show that it is just a religiously intolerant as it's west coast brother.


@Gifford, it has nothing to do with religion at all. It more than likely has to do with BYU pulling out of discussion with an unstable league.

Check ESPN dot com. Missouri has now been granted another year to drag this mess on as they decide what they want to do. BYU wants no part of that and even as a fan who would prefer them in an AQ conference, I don't either.

I do however believe the difficulties with BYU from the previous discussions have soured OU's President's view toward a future invite though.

Sounds like they had best get to work on Independent scheduling.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I am happy to see them stay independent for at least another year or two. If football does go the superconference rout, which I don't think will happen for several years at the earliest, BYU will be in. There are several schools in each major conference who deserve to be there far less than some who are not there yet.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

What BYU needs to do is an independent is start making new rivalries with teams that you can play every year like Notre Dame does with USC, Michigan, Purdue, etc.

BYU needs to have and make rivalries with schools they can play against every year such as TCU, Hawaii, Notre Dame, Boise State, a southern Cal school--maybe UCLA, an east east school--maybe it will become Georgia Tech,and maybe another school like Kansas State or Minnesota.

Provo, UT

Reading the article, I don't think that the OU's president's view of BYU has been soured at all. He said he would prefer looking east for expansion from a geographical standpoint, but said that they had great choices both in the east and west.

My opinion of this whole deal (and obviously this is coming from blue-tinted glasses) is that TCU got the invite ahead of BYU because if they didn't get invited now, before they became full-fledged members of the Big East, then the Frogs would have to wait the 27 months before they could switch conferences. I think BYU may be the contingency plan to take Mizzou's spot if and when they leave.

It sounds like the Big XII anticipated Mizzou staying for 2012, but now if Mizzou leaves after next year, BYU is the best candidate to take their spot if the Big XII wants to get back to 10 schools immediately, since any of the Big East schools wouldn't be able to join for 2+ years.

All of this is pure conjecture on my opinion, just like all the other rumors out there :)

As it stands now, bring on independence!

Go Cougars!

South Jordan, UT

Great News! I've always said that BYU needed to stay independent. The BIG-12 is just not what it used to be. TCU? Yea, that's a comforting addition! I have a feeling someone else in that conference will soon become unhappy. Let this Indie move get somewhere! With ESPN, the Cougars are where they need to be. I have a strange feeling that somehow, someway BYU will come out on top when everything settles.


@gifford vanburen

"So I guess the BIG 12 goes to show that it is just a religiously intolerant as it's west coast brother."

How do you figure that? they just added texas CHRISTIAN university. Haha, just because BYU got left out don't make excuses that make absolutely no sense...

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT


If you've ever been to TCU's campus (I have friends that attend school their), TCU feels just like any other public school such as Arizona , Kansas, Syracuse.

You might as well call University of Arizona, Arizona Christian University...you clearly know nothing about TCU or BYU.

The CHRISTIAN name means nothing to them. TCU is very different than BYU.

Everett, WA

BYU stands about as much chance of getting voted into the Big 12, as Mitt Romney has of getting the "evangelical" vote for the GOP nomination. Regardless of whether Missouri leaves or more "openings" are created in the Big 12, bible belt bias would exclude BYU, even if BYU on paper, should be preferred to other candidate schools.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

The Big 12 can expand East or expand West, but there isn't too much enthusiasm to do both. TCU preserves both options and leaves the door open for BYU.


@truecoug1, perhaps but, I listen to 105.3 the Fan in Dallas and even the extremely pro-TCU talk show hosts (Greggo in particular) have stated that TCU got their invite because BYU all but, pulled out of discussion with the Big 12.

Now, we really have no way of confirming exactly what happened given BYU is run much like North Korea but, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Nonetheless, BYU needs to worry a lot more about Independent scheduling and less about where they may fit with respect to a sinking conference. I sure hope the athletic department didn't spend the time some of us have debating on here over conference affiliation.

Omaha, NE

Best for BYU to stay independent for at least another year. AFter seeing what Oklahoma did to Texas and looking at how tuff Okie state, K state and A&M are best to not jump into that bees next next year. they will have a much better record by sticking with next years schedule.

PAC 10.2 Doormat
Springville, UT

Big deal. An invitation will happen when it's time. Plenty of conference alignment to happen in the future.

Now it's time for every despondent Ute fan after 0-3 and losing Wynn to an injury again to bolster themselves by commenting on this article.

If it makes you feel good... go for it. We're here for you.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Well, this really comes as no surprise to me. I've said it all along: mid-majors forever. And with that said, I have to laugh at the multitude of Y fans who mocked me for saying that.

Kearns, UT

BYU honorably pulled out of negotiations to possibly be on the invitee list. After seeing Utah struggle with depth issues as they climb into the Pac-12, BYU looked themselves in the mirror, said "Utah beat us by 44 points on our home field, and look at the issues they are having stepping up a level," and correctly ran the other way.

Very smart move.

BYU needs to schedule 7-8 wins a year with WAC games to satisfy their fanbase. They don't care who the wins are against, they just need wins.

West Jordan, UT

With the Big12 recovering from its near-death experience, it is becoming clear that if the Pac12 were to ever grow beyond 12 teams, it will have very few options. With the ACC, SEC growing to 14, the Big12 may in the future if it sees fit as it raids the Big East, is the Pac12 going to get left behind? There are no more AAU members within a thousand miles of California and sadly Boise State is half the research university of BYU.

Highland, UT

I hope this ends all of the speculation for at least a few months. I'm tired of it and I wasn't ever all that desiruous of BYU leaving independence anyway. I want to see how that plays out over the next several years.

Bountiful, UT

PTB -- same with Baylor?

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