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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 11 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

Please kill the bill and do it now! We cannot afford another spending bill from this president.

South Jordan, UT

It is true you should never ramp down spending during a recession but it should not be the government that does the spending. Government should lower taxes and cut the its size in half and allow its citezens more of their own money to spend. In other words have more faith in the american people. That is the only true way to stimulate the economy.


This bill is not, was not, and never will be about jobs. It is about class warfare. Why do we need a jobs bill anyway? Obama's multi-trillion dollar stimulus program was going to create millions of "shovel ready" job, remember?
Oh, wait. That's right. I forgot. The stimulus program was a total failure. All it created was a couple trillion dollars more debt. And this bill is no different, just smaller in scale. And a surcharge on "millionaires" won't fix anything either. There aren't enough of them and they don't make enough money to even dent the deficit.


"Senate Republicans likely to kill Obama jobs bill." In other news water is wet and the sky is blue. It doesn't matter what's in the bill. It doesn't matter if he gave the republicans exactly what they wanted. During the debt ceiling debate Speaker Boehner actually said that he got 98% of what he wanted. They will still fight it no matter what, for political reasons. If the bill were to pass and actually work, that would make Obama look good and help him in the upcoming election. They can't have that. This is why the republicans have offered an outdated version of it as an ammendment on the Chinese anti-currency manipulation bill. They politically can't afford to sit on it, but they can't let it pass either, just in case it works.

redmond, UT

Deseret news could you use a different word.

Mike in Texas
Cedar City, Utah

It's not the President's bill the Republican's want to kill, its Obama's presidency. And they are more than willing to sacrifice the country's economic recovery to do it. It's a shame that the Republican party repeatedly performs as a wholly owned franchise of Wall Street. But Republican obstructionism is now well understood and recognized by the 10's of thousands of thoughtful people now demonstrating around the country for fundamental economic fairness.

The sleeping electorate is finally waking, and many bought and paid for politicians in both parties are going to pay a big price for being in bed with Wall Street and big wealthy corporations. If lowering taxes were the solution reader1234, the Bush years would have seen a wonderful economy. Instead we got a economic crash that happened on Bush's watch that we still suffer from today.

T. Party
Pleasant Grove, UT

It's not a jobs bill, it's a stimulus spending bill, and it's not meant to be passed. Its purpose is to give Obama someone to blame.

This stimulus would be as big a failure as those preceding (both Bush's and Obamas). Democrat senators won't vote for it either -- their constituents are watching.

Layton, UT

Oh Please! It is not a jobs bill, it is money laundering for the unions!

Lori B.

This is a terribly misleading headline. Last time I checked, the Democrats still hold the majority in the Senate. Yes, the Republicans will vote against this class warfare/state welfare bill, as they should, in order to represent their constituents. But it will be crossover Democrat votes and Joe Lieberman that will, in the end, kill the bill. Check the accuracy of your headline instead of playing the mindless mainstream-media mantra.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

There is no bill to be passed. Reid will not allow a vote on a "jobs" bill. The government cannot "stimulate" the economy with spending money for construction, firemen, etc. Every public sector job it makes costs 2 in the private sector. Less red tap, smaller bureaucracy, tax cuts these can help. The "jobs" bill will hurt the economy not help it.

Rutland vs. Medfield
Seattle, Wa

Wow. A lot of y'all watch Fox News to the exclusion of all others, don't ya'?

Senate and House Republicans are willing to let tax breaks for lower and middle class expire, but Bush's tax breaks for the wealthy are untouchable? C'mon, why are so many of you shills for bought-n-paid-for politicians?

If you only look at one side, you don't see the whole picture.

Salt Lake City, UT

Oh look.

More obstruction.

*Republicans block small business lending bill' - By Stephen Ohlemacher - AP - Published by DSNews - 07/29/10

'The bill would create a $30 billion government fund to help community banks increase lending to small businesses...'

*'Republicans bail on budget talks, blame Democrats' - By David Espo - AP - Published by DSNews - 06/23/11

The post's thus far have claimed this is another failed stimulus...

and fail to recongize that George W. Bush started stimulus spending for the economy he doulbed the national debt on...

and then claim HIS stimulus was 'successful.'

You can't claim the same thing your doing is 'not' working when someone does the exact same thing.

The Republican party continues to put party and millionares, before country.


Republicans criticize Obama when he doesn't present his own plans and when he presents his own plans.

We all know what the Republicans are about.
Obama defeat.
Forget jobs. They've not addressed jobs since the 2010 election.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

I am anxious to see what will happen to the next President the first time he tries to get HIS bill passed.
Perhaps a touch of obstruction from Democrats? It probably won't be pretty. Lots of paybacks?

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

Leading Democratic figures, including party fund-raisers and a top ally of President Obama, are embracing the spread of the anti-Wall Street protests in a clear sign that members of the Democratic establishment see the movement as a way to align disenchanted Americans with their party.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the party's powerful House fund-raising arm, is circulating a petition seeking 100,000 party supporters to declare that "I stand with the Occupy Wall Street protests."

The Center for American Progress, a liberal organization run by John D. Podesta, who helped lead Mr. Obama's 2008 transition, credits the protests with tapping into pent-up anger over a political system that it says rewards the rich over the working class - a populist theme now being emphasized by the White House and the party. The center has encouraged and sought to help coordinate protests in different cities.

"These movements have the potential to reignite the progressive spark needed to address some of the nation's biggest problems like the minority of Senate Republicans likely to kill Obama jobs bill.

It's time to take back America for the middle-class.

Crash Wall Street 10/12/2011 Wednesday.

My truthful views.

Cedar Hills, UT

BO is finding it difficult to lead when he doesn't have a super majority in the house and senate as he did for the first 2 years and he got EVERYTHING he wanted. BO isn't able to negotiate as Bill Clinton did with Newt Gingrich. Instead BO has taken a hard left turn and is attempting to use everything from class warfare to scaring seniors to ram through his agenda..but thankfully there is some checks and balances in congress now thanks to the 2010 landslide for the GOP. Keep in mind that not even all democrats are on board with BO on this tax and spend bill so this isn't just the GOP that oppose it.

Salt Lake City, UT

'Obama's multi-trillion dollar stimulus program was going to create millions of "shovel ready" job, remember?' - NotBuyingIt | 8:17 a.m. Oct. 11, 2011

*Bush signs $700 billion bailout bill AP Published by Denver Post By Tom Raum 10/03/08

WASHINGTON President Bush quickly signed into law a far-reaching $700 billion bill to bail out the nation's tottering financial industry, calling it "essential to helping America's economy" weather the storm.

*'Bush signs stimulus bill; rebate checks expected in May' - CNN - 02/13/08

'President Bush on Wednesday signed the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, calling it a "booster shot" for the American economy.'

If you 'don't' like Obama for continuing the stimulus...

then why vote Republican, when they STARTED the stimulus?

Miami Area, Fl

Fine, kill the jobs bill.

But if all you have to offer is another bout of lower taxes and less regulation, we have all ALSO seen that before.

And, it does not appear to have worked either.

You criticize Obama for doing the same thing and expecting different results.

How is the GOP plan any different from the policies in place when the economy first tanked?

I am open to other options, but I am not seeing anything new from either party.

Salt Lake City, UT

'Perhaps a touch of obstruction from Democrats? It probably won't be pretty. Lots of paybacks?' - no fit in SG | 9:21 a.m. Oct. 11, 2011

You don't have to guess and present it as fact SG.

We can look at history for a glimps into what can happen in the future.

*'The Rise Of Cloture: How GOP Filibuster Threats Have Changed The Senate' - Ben Frumin and Jason Reif - Talking Points Memo - 01/27/10

'When Democrats reclaimed the Senate majority in the 2006 midterm elections, cloture filings shot up from 68 in 2005-2006 (From Dems) to a record 139 in 2007-2008.' (From Republicans)

So, that 'payback' you claim Dems are going to do?

Is less than HALF of the filibusters Republicans have factually DONE once out of power.


Disaster relief
and now, Jobs to the American public.

The Republican party continues to put PARTY

...before COUNTRY.


Mike in Texas @ 8:41

I guess you didn't hear about the total failure of the "stimulus" program? This is just more of the same: spend, spend, spend; with a little tax, tax, tax added in for good measure. The Republicans don't have to sabotage Obama's presidency;
he has done a fine job all by himself. He admitted so himself just last week. Obama is doomed to fail because his policies, philosophies and agendas are wrong. The government CANNOT tax and spend our country into prosperity.

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